Reviews for What Happened in Vegas
KELS B chapter 21 . 5/5/2021
Great story, enjoyed it!
JN-Runner chapter 22 . 4/29/2020
You have a great start of a new story. Where can I find it. Jn
LeaveSookiealone chapter 21 . 4/6/2020
So well-written. I think this is cleverest story in the fandom.
GlassMazeGazer chapter 20 . 2/16/2020
The “4 inch” teasing of the Were guard was an entertaining bit of foreshadowing for an upcoming popsicle stick staking.
GlassMazeGazer chapter 17 . 2/16/2020
Why is she back to calling him her boyfriend now? She’s spent months demanding everyone call her Mrs Northman and referring to him as her husband. Why not give up the stupid boyfriend moniker once & for all?
Guest chapter 1 . 2/6/2020
This is so exiting!
Ldynach chapter 21 . 1/29/2020
Excellent! Eric is a born King it suits him perfectly! I was worried how this was all going to resolve, but I LOVED what you did with it! I do agree with another reader's comments that mercy should not have been shown to that vile and evil sack of garbage. Victor totally betrayed and framed him; took immense sick pleasure in his torture and conviction; was a despicable violent pig to Sookie and was only remorseful when he realized his fate. He was a smug, selfish, vain disgusting waste and didn't deserve mercy. He was fine with Eric getting the highest level of torture after he already endured that hell previously. Eric is a Viking and a King and doesn't show mercy to such a deceitful, disrespectful, traitor. If he didn't rot in the dungeon somewhere it would be seen as weakness and Sookie should know that if she is going to be taken seriously as queen. Some actions are unforgivable. Sorry, that is just my opinion, otherwise amazing story that I really enjoyed! Will definitely check out your other works
Ldynach chapter 7 . 1/29/2020
It all makes sense now! The date was crucially important because it had to be BEFORE the next actions. And of course it has to be exile, and not death or there is no more hold, and I can see the King's real motives. Thanks for the fun ride so far!
Ldynach chapter 17 . 1/29/2020
Aww, I knew as soon as the King granted her a vacation, it was somehow going to be a way to see Eric! Him healing her hands would be easily covered by Pam, soo sweet! I need a Valhalla in my life, this is a truly great story!
Ldynach chapter 20 . 1/29/2020
Oh, this story keeps getting better and better! How utterly wonderful. What a delightful twist that Edward is Victor's maker, I knew there was some significance to him, just couldn't figure it out. Also, brilliant storyline with the popsicle..4 inches in the right spot? LOVE it!
Ldynach chapter 4 . 1/4/2020
What is happening to Eric at the hands of that psychopath and his goons is heartbreaking and awful! It is an excellent story, very that I am really enjoying! I'm also loving badass Sookie protecting her man. One question, who has Eric's phone and was pretending to be him responding to her? Victor? Felipe? Why was the time stamp on the mystery document ? Can't wait to finish this wonderful story
Guest chapter 14 . 8/20/2019
A little sunshine! How is Sookie going to exchange blood with Eric without everyone knowing? Her hands will heal and she will smell like him. Looking forward to finding out!
TeamEricNSookie chapter 21 . 11/2/2018
Aaawwwhhhh, I love this story! You did a great job.
Only one thing I would change and that would be Eric relenting on Victor's punishment. If Sookie is to truly be queen she must understand the ways of the vampire and understand that such mercies could be considered a weakness. I don't think she's doing the Viking any favors by asking for leniency for someone who outwardly, maliciously, without regard plotted against them in such a vicious way. My 2 cents. But again you did an EXCELLENT job!
Gapch chapter 21 . 10/23/2018
one of the best fanfics ever. great job!
litmajoronleave chapter 21 . 9/15/2018
An amazing, perfect end! Eric is king material. Should've been king in the canon. My favorite part is when Eric pledged his loyalty, love and life to his queen.
My second favorite part is Edward mastering that worthless piece of vampire goo (what the heck did he see in Victor to turn him?). Third and fourth, Felipe's deserved demise by toothpick, and Victor's pathetic whimpering in the end. Lastly, Eric very easily destroying 12 guards, I love me a warrior viking! I have a not favorite part and that's Sookie asking Eric not to Level 9 the crap out of Victor.

This was a wonderful fic! Thanks for writing this and keeping it here. For free! Lol.
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