Reviews for Lost Ones
thepinkmartini chapter 5 . 4/30/2008
god i hate celena!why do the guys here even like her, she looks way older than 15!but i still love this series!
Vania chapter 9 . 12/26/2003
Hello Michi G!
I am writing here to make sure you will post another chapter very, very soon because your story with Dilandau and his DragonSlayers like students in a world like ours is great! I can't wait for you to make another chapter! Please continue! Come on don't stop! Or I will stay without nails in a not so long future! Bye, and good luck!
kiki chapter 1 . 4/16/2003
love the story please get back to it soon, are celena and van getting together and may u can make her a bit strong

still you are a good writer
irratic pedestrian chapter 9 . 2/7/2003
great stuff! love the dilandau/hitomi action, not to mention dilandau-sama's attitude. write more,ne?
cat chapter 9 . 1/9/2003
love the story, want to read more and you said you would have the next chpt. out by December.

make celena more strong by the looks of right now she seems kind of weak.
Artzangel chapter 9 . 12/11/2002
Sugoi! I like the view of him as a high schooler aside from a soldier. I really like it and I canot wait for the next one!
ann no aku chapter 9 . 11/25/2002
Welcome to the latest installment of Ann no Aku’s rants . .I mean, reviews, of course! Here I will copy and criticize . .I mean discuss what I liked and disliked about Michi G’s story! Hajime! “He disturbed the amount of clothes into five adjacent washers”-did michi g. mean “distributed”? this next part is just too good ‘“I’ve heard you’ve gotten yourself a couple of kids and a variety of baby mommas to go with them.”’ . .tee hee. :P

‘Miguel grinned. “I remember that you used to be a pretty good kisser.”’ . .ooh!

‘She called last night to invite herself over’ . .can’t get better than that! I do that from time to time, though it is considered rude. Whom would have thought that Kanzaki Hitomi was rude? “Maurice” I hate that name! AKU! AKU! If you need a good name to put into a story, use MINE! Yeah . .use Ann no Aku or something-it’d be great, ne? I can see it now! My beautiful name in flashing lights . .*giggles maniacally* HOLY CRAP! What the Ryuus did to the principal! No words to describe that perfectly evil plan . . I love it! *tears of joy* What you should REALLY do is get my man Folken involved! That’d be interesting b/c Van’s “brother” would be helping the Ryuu or something. Anyhoo Keep in mind my suggestion-USE ME AS A CHARACTER! I want to be with Dilandau-sama! We are alike in a few ways, but not as many as you and Dilandau-sama . .tee hee! Ja!
Cloud Albatou chapter 9 . 11/25/2002
_I don't know how I missed two chappies but damn this fic rules! You are such a fantastic writer, and I'm not just sayin' that either! Your story rocks! One of the best I've read! I hope ya add more soon!:)
Koriina chapter 9 . 11/12/2002
Okay calming down... OH GODS HOW COME YOU DON'T JUST FINISH THE WHOLE STORY RIGHT AWAY I THOUGHT YOU HAD GIVEN UP ON IT BEFORE BUT NOW, JEBUS IT IS SSSSOOOOOOOO GOOD AND YOU'VE GOT ME SO HOOKED I DUNNO WHAT TO SAY ITS JUST... WOW, AND ... BEAUTIFUL! you cant just leave us hanging, i promise to do some of my fic if you do another chapter come on! pwease! *on knees begging* (not that way perves! lol!) please dont leave me like this, CONTINUE! awwwwwww, this is killing me already! grr... well just finish more chapters soon, then ill forgive you for not updating soon enough! toodles, and keep updating!
Koriina chapter 8 . 11/12/2002
GODS YOU FINALLY UPDATED... ! eh hem, had to get that outta my system! this is one of my favorite fics! i can't stop rereading it and starting to think of fanfics for it! now thats something that doens't happen alot! you have got me hook and wired now reel me in and don't take as long as you did last time to update! i know i do but still! come on, PWEASE im beggin you here, don't leave me like this it took you forever just to get the chapter you've got now and they are so long, they are so good... *drools* need more of you fic, lol! well onto the next chappy toodles!
ann no aku chapter 8 . 11/11/2002
Yet another edition of ann no aku's review bashing. Here we go for just chapter five part one: "serene lake to burning forest", i am afraid to comment. but i love the whole concept with scaring allen with the fake alcohol poisoning! :) "'you have truly become a wicked person'", who couldn't love that? i like the loaning idea. "getting smaked with a thick college-edition textbook", tee hee. "'i missed seeing his beautiful face around campus'", tee hee. dilandau wa utsukushi kao da, ne? "book bag", no comment. none needed. since when did you learn spanish, teki-chan? : "El Diablo" tee hee. I loved it! Ja matte ne!
AwakenDreams chapter 9 . 11/11/2002
*squeals*love it! hnhnhnhnhn you should have dilli-kins save hitomi later on. Ya know knight in shining armor dilly style! was thinking she forsaw some plan and it was going to backfire and she rushed to help but sadly she met some dangers then 'luckly' dilly was there to save her!*giggles sucker for romance*well its good!
Fitz20 chapter 9 . 11/9/2002
I can't believe they got Adelphos thrown out like that. He's not my fav character, but that was just...wrong, I think. Grrr... little bastards. I think I have a good idea about who's going to be the new principal, though, and his name begins with a J and ends with an a.

In the *laundromat*! Miguel, you pervy dragon slayer. That's so...unsanitary. _~

Dilandau's fooling around with a college girl! He's barely legal. Dilly, the silver-haired jail bait!

So, Dil and Hitomi finally had a conversation that lasted more than thirty seconds. You really aren't going to rush the romance in this fic, are you? I like how you're writing their relationship, but at the same time, it's damn frustrating!

I can't believe that Dilandau just ordered Celena to go and get him something to drink, and she acutally obeyed him! If it had been me, I'd have gone and made him some nice hot tea and then come back and poured it right in his lap!
Fitz20 chapter 8 . 11/9/2002
Oh dear Lord! I can't believe what a little shit Dil is! Prentending to be passed out drunk just to scare Allen. Damn, that was mean! Good chapter; I liked it very much. It was really interesting to see how Allen thinks of his brother. I like Allen in this story. I liked the scene b/w Van and Hitomi too. She seems way more human, now. And, Van's all jealous... heehee. I like the guy, but Van angst is such fun to read. Glad to be hearing more about Miguel as well.
ann no aku chapter 6 . 11/3/2002
konnichi wa, teki-chan. here's my review for your story! hopefully no one will intererrupt me on this. some parts do not have explanations . .i just like those lines! chapter one: "'always be like that, never change'" this makes me think of utena when the prince had told her never to lose her nobility. "celena was slightly worried since dilandau didn't seem like he was keeping a constant speed" i know for a damn fact that you are referring to me! :D "dilandau's insane driving had cut their trip time by at least 20 minutes" "yes, dilandau and their gang had headquarters". "'hai, dilandau-san'", wouldn't they use 'sama' instead? i just thought they would use that . .hm. :S "'shikashi, zan'nen da; he's my boyfriend'" how aku of him! dai suki yo! "'should have known someone that pretty was gay'" "dilandau cupped his hand around his ear 'nani? are you talking to me'" "flashy porn store" tee hee chapter two: "The fossil hobbled over to the door that led into the den" i love the metaphor here! and i do feel sorry for the 'fossils'. "more like dilandau" "(. . .) whatever he wore looked good on him anyway" "'maybe i should model'" "'you don't need to be a girl to admire my beauty; i'm good-looking enough to attract both sexes' gatty smiled just slightly, imagining himself asking if dilandau was bisexual" no words need to describe my laughter at this. "most of the ryuugekitai did somwhere" this refers to piercings, where's dilandau-sama's piercings? o.0 tee hee "'who you supposed to be-mr. t?'" i have a link for Mr. T VS Escaflowne . .here it is: ~ "'Shit, you know i ain't ever go caught by no popo'" :D "'you wanna get high, you better go up high'" did i help you think of that? o.0 "tight pants" shesta is wearing these . .i am just painting a mental image. "he imagined saying 'oh really' with moch interest and then punching him in the face", i don't remember why i liked this! "'shests, if you attempt to tell me no'" dilandau no aku! "dilandau's hand sweeping across hi face ended his protest there" "mimi" you said that you can't come up with names . .ack, that is a GAY name! makes me think of a fat woman in a moumou or however it is spelled wearing WAY too much blue eyeshadow! "'i say a lot of things, don't i?'" gatty said this to *cough* mimi *cough* i liked that line. "'oh, well, we'll just have to work harder to make him a better drinker . .'" tee hee btw, i am eating doughnuts while typing this. :D "dilandau finished it as if it were orange juice." can't get passed your favorite drink, can you? "'you're a real asshole albatou'" "he vomited on both dallet and the girl" how you keep all the ryuugekitai apart from each other is beyond me . .but i had a serious mental image in that vomiting part . .i laughed really loud. "'he's cocky' 'i think we all are'" "dialandau (. . .) laughed into the wall as he leaned against it. 'that was too easy'. do i need to explain why i like everything i had highlighted? chapter three: "wearing only a pair of pants" i almost drooled picturing dilandau like this. "*he's unbelievable* allen thought, watching dilandau's slow retreat from the kitchen. 'i'm suprised you're awake this early. didn't you just go to sleep three hours ago?'" sounds like my sleeping habits, or lack thereof. "scratched his chest" that made me think of a barbarian or a monkey. "'last year we had five teachers fired (. . .) let's see if we can double that number this year.'" "'Anti-Ryuu-Target Card" hm, sounds almost a lot like Hana Yori Dango. "When he thought of a slow, painful death, he imagined being stabbed to death by useless facts of a dead past" :D "'and if you don't have one, they make you on of their targets'", still HYD. "'it's kinda like drawing your name out of a lottery for being stoned to death'" how lovely . .:S "*wow, she's a really cute girl*" this makes me think that the ryuu have either this obsession with dilandau in a sexual sense of a fatherly figure. "*ka . .kawaii*" "*she's the cutest thing i've seen in a while*" "Gatty stepped out of a closet" I KNEW ONE OF THEM HAD TO BE GAY!f "'I need a smoke-badly'" what is it with men needing a smoke after recreation procreation? "'there's nothing that a good beating won't cure'" "'moero, moero'" i can picture YOU saying that! "the two halves of the cafeteria (. . .)courtyard where they could sit at picnic tables" that reminds me of our (gay) school. "'i feel so loved'", this is when gatty is walking through the cafe. and it seems that everyone is in love with celena-a casual affair. "'the devil'", referring to dilandau. chapter four: "he used his towel to wipe a little water off his bare chest before wrapping the cloth around his neck" too hot! *blush* "'i've never done anything wrong in my life'", that is BS dilandau! "'aa, but it was fun-especially when you threw a brick at that one guy'", that is soo funny! "the girls made cries of joy and held hands over their hearts as if they would die from disbelief" this is when girls gave dilandau love letters like how touga receives them in utena, only touga is a player for ALL types of girls. touga is easy. "the class gasped a second time, but this time their surprise was greater" i just laughed at this part for some odd reason. "'that's it! i'm gonna kick your ass' 'not if i kick yours first!'" "book bag" it is not a 'book bag', but a BACK PACK! "'well, my name is ce-'" can none of the ryuu learn whom she is? that is what i had written at the time, now i know. "'you never asked'", hitomi says this to 'D'. "'she'll surely let me borrow her car and make sure all of my absences for the rest of the day are excused'", the latter i can almost believe, but the former about borrowing a guidance counselor's car? SONNA! "'dilandau-san just knocked the shit out of fanel!'" what can i say? dai suki! "hoodlum friends" tee hee, my father uses that word. and that concludes my review! i had enjoyed eating my powdered vash doughnuts while typing this long review. enjoy! :D
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