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susurinaki chapter 18 . 4/2/2012


That's what's going on.


I was tempted to listen to 'Love Doctor - Alvin & The Chipmunks'

So I did.



And just for that, I will go read the sequel! * v *

I repeat,


That's what's going on.


CeruleanDreamCat chapter 17 . 3/1/2012
This was an awesome ending chapter. I loved this story. Please continue writing!
sky gracious chapter 18 . 11/24/2011
that was azzum !

though the end was a bit abrupt but the storyline was nice! :)
Tanya chapter 9 . 3/18/2011
Tanya chapter 3 . 3/18/2011
HA! I liked the "his face waz all :O" comment XD
Kawaii chapter 17 . 3/15/2011
Linda333 chapter 17 . 1/8/2011
This is like one of the best stories ever!
MusiicLoveer chapter 17 . 12/31/2010
Cute story! Keep up the good work:))!
KazeNoSakura chapter 18 . 12/28/2010
Me again. :D

I thought this story was quite interesting, what with Mikan being a love doctor and everything. She also gave some great tips. The plot was also great but the ending was rushed. In fact some of the scenes I thought were a little too rushed as well. Just be careful with that, along with your grammar. You tend to confuse your 'he' and 'she' sometimes and also mess a little with your verbs. A quick read or finding a beta can fix that. :D

Good luck with your writing and I'll be sure to read your other stories later on. :D
xishaxx chapter 13 . 12/27/2010
Natsume's messages :)))))) I lol'd
Kyouyaa chapter 4 . 12/26/2010
Rabid girls.. Hahaha, the white substances.. OMMMMMGOSH, that made me Rofl! Hahaha, thumbs up! :D
pixestickswuber chapter 18 . 12/25/2010
Omg yay a sequel ! :D
Sunset's Smiles chapter 18 . 12/25/2010
YESSSSS SEQUEL! my exact reaction: hey wait this isnt a chapter..-reads- YES I LOVE YOU! OH YAH SEQUEL! xD -goes to read it- o 3 o)b
AndreggvilJammer chapter 17 . 12/25/2010
Is this it? NOOOOOOOOOOO! :( Gonna read ur other stories now...
AndreggvilJammer chapter 14 . 12/25/2010
Once again... AWWW!
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