Reviews for The Art Teacher
AtLoveForTwilight chapter 16 . 9/9
Fell in love with your writing and characters, thanks so much for the read !
ctcdarling chapter 2 . 9/7
This sexual tension is incredible wowza
Guest chapter 16 . 8/27
Love this story! Just read it for the second time. Your writing is amazing. Thank you and great job!
narsuess chapter 15 . 8/26
This fic is awesome, beautifully written and deep. I cried several times while reading. You're so good at capturing the emotions, I just love love this!

Thanks for sharing;)
crazybluebird666 chapter 16 . 8/12
Oh my god this is actually amazing! I love this story so much, you are an amazing writer! Thank you for writing it! I would love more EPOV's and maybe a wedding of Edward and Bella outtake, but I understand if this isn't possible. Anyway, I love it! :D
LaPumuckl chapter 14 . 7/31
He came back;)
LaPumuckl chapter 13 . 7/31
This little break they got was very sweet, but not enough...
LaPumuckl chapter 12 . 7/30
I just had to skip reviews the last chapter and find out if he was there for real - and I'm glad he is
LaPumuckl chapter 10 . 7/30
I'm quite sure many others have pointed out already that Bella never called Alice here;)

I don't agree with running away from your problems usually, but I agree Bella needed to get away from all the shit. I just hope Edward will find her and get things cleaned up
LaPumuckl chapter 9 . 7/30
No, no, no
LaPumuckl chapter 8 . 7/30
Oh damn, that was hot
LaPumuckl chapter 7 . 7/30
Alec honestly has had the gut to talk about Edward and his nerves to touch Bella? Where was he as she needed him at the beginning?! Right talking shop with Phil, kissing Ass of his own!
LaPumuckl chapter 6 . 7/30
Did it hurt as much writing these scenes as it does reading?
LaPumuckl chapter 5 . 7/30
4 years of a broken heart is a long time...

Although Alec seems nice enough I can't say i like him...
LaPumuckl chapter 4 . 7/30
Oh no... this feels even worse than the scene in NM...
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