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Candified Chaos chapter 17 . 1/4
Candified Chaos chapter 16 . 1/4
Candified Chaos chapter 14 . 1/4
Candified Chaos chapter 13 . 1/4
! No!
Candified Chaos chapter 12 . 1/4
Candified Chaos chapter 10 . 1/4
Candified Chaos chapter 9 . 1/4
Oh my gosh I seriously hope that's jealousy. Jealousy is great in stories. Not real life though
Candified Chaos chapter 8 . 1/4
Oooh is there gonna be a new love interest? I sure do love a love triangle.
Candified Chaos chapter 6 . 1/4
Aww that was cute.
Candified Chaos chapter 2 . 1/4
Aww he saved her.
Durotos chapter 19 . 3/20/2017
I really like the way you've written Celia this entire story. She comes off as a caring, concerned friend. I love the dynamic you have created between her and Claire, and I'm relieved to see she was hesitant to accept Skye without any qualms. It seems it will take some time and trust before Skye is able to become part of the Valley, and that's the way it should be, in my opinion. Good job! :)
Durotos chapter 18 . 3/6/2017
I appreciate the fact that the apologies didn't go perfectly. I especially liked the scene with Flora and Carter. I think Claire now realizes that even though Skye didn't steal anything from him, that bond of trust has been broken, and it will take time for something like that to heal. They can apologize all they want for their behavior, but people have to be willing to accept them again before Skye can be a permanent part of the town.

I especially liked the way you portrayed Carter in this chapter, along with Rock. Claire assumed Rock wasn't going to get upset because he is her friend, but I'm glad that you made him speak out and imply that Skye's smooth-talking wouldn't be the answer to all of his problems. After all, he's going to have to get along with the male population of the Valley as well.

I also appreciated how the events of the day stuck with Claire. It didn't feel like an event that anyone would easily forget. I am glad that you didn't breeze over the apologies and you made the reactions to the characters more realistic.
Durotos chapter 17 . 3/2/2017
"Above all, I'd remember that I was always alone when the sun went down."

Such a heartbreaking sentence; it really says it all for Claire's emotions in this scene, doesn't it? The whole part with her detatching from her emotions and telling herself that she was in love with the idea of him all felt very human and real. Great choice of words in this section.

Skye is actually pretty cute when he's flustered! It's interesting to see characters exposed to their weaknesses. They really make a cute pair in this story. I can't wait to see what will happen next! I'm curious to see how Skye will gain favor with the townsfolk and how Claire will reveal that she had been friends with Skye all along. I look forward to the next chapter!
Durotos chapter 16 . 2/28/2017
Kudos to Celia once again for standing her ground and letting Claire have it. I feel like she said a lot of things that needed to be said. I enjoy how she did give Claire a good tongue-lashing, she also saw her friend's side of the story as well and wished the best for her.

I love how Rock was just mostly disappointed he didn't guess who Claire's real crush was, haha.

In a way, Skye leaving seems like both the most responsible and most irresponsible thing to do. I'm curious to see where this goes... :) Thanks for a good read!
Durotos chapter 15 . 2/27/2017
I like how Claire's actions in the previous chapter did have consequences. Glad to see she made up with Celia and Karen (kind of, haha).

It'll be interesting to hear Skye's reasoning for needing to leave the Valley, soon, and I'm thinking after this chapter, Claire will be a lot more emotional about it. The Skye/Claire scene was perfectly timed. I could really feel her confliction about wanting to help her friends and wanting to help Skye at the same time. Her delayed realization of her feelings for him was adorable.

It looks like she's going to need to tell Celia what's up. It will be interesting to see how that all goes down. Thanks for another great chapter!
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