Reviews for Trouble Dressing It Up
Shashandra7.0 chapter 1 . 11/21/2010
Wow, impressive!

Slightly weak ending but still very good.
Fuyu no Sora chapter 1 . 11/8/2010
I knew that if I read a fic of yours, I'd finally get off my bum and *buy* the game, just for the sake of being able to put faces to the characters! You've absolutely convinced me; I'm *so* buying this. XD

I'm sorry I can't give you a proper review since I mostly have no idea what Lillet being a Royal Magician is or what the Silver Star Tower is either, but maybe once I play the game. XD

I also take advantage of this "review" (I prefer the term 'short, unnecessary commentary', but the system classifies it as a review...) to tell you that no, I haven't died, and hopefully I'll be able to give you a proper response to the messages that are sitting in my inbox accumulating dust after I manage make my crazy schedule of late less crazy!

Though I didn't know the characters, it was still a charming little story and I loved the ending! They average nine years old *snickers*.
Spikesagitta chapter 1 . 11/8/2010
heh, misunderstanding, the no. 1 factor in any breakup of a relationship.

amusing :) but aww even their silliness is adorable
deathcurse chapter 1 . 11/7/2010
GAH, I didn't get to preview this, so I'll review now!

I liked how Lillet wondered about how to refer to her and Amoretta's relationship-Lillet comes off as a very meticulous, detailed person in your fics, so this attention to semantics is very in character.

And aw, the fight...dramatic but not melodramatic, and it's quite interesting since pretty much all your readers have hindsight in that we *know* that Amoretta has this utterly honest nature. So the moment Amoretta makes her comment I'm already cringing and thinking "Oh boy, that's not going to be taken the right way, even though poor Amoretta really didn't mean anything bad by it..." You do a great job of writing the build-up in a way that is just as puzzling to the readers (who weren't in the know) as it is to Lillet why Amoretta would say such hurtful things.

I like how Lillet does have a very hurt, strike-back emotional reaction, and that only after she calms down slightly does she begin to realize that it really isn't in Amoretta's character to be cruel. It shows a good balance of Lillet being a young seventeen year old girl and of her being a cunning schemer/insightful individual. It's nice to see too that one reason why Lillet was so hurt was because she herself *liked* how she looked in the dress, making her far more sensitive emotionally to any criticism than she might have been normally.

The brief mention of Lillet's detractors was quite a nice addition, it shows that while we may like Lillet, not all the characters in universe do-which is very valid, as she's young and powerful and famous, all combinations that people in power are afraid of. And I laughed at the very apt description Lillet gives of her centuries-old professors on the topic of love-it does go to show that years don't necessarily equate to experience! (Which is a nice way to support Lillet's own past-she didn't technically have memories of the years she spent learning how to use magic, but she *does* retain the experience she got over the many loops of time!)

Aw, now I want to read something about Lillet having one of her nightmares and how she may or may not choose to tell Amoretta why she's so upset/just how much Amoretta's sacrifice had affected her... _

Really liked the whole conversation between Amoretta and Gaff, nice progression of thoughts and dialogue that led nicely to the point being made.

"Isn't inappropriate modesty a kind of pride, too?"- Never thought of it that way before!

I really like how you didn't emphasize whether being tactful but lying is better than being honest but potentially hurtful, or the other way around. It comes off as just two people expressing their opinions to each other, and trying to keep in mind things about the other person that they would have to be considerate about in order to prevent future arguments.

The end punchline was okay, not one of your best though, but it still got a smile from me ). Great fic!