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Maikou chapter 7 . 11/4/2013
as I previously state in my last review, I have more OC's if you want to use them. also, please don't kill them off if you DO use them. and I made an error last time: Blade's a male Snivy, I haven't made up a name for Grovyle yet...
Name: Blade
Species: Snivy
Gender: Male
Rank: Three-Stars
Alignment: Crescent Moon
Legend Attack: Forest Splinters (summons wooden splinters and throws them into the opponent. they hurt a lot, but they usually aren't fatal)
Partners with: RazorWater
Personality/bio: he first started wanting nothing more than to fight against Nightmare, but after he met RazorWater, he began to learn that Nightmare Pokemon can be saved, and decided to learn attacks like False Swipe, so as not to kill an inocent by accident. he is 12 years old, and already feels as though he and RazorWater will be ones who survived the war.
Thoughts on Leon: "he reminds me of someone I once fought beside, but he also seems much different. I guess being chosen by the Legendary Pokemon wasn't something he wanted, but he has to live with it. Until this war ends, and Peace is made, RazorWater and I will proudly fight as his friends, for what we know is right."
Thoughts on Draik: "He seems like he's the only one who'll stick by Leon no matter what. he seems to feel as though Leon is his brother, like how I now feel with RazorWater."
Thoughts on the Pichu: "Nightmare...when I get to them, I'll make sure Darkrai pays!"
Name: RazorWater
Species: Oshawott
Gender: Male
Rank: 3-stars
Alignment: Crescent Moon
Legend Attack: Hidden Mist, Aqua Slash Barrage (summons a cloud of mist, blurring his figure, then slashes at the opponent with Razor Shell, then the mist vanishes. it's his most-likely move to kill, but it doesn't always)
Partners with: Blade
Personality/bio: he's carefree and considerate, and mostly light hearted. he's 12, and he taught Blade the meaning of "smile". RazorWater learned his unique "Mirror Shield" technique through a strange, natural instinct he didn't know he had, allowing him to fight with an almost impenetrable defense, provided he can react to the foe quick enough. RazorWater developed his Legend Attack by trying to turn the water vapor in the air into normal water, unintentionally learning Mist in a unique fashion. RazorWater tends to bring out the best in whoever he's with, even if he didn't like them, or vice-versa.
Thoughts on Leon: "I honestly don't like his overly-serious attitude, but he's definitly a good guy."
Thoughts on Draik: "I never thought I'd meet a Fire-type I liked right off the bat, but in this case, that's exactly what happened. Draik is definitely one who's fire thrives off other thriving fires. his brotherly-type attitude towards Leon is something I was surprised by at first, but now it all makes sense."
thoughts on the Pichu: "...This is why I joined Crescent Moon. those two's wrong! it's just wrong! they're younger then Blade and I and they've been eternally scarred by all that blood...When I find Darkrai I'm gonna..."
Torrent: Vacuum-cut, whirlpool, Peck, and Hydro Pump
Blitz: Fire Spin, Mega Kick, Peck, and Fire Blast
Blade: Vine whip, Razor Leaf, Leaf Blade, and Leaf tornado
RazorWater: Water Gun, Fury Cutter, Mist, Razor Shell and Rock Smash.
Maikou chapter 7 . 11/4/2013
I hope you get more inspiration for this soon. I'd like to see my OC's kick some tail. here they are:
Name: Torrent
Species: Piplup
Gender: male
rank: three-stars
Alignment: Cresent Moon
Legend Attack: Torrential Burial (he encloses the foe in a water bubble and makes it implode. it doesn't kill... most of the time)
partners with: Blitz
personality/bio: at the age of 4 he become interested in humans, wanting to learn about them. now 10, he seeks only to find the good in all, believing that even the most broken can be repaired, which is why he joined Crescent Moon. he also shares moral with Leon and Draik. though he doesn't know it, he has a crush on his partner, and she is the same way.
thoughts on Leon: "he ought to relax a bit more. I understand being a 'chosen one' can be stressful, but yeesh... even Blade's not that tense!
Thoughts on Draik: "he seems like a brother to Leon. it feels as if, when the prophecy comes true, he'll stand by Leon's side the whole way..."
thoughts on Right and Left: "how...? How could someone DO that stuff? They...are so broken...It's hard to keep hope, but if what Leon says is true, that one of them hesitated to kill Draik, then maybe they can be repaired...I hope..."
Name: Blitz
Species: Torchic
gender: female
rank: Three-stars
alignment: Crescent Moon
Legend Attack: Meteor of Flames (she unleashes a massive sphere of flame unto the foe. usually non-fatal, but powerful still)
Partners with: Torrent
Personality/bio: when she younger, she always thought about how the world would be withou nightmares. After deciding that she would be useful against Nightmare, she become part of Crescent Moon. she doesn't realize yet her secret feelings for Torrent. she believes in truth, and justice for all. her current age is 10.
Thoughts on Leon: "Torrent's right, he needs to loosen up. BADLY. then again, everyone here and in Nightmare need to loosen up..."
Thoughts on Draik: "I think Draik's the right kind of role model for Leon, more relaxed. You know, they kinda seem like brothers, those two..."
Thoughts on the Pichu: "...I...I can't even think it's so wrong...those poor things!"
I have more,(hint: Blade's a Grovyle) but I'm tired now, so see you next Chapter!
Madoka Umiarashi chapter 4 . 3/5/2013
Wow I really like the story, it's darker than most things I read but still very good. If your still taking OCs I'd like to add two

Name: Blaze
Species: Blaziken
Gender: female
Alliance: Nightmare
Rank: 5-star
Legend Attack: Blazing Inferno Kick- leg surrounded by emerald green fire, multiple kicks with lightning speed
Partner: Dew
Personality: very serious and stoic, Blaze really only shows any emotion to her partner, Dew. Though a strong fighter, she prefers to fight as a last resort
History: Blaze comes from a long line of Kens that have served Darkrai for generations, though most of her ancestors enjoyed basking in the glory of family heritage, Blaze prefers a simpler out look on life and detached herself from the family tree.
Moves: blaze kick, hi jump kick, flamethrower, brave bird, sky uppercut, flare blitz
Thoughts on main characters:
Leon- "He seems like a nice kid, though if he is the one from the prophecy, he's going to have to buck up a little bit."
Draik- "He's a tuff kid, Leon's lucky to a good friend looking out for him."
Right and Left- "Right's really not that bad, they've just had a rough past, I'm not sure about Left though..."
Other: wears a black flowing scarf with burnt ends, eyes and fire(attacks and around wrist) is emerald green

Name: Dew
Species: Dewott
Gender: male
Alliance: Nightmare
Rank: 5-star
Legend Attack: Ice Sword Assault- makes a blade of ice on shells, attacks are fast and precise
Partner: Blaze
Personality: very cocky and proud, Dew is not afraid to speak his mind. Usually the first one to jump into a fight, he's personality greatly clashes with Blaze's, even so they have a close brother/sisterly relationship.
History: orphaned during a battle between Crescent Moon and Nightmare, he was found by Blaze in the ruins of his home town. After finding out that his parents(who were spies for Nightmare) were killed by Crescent Moon, he swore loyalty to Nightmare and became Blaze's partner(since Blaze was working alone at the time).
Moves: razor shell, aqua jet, hydro pump, water pulse, retaliate, ice beam
Thoughts on main characters:
Leon- "Your the guy the prophecy was talking about? You gotta be kidding me, you only have 3-stars!"
Draik- "Oh you think your so tuff? Bring it on, right now!"
Left and Right- "I just don't know about them... They kinda creep me out..."
Other: wears a white scarf with tattered ends(was his father's), eyes and water(attacks) are a sea green color
Nightmarishwriter chapter 1 . 2/27/2012
Name: Luna

Species: Zoroark

Gender: Female

Alliance: Nightmare

Rank: Five star

Legend Attack: Unknown (but to tell her attack is a special mix of Shadow claw and Fury swipes, which she calls Darkened Fury)

Partnered with: No one at the moment


Bio: She was born dark, her mother was an assain who took her daughter on jobs to show her how to really kill. Her mind became dampened towards the bloodiness of the kill. Seeing a chance to add more skeletons to her metaphorical closet, she joined Darkrai in battle. She soon rose amoung the ranks as a powerful pokemon. Nothing else is much known about her, despite she had a daughter that died from an attack of houndooms.


She is cold-hearted willing killer. She loves nothing more than to hear the screams of her prey as she slashes them with her deadly attacks. She has the mind of an assain and an genius adding to the deadly mix. Her weakness is the fact she'll break down emotionally, especailly at the metioning of her dead daughter, Kira. She can't stand lower ranks and will toture them if they disobey her in the slightest.

Thoughts on main characters:

She doesn't really care for any, as long as they don't go near her she is fine.


Moves: Shadow claw (Learned), Fury swipes, Dark pulse, Foul Play

Level: 56

Ability: Transform

Looks: She is a beautiful looking female zoroark. She has silver eyes and instead of red fur she has white, making her look slightly old. She has a long scar along her back that is hidden by her hair.
G. S. tol Kriaal chapter 7 . 10/18/2011
You'd better continue this! I want to read more!

Name: Skyle

Species: Lucario

Gender: Male

Alliance: Crescent Moon

Rank: Four-star

Legend Attack: Aura Bomb (a super-compressed Aura Sphere about the size of a ping pong ball that explodes on contact)

Partnered with: Xen

History/Personality: He joined Crescent Moon because he was sick of the needless death and wanted to help stop it; he sometimes wonders if joined the “right” side, though. Prior to that he was something of a hermit, and trained almost exclusively by meditation to hone his mastery of aura. Usually quiet, but when he has something to say, he says it, and he doesn’t censor himself; he’s also very intelligent. Confident, but not to the point of arrogance, he enjoys prolonging fights but knows when to finish them.

Thoughts on Leon: “He’s got potential, and a lot of it, but he needs more confidence. I’m also not too sure about him being the ‘aura’ from the prophecy.”

Thoughts on Draik: “He’s a good kid, but a little rash; he needs to think things through more. He and Leon make a good team, though; maybe they’ll rub off on each other.”

Thoughts on Right and Left: “If I were in Nightmare, they would be awesome. But I’m not, so they’re just… weird.”

Other: His eyes are violet instead of the usual red, and his fur is kind of greenish, as is his Aura Sphere. He also has a scar over his left eye

Name: Xen

Species: Abra

Gender: Female

Alliance: Crescent Moon

Rank: Four-star

Legend Attack: Psy Blast (an intense beam or explosion of psychic energy, depending on the level)

Partnered with: Skyle

History/Personality: She was one of Skyle’s only companions prior to their joining Crescent Moon, and she did so primarily because he did. She is also more loyal to Skyle than she is to Crescent Moon; if he were to leave, she would follow. She speaks more often than her partner, but uses fewer words to get her point across and is MUCH more diplomatic. She is very intelligent and tries to keep the pair out of trouble; she’ll stay out of fights until she’s needed, however.

Thoughts on Leon: “I can only hope Arceus knows what he’s doing, putting such a heavy burden on such young shoulders.”

Thoughts on Draik: “He is good for Leon, and vice versa. Though I wish he would stop getting them into trouble.”

Thoughts on Right and Left: “May Arceus help them.”

Other: Her tail is longer than usual and practically prehensile, and she sleeps only twelve to fourteen hours a day, compared to the usual eighteen
yoshibro chapter 1 . 9/26/2011
Sorry about the triple post, I'm typing on an Ipod.

Thouhts of Draik: "Leon should be glad he has a caring friend like Draik."

Thoughts of Left/Right: "Those Pichu make me have nightmares when I think of them."

Other Information:

The reason Toxic and Max haven't advanced in rank is because Toxic thinks she isn't strong enough to advance, so she wants to train more to evolve.

Attacks: Toxic, Giga Drain, Petal Dance, Shadow Ball, Growth.
yoshibro chapter 1 . 9/26/2011
Toxic scatters petals seeped with poison over the battlefeild. It damages and badly poisons those they touch.

Partner: Max

History/Personality: Toxic is a mysterious Roselia who Max found injured by a herd of Bouffalant. After Max took her in she formed a close bond with him and they formed their team. Toxic was also named by Max because she had completely lost her memory after the stampede. She is a shy Roselia who talks very rarely and if someone she hasn't talked to before comes to her, they are met with complete silence.

Thoughts of Leon: "He should believe in himself more."
yoshibro chapter 1 . 9/26/2011
Here's a partner for Max.


Species: Roselia


Alliance: Crecent Moon

Rank: Two Stars

Legend Attack:Toxic Petals.
FreyaDev chapter 1 . 9/6/2011
can i be a snivy in this story. its so cool
FreyaDev chapter 1 . 9/6/2011
can i be a snivy in this story. its so cool
yoshibro chapter 1 . 7/16/2011
This fic is great! Here's my OC

Name: Max

Species: Minccino

Gender: Male

Alliance:Crecent Moon

Rank: Two Stars

Legend Attack: Ice uses an icicle as a lance. It can also be thrown like a javelin.

Partner: N/A

History/Personality: Max is a Minccino who had a pretty normal life until his parents were killed by members of nightmare. After that he was taken in by Crescent Moon and vowed to take down Nightmare. He is brave and likes to think things through, but has a fear of bug type Pokemon.

Thoughts of Leon:" If Cresselia says he can stop the war, then I believe he will be able to do it!"

Thoughts of Draik: "I think he is being a good friend to Leon."

Thoughts of Left/Right: "Something must have happened to them to make them act like this. I don't know any other Pichu like them.

Other information:

Attacks: Sweep Slap, Hyper Voice, Dig

Max also wears an old scarf around his neck to remember his mother.
Red chapter 3 . 6/24/2011
Name: Baloo

Species: Snorlax

Gender: Male

Alliance: Crescent Moon

Rank: 4-Star

Legend Attack: "Burning Sacrifice": Baloo either grabs the opponent or Body Slams them into the ground, trapping them. Once at this point, they both catch fire until either the opponent or Baloo feints, or if they somehow escape the move. But because of Baloo's Abiltiy, Thick Fat, fire damage is reduced by half!

Partnered with: None Specified

History/Personality: Baloo was raised a young Munchlax in a Native Snorlax/Munchlax tribe. He's not very civil and has little experience in the city. Growing up, he always did long for new, more individual companions, so he left his clan. Upon a meeting with a few 1 Star Nightmares, he was forced to retreat, still a Munchlax, and joined Crescent Moon. It was during this time he excelled as a prodigy member. After his evolution to Snorlax, he was promoted to four-star. In his glory, he got a little to headstrong and let his comrade die in his first four-star mission.

Since then, he's vowed to 'Protect' every single person close to him, even going as far to take gruesome hits like the tank he is to protect his allies.

Thoughts on main characters:

Leon: "Leon sounds like a nice name. He's definitely a nice guy. Should cheer up some though..."

Draik "The Hot-headed ones are usually ones that fall in danger. Draik needs to calm down and get a little more level-headed before rushing into things.

Right and Left: "No good, rotten, snobby little furballs! Oh, how I'd love to be locked in a battle with them! Baloo would show them how to throw some weight around!"

Other: He's strong enough to rank as 5 star, but to prevent him getting headstrong like last time, he refuses to rank up.

Moveset: Brick Break, Shadow Ball, Rest, Giga Impact.
Ashley Eon chapter 7 . 5/5/2011
I like bloody, but other things. I'm not sure what they're called, but they're good. Keep it up!
ShayminRules chapter 7 . 4/27/2011
Alright! New chapter!

Sorry for not reviewing weeks ago, but I've been very busy lately, probably for the same reasons for you not updating lately. Life can be busy sometimes with school, family, social life, etc. Don't worry about. Just write when you feel like. I'm pretty sure that everyone is just happy that you haven't completely given up on this story yet.

And you need a few more OCs, I might be able to give you a few if you want.

Anyways, good chapter and keep up the great work like you always do.

Sambob chapter 7 . 4/5/2011
It's good to see you back again!

And don't sweat about updating late, I understand how things such as school/social life and internet problems can get in the way so don't fuss.
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