Reviews for Cast of Characters
Arianna555 chapter 1 . 2/24/2004
Wow...I just found this story. And it's amazing. Realistic, and beautifully written. I love how you compared Jess and Dean to the book characters, and all the other book references. And I love the way you wrote how Rory is thinking about Jess more and more, associating him with books and wanting to know more about him...
"He unnerved me, and for some strange reason, I actually liked it." I loved that line!
Wonderful job.
whipper chapter 1 . 10/3/2003
no sequel? this fic deserved a sequel! i demand a sequel... *calms down* great fic :) i don't know what i'm doing reading "gilmore girls" fanfic but still... great fic :)
Thank You Goodbye chapter 1 . 2/24/2003
Good concept. The piece works well, from the title on down. I like the fact that there is actual literary content, although I doubt Rory would have difficulty comprehending 'The Sun Also Rises.' I think her distate for Hemingway is esthetic in nature. And any guy who refers to Ayn Rand as a 'political nut' would be gaga for Sinclair.

These are great lines, really made me smile: 'Holden was mentally unstable. Jess was just bored.'

Most short fan fics that deal with this sort of interior space don't work(they lack depth), but you've done some strong work here. Loved the ending, as well. Thanks for writing it.
queengurl101 chapter 1 . 7/20/2002
ilike it-she should brake up with dean and date jess. that's my opinion anyway.
LoVeRoFJeSS chapter 1 . 5/6/2002
Oh wow . I really liked your fan fic. It doesnt sound like garbage like other peoples. The characters were a little off, like Jess making a move on Rory but otherwise Rory did what she would usually do .Keep on writing.
decoupage chapter 1 . 4/13/2002
can't wait to read what happens next! such a cute fic. :-)
Jamsel chapter 1 . 4/10/2002
You have amazing idea's they're so original and fresh.

It feels great to read something that's just the right length, just the write

descriptions...its so right.

I'd like to read more of your work
Ava chapter 1 . 4/4/2002
great story! wonderful characterizations, right on the spot. Inserting book titles: v. good; helped enhace characterizations. This story would be absolutely fine w/o a sequel; it's wonderful as a stand-alone. I find it disappointing when a a good story is ruined. A sequel can make or break it.
panda eyes chapter 1 . 3/30/2002
can you write more? like a sequel or something, because it's really awsome and there aren't enough r/j stories to keep me happy.
Nina Bruja chapter 1 . 3/26/2002
you should write a sequel. this is really good. definetly should write a sequel.
Hyper Bee chapter 1 . 3/15/2002
Please Write More!
Angel Grace chapter 1 . 3/11/2002
Simply lovely. I'd love to see either a sequel, or some other R/J fics from you. Very nice characterization, and thank you for knowing the rules of grammar as well as how to spell. :)
Voleuse chapter 1 . 3/10/2002
Such a sweet story! I like how you focus on Rory & Jess' shared love of books - it seems like such a big, big link to me.
Emma chapter 1 . 3/9/2002
This was wonderful, by far the best R/J fic that I've read. Great references, and the characters seemed very real. Please continue
Jenny chapter 1 . 3/9/2002
Wow. This was really good. I love the literary references, even though I haven't read enough to appreciate them. You've really capture the characters of Jess and Rory well. I thoroughly enjoyed this and I write you write more soon.
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