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Nearing Midnight chapter 1 . 2/15/2016
This is such a wonderful story! :D two of my favourite fandoms in one crossover is almost too good to be true.
Murazor chapter 1 . 11/13/2015
One of the dangers of writing in less popular fandoms or fandoms that have faded in popularity somewhat, like Pirates of the Caribbean, is that the good authors who write there rarely get the recognition they are due. This can be disheartening when the crappiest fics in the most popular sections can collect hundreds of reviews in short order.

So... good fic, solid writing, fairly good characterization and integration of three different settings into a coherent whole, which is often harder than it seems. I enjoyed myself reading this and have recommended it to some others, which I hope will result in some more reviews for this work.

Dreamsteel chapter 15 . 8/11/2015
This review is long overdue. I know I said I would do it very soon, but I've been quite ill recently, and re-reading this story has been great at getting me through a rough week.

Anyway, back to business.

First of all, thank you so much for writing this. Pirates of the Caribbean, as a mostly movie-based fandom, is extremely difficult to write for, so I greatly appreciate and admire your talent for adapting it so seamlessly for a Sherlock Holmes story. The merging of all the different book/movie verse is very impressive, and I especially love the way you write Jack. Yours is one of only two accurate portrayals I have ever read of him.

I really loved the idea of incorporating Treasure Planet, Le Comte de Monte Cristo, Peter Pan and other vaguely piratical stories too, even if only in a passing mention. Somehow, it makes the whole thing so much more believable.

I remember feeling a little disappointed the first time I read this fic because Will Turner wouldn't be making an appearance, but I like how you've dealt with that and explained the circumstances.
The issue of the characters' immortality was, I thought, very well done too. So simple, so un-dramatic, so very classic and beautiful. Loved it.

One thing I'm curious about; I know a couple hundred years have passed since the PotC timeline and the unpredictability of deities can be a major factor, but how do you suppose Calypso came to, for all intents and purposes, ally herself with the pirates once more, especially in human form? That crab avalanche seemed like a pretty obvious sign that she was very much done with assisting pirates. Or was it a case of 'band together in face of a common enemy'?

In any case, I love this story. It combines two of my favourite fandoms so seamlessly that it managed to soothe backache, calm nausea and prevent dizziness for an entire day - or at least distract me from it.

Again, thank you.
Tetsuwan Penguin chapter 5 . 10/2/2013
I am amazed at your uncanny ability to mimick the style of ACD. I feel on familiar grounds reading this.

As for the note about whistling. Consider the common police type whistle, but with the ball removed. It would still produce a single tone, but without the modulation provided by the whirling action of the ball. I believe that the tongue serves to produce the same effect. You would be quite correct that frequency modulation could still be obtained by varying the effective size of the mouth cavity with the facial muscles. This type of whistle is not unlike the electronic analog found in the magnetron tube in most microwave ovens.
ggirl chapter 15 . 7/30/2013
Lovely story.
Interesting about how the you tie the pirates of the Carribean with treasure island and blend it with Sherlock.
Great work
mainstreet52 chapter 15 . 12/3/2012
This is awesome. Thanks for writing. :)
Marcus S. Lazarus chapter 15 . 12/24/2011
The initial murder was intriguing even if its connection to other sources appeared unclear at first, and the introduction of Jim Hawkins’ grandson as a character would have been excellent even without the intriguing additional mystery of the lost compass-points and ‘Smitty’ (Although I would have thought Holmes or Watson would have expressed some uncertainty about the idea of them taking on two cases at once).

Still, subsequent developments as Watson witnessed ‘Smitty’ in person and met other such characters as Cotton made for interesting moments even before you introduced the idea of Flint, Silver and others attempting to establish their own Brethren Court to re-capture Calypso, to say nothing of your simple but plausible explanation for the reasoning behind their immortality (Although I would have expected to see Elizabeth with them given Will’s own still-immortal nature, but I suppose that last comment by Tia Dalma was suggestive about the reason for her absence).

Admittedly, Irene Adler’s appearance seems a bit sudden for my tastes- it gives the case an interesting personal touch, but the abrupt nature of her arrival lets it down somewhat-, but the final confrontation is still generally effective, and there was something slightly moving about Watson’s brief conversation with Tia Dalma and his reasons for turning down her offer...

Keep up the great work!
roserapier chapter 5 . 7/3/2011
I am liking this story so far, but I would like to point out that it is pretty much impossible to whistle if you are missing a tongue. I suppose he could be using a man-made whistle, but without that sort of aid he wouldn't be able to do so. The only alarm he would be capable of would be a rough sort of vocalization or shout of some kind.
icebluehost chapter 15 . 5/12/2011
You are an amazing writer! And you included two out of three fandoms that I absolutely love. You captured everything from the three fandoms really well both in the characters and in the detail of each of their story. I can actually picture this happening and I can actually imagine it to be part of the original stories from the three.

My favorite part was definitely the cannon. When they were all moving to round up the group of men to one side while Jack blew them all to bits with the cannon! First because that was very creative and very piratey-Jack-like. Second because Holmes was in on the plan and it was fun seeing him work so well with the pirates. XD XD

Thank you very much for that very entertaining story. You have made my day
Pirate-on-Fleet-Street chapter 15 . 5/6/2011

I liked that you did not go into specific detail in this last chapter. The future was very summarized and what Watson missed sounded like a retelling, like he actually wasn't there. I thought it was quite effective. I hope you do decide to do a sequel, like you briefly mentioned. After you finish your current project, of course ;) I like the idea of these new pirates in the family, but I'm sad to hear they never saw Hector again. I wonder who you would include in another case or adventure, any genre at all.

Every novel or series I read has its own sort of "colour" or taste to it. On here I find most stories have the same feel as well. I'd like to commend you on your ability of creating something completely different out of every single story you write. The Welcome to... series has its own distinct flavour, as does TCOTHM. Even within Welcome to... it varies with the location and characters. I find most authors on ffnet or in real novels keep the same tone throughout their works. I know I do. Yet somehow you change it for everything you write to fit the story. I think it's why I enjoy reading any and all of your work. There's such a wonderful variety, not just in plot or universe, but feeling and emotions as well.

You should publish something :)

PS. Does this mean you'll be posting something else soon?

Pirate-on-Fleet-Street chapter 14 . 5/6/2011
For a second I thought this was the last chapter.

The fight between Watson and the other man was awesome. Sometimes it serves well to be a doctor. You spend enough time healing people and fixing them up, you’re sure to know how to take them down. It was a little gruesome actually. It sounds like you did some research on human anatomy. Is it actually possible to pinch someone’s arm like that and handicap them?

I guess the kidnapping of Mrs. Worth was set up to be noticed, so that Smets could get his ransom. I thought maybe she was in on it but I suppose not. One thing I don’t get: why couldn’t they have explained to Smets that the artefacts would be useless to him at this point?

Nearing the end!

Pirate-on-Fleet-Street chapter 13 . 5/4/2011
It’s Irene! It’s Irene! Lovely to see yet another familiar face appear near the end of this. I really want to know how Miss Worth will be rescued. This sounds exciting.

Now I understand the picture of the woman Barbossa looked at. From the second he eyed the toolkit I knew it was Dr. Grey (Gray?) for sure.

I’m happy Roscoe has been returned to life, and Gibbs as well. I was upset about the dog being slaughtered, as I think I mentioned in an earlier review. Nothing stays dead when it comes to pirates ;)

The plot thickens... or clears up a little, actually.

Almost there!

Pirate-on-Fleet-Street chapter 12 . 5/4/2011
The retelling of what happened with the chest was very interesting. I like your idea of the design controlling Calypso. I also like the way you incorporated Treasure Island characters into the theft and protection of the heart. I also liked the brief mentions of the Captain of the Dutchman himself and his wife. It’s something more familiar to me.

I wonder if the tall man really is Smets. I’m surprised Holmes allowed all to speak so openly in front of them. I’m sure it isn’t information they give out to everyone, especially not those seeking to kill Jack.

I was wondering how exactly Barbossa was or Jack was going to prove that immortality is possible. I suppose little Jack had his use after all. I don’t know what to believe now about Barbossa and Jack being immortal. I’m still going to stick with the Fountain theory, as Holmes learned of it anyway.

I wonder a little at the significance of the blonde haired woman to Barbossa. I think this is where you may have borrowed Nytd’s doctor, because she has yet to come in to the story as promised. But isn’t she hanging in Jack’s house? Maybe I’m wrong.

It sounds like things are about to become hectic and bloody once more ;) I wonder what happened to Mrs. Worth.
Pirate-on-Fleet-Street chapter 11 . 4/28/2011
I admit that I laughed at Watson's thoughts on the servant who took his horse. Holmes would surely correct his 'dwarf' as 'midget' had he heard his thoughts. I liked also that Jack finally got his French doors and kept a cannon as well, from the old days :) The little things that make me happy.

I'm still liking the Fountain theory. Barbossa-Barber fell from a cliff and came back? Surely Biggs isn't dead then. *Fingers crossed*.

I loved the sword-fight in this chapter, and the "Mexican stand off" as you call it. Things became very chaotic in a few short moments.

I might have missed something because I'm confused about Smythe saying "Bones's account book" after Holmes asks if they had been guarding the Hawkins family. Perhaps I will figure it out in the next chapter.


PS. I hope the monkey didn't get hurt when Holmes through that bust :(
Pirate-on-Fleet-Street chapter 10 . 4/26/2011
I was shocked that Mr. Biggs was truly dead. I felt that when it was said he had most likely been shot, that he had escaped somehow or he did the shooting. I was quite surprised that there was actually a body.

This is also because I’ve been thinking of the timeline. Is it possible that Jack, Barbossa, Gibbs, Pintel etc could still be alive after all of these years? In Holmes descriptions and Watson’s reading The Fountain of Youth was briefly mentioned. I’m taking a guess and saying they found the Fountain and that is how they all still live? Just a shot into the dark here, but I’m confused as to how they are still alive. If they did find it, I can’t explain how Biggs is truly dead unless people can still be murdered after drinking the water. Perhaps I just have the timeline wrong, but wouldn’t they be in their hundreds?

I was a little upset when you decided to kill off Roscoe :( Poor thing. I’m a little suspicious of the assault on Mrs. Worth’s carriage. Everything seems so set up and the marks in the grass on the side of the road, as Holmes said, were too obvious. I feel maybe she is in on the plot.

I don’t think Smythe and Smet are the same man. Hawkins seems quick to assume that it is but with the assault on Mrs. Worth clearly pointing Smythe’s way, it simply can’t be him. So as another guess I think he is being set up. Or he truly is a murdering thief.

I recall from a note I took in an earlier chapter that there was a mark in the field by Smythe’s house, a big flat area. Does this hold any importance?

This chapter was rather gruesome. Lots of blood and broken necks. It sounds like the action has started!

I also wanted to comment on your ability to manage so many characters. You're an absolute genius when it comes to weaving a story with twenty some odd characters from different universes and making it work. You even slipped Anamaria in there as Mrs. Saldana, I see. Clever. Really though, you are quite good at keeping everyone in character and on task.


PS. I know this review contains a lot of random guesses and ramblings but it helps me to write it out :)
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