Reviews for Harry Potter and the Alien Reality
moregoth chapter 12 . 12/7
Great story! I'm enjoying the way you have blended the two stories together.
Locket1 chapter 12 . 12/4
I'm a 'just found story' reader. I love the 2 genres you are exploring. Thank you for your efforts, Wip's are so sad. I hope you continue as planned with all the changes in your real life. Good fortune. I will be marking this as a favorite, requesting updates. I want to see this one all the way to the end. Always hopeful. Cheers
LordTroy chapter 12 . 11/29
I love this fic, and just wanted you to know it has quickly become one of my most favorite fics!
K chapter 12 . 11/27
i do hope there is more Pwn Master Paladin, my kudos to you and your imagination.
wenpip chapter 12 . 11/13
Just found this story and have read it through. Really enjoying it, and looking forward to more...when Harry brings his friends back and takes care of Voldemort!
Deathmvp chapter 12 . 10/28
is an outstanding story so far I think you did a great job mixing the Two Worlds together even though I would like to see what's happening in Harry's Old World hope you come back to this soon can't wait for the next chapter
RCPMione chapter 12 . 10/17
Been A long time since I last read this, glad to see even a hectic life style hasn't killed this off! Please keep writing!
lordamnesia chapter 12 . 10/16
Very well done! I love me some HP/Stargate crossovers, and this is a very well put together one, plus it's still updating! Keep up the stellar work!
Harlots Kiss chapter 11 . 10/16
As for who I'd like to see in an interlude, General Hammond or Siler. I loved the day in the life of General O'Neil episode after he was promoted, It'd be great to see what life is like at SGC when they aren't dealing with off world teams.
Wrath of The Sun Deity chapter 12 . 10/14
Harry x Sam! Make Harry Older though.. maybe through Asgard time dilation
reddir chapter 1 . 10/14
I really like your opening here, full of energy and really drew me in to the drama.

I did think you had SG give him that info quickly, but I'm taking it as just a shortcut to maybe 2 chapters of back and forth and trying to overlook it. I'm hoping the rest of this story is like the rest of this chapter :)
Vladimir Mithrander chapter 11 . 10/9
You keep going back and forth on Mayborne's rank in this chapter. Otherwise, it's been a good read so far.
Harlots Kiss chapter 12 . 10/9
You know, the spell that Carter should be working on duplicating; the Refilling charm [actually a canon spell]. It allows for the PERMANENT creation of solids [the plate of sandwiches in book 2] and liquids, magical enchanted liquids at that [book 6 fire whiskey which has a potion as part of it]. Presumably, it'd work on gasses as well.
At it's most basic, it'd allow near limitless ammo and greatly extend survival rations until battery packs ran out or the food spoiled.
At it's most complex, it'd allow the refilling of Naquada containers. Just imagine the surprise from the Asgard or the Nox when a low powered devise was able to generate something that their matter synthesizers can't, and it doesn't even require a 3-d scan, just point it at a container. Of course it actually requires some of the material to begin with, and can only refill the container to a level it's actually held, but that can be covered by simply poring the refilled quarter cup of Naqada into a another cup until it's full, then poring it all back and then refilling the second cup as well.
With some work by the legal department, the SGC could set up ownership, through a shell corporation, of a oil company and 'Import' an unlimited amount of crude oil [refined fuel would violate patent law as each company has slightly different chemical mixes]. Even if it'd ONLY brought in 2 to 3 hundred million a year, it'd help offset the costs, or better yet, keep it off the books and have it as a slush found for special projects or simply campaign contributions to those who run against problem members of congress and the parliament.
Motherofthehorde chapter 12 . 10/9
and Merry Part
Guest chapter 1 . 10/7
I'd like to see a take on this where Voldemort's memories actually affected him and his personality.

The only wizard in a world of Muggles is a god. Period.

He needs more magic? Start a breeding program or something. Offer money and leisure to prospective mothers for having and raising his kids. Train them up, and in the meantime start spreading magic everywhere.

Eventually he might have enough to find a way back, and you can't tell me he couldn't figure out cross-dimensional time travel while he's at it.
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