Reviews for The Art Teacher
QueenGB chapter 10 . 4/28
Judgemental Bella strikes again but at least she's free!
QueenGB chapter 7 . 4/28
After this chapter I'm not thinking Edward should be interested in Bella. She seems willing to play the part.
QueenGB chapter 6 . 4/28
Wow Isabella is all lonely and judgmental now. If I your man has no time for you 3 months in...good luck!
QueenGB chapter 5 . 4/28
Sad but this is her expected life great degree to never use only to end up in a loveless marriage to the cheat with the hot artist before your eventual divorce when your husband leaves you for the hot blonde. I hope Bella pushed for her career.
QueenGB chapter 4 . 4/28
Poor Edward I hate that it's art for cock trade to those Bergdorf bitches. I was hoping Bella was wrong about that.
Debby-1957 chapter 14 . 4/11
This might be my favorite chapter because I can relate to the situation. Never getting over someone you broke up with, and then seeing them and getting another chance. Also, being afraid to get physically close again until you are certain because that will overwhelm any chance of thinking things through first.

I loved these words at the airport when he has to go back to New York and he kisses her: "Just like that, he owns me again. He always has, really, but his kiss won't let me forget it or pretend it's not true. It makes me ache with longing even though he's right in front of me." And later when she's waiting to hear his truck arrive, her nervous energy, and they both say, "I love you."

Great story, thank you!
LolaTheSa chapter 12 . 4/6
Bella responses in this chapter are just honestly stupid and I'm going to stop reading.

The guy just sat there and explained to this dumbass girl that he was fucking broke and struggling, and he HAD to take those situations cause those was the only alternatives he had.

She doesn't trust him? For what? Hell he shouldn't trust if that's the case. FUcking ridiculous.

Everything he said this chapter the author made no attempt to have Bella understand, just ridiculous.
LolaTheSa chapter 11 . 4/6
Well I guess I can't really expect a fic to step away from the romance clinches.

But it still pissed me off... Is it so hard for her to listen to the fucking guy and stop being overly fuckign dramatic for a second? Like fucking DUDE, you freaked out of a girl walking into his place and ran from him with out looking back and we're suppose to see Edward as the shit?
LolaTheSa chapter 8 . 4/6
Ok good, I like his reason for leaving, it's not too melodramatic like most, and like her response to it.

He knew she had a bright future and didn't want her to throw it away for him.
LolaTheSa chapter 7 . 4/6
I seriously hope Edward didn't go celibate.
Vivi H88 chapter 15 . 3/29
Great story :)
Guest chapter 16 . 3/24
So much drama! Loved the story!
Thank you
JustAnotherNerd33 chapter 9 . 3/21
oh no
JustAnotherNerd33 chapter 8 . 3/21
Yesss! Finally
JustAnotherNerd33 chapter 6 . 3/21
No my heart cant take it
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