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WW enthusiast chapter 8 . 12/2/2016
saw 1944
tell me what Yuuka did. was she a nazi?
Person chapter 7 . 1/3/2014
Omg I love this!
Do Suika or Reisen pls! Keep up the great work
Flagarach chapter 8 . 12/2/2013
Hah... I... don't really know what to say. Most of it has already been said in the other reviews, and I don't have anything to add.

I also would love to say "Do this person", but I can't. You did my favorite four, Mokou, Utsuho, Yuuka and Flandre, already.

So... I guess... keep it up!
asyraf.hakase chapter 8 . 11/7/2013
Not bad . . . I love the Flandre description . . .
Cute but deadly . . . The conclusion, the girls in Gensokyo are such a beauty . . . On the outside that is . . . And who knows what they have in their inside . . . Which is usually eerie . . .
Sonanoka21093 chapter 8 . 10/8/2013
Aww, that was cute! It reminds me of one of my own stories. Not the story-I've already stated that we have a similar story-I mean the chapter! I love this chapter, even if it follows a different format from the rest. This has been a lovely read! I shall look forward to your next chapter, and wish you luck in producing it!
Sonanoka21093 chapter 7 . 10/8/2013
That was certainly informative. I like when you go overly complex on things; it allows me to try and pick apart things in my head. Unsuccessfully, of course, but the effort is still there. I found the combat segment to be quite amusing, and loved the blunt approach given after that wonderfully complex shark cyborg.
Sonanoka21093 chapter 6 . 10/8/2013
Well, that was a creeily cute note to end on. Medicine sure is dangerous, isn't she? ...That sentence feels a bit odd. Anyway, I loved how you portrayed her, and I shall look forward to Yuuka's chapter!
Sonanoka21093 chapter 5 . 10/8/2013
Well, that's not necessarily a bad outlook on things. Still, that kind of heat would kill the inhabitants of the earth! Of course, I have to wonder how Keine would deal with this? Would she survive to be able to rewrite that history? That's something I have to wonder about.
Sonanoka21093 chapter 4 . 10/8/2013
I have a feeling your bringing her up in the prior chapter is what brought about this chapter with Remilia as a focus. Not the best chapter, but still certainly quite the quality bit of literature. I honestly don't have much to say this time.
Sonanoka21093 chapter 3 . 10/8/2013
Well, I have to say, you are one of the few authors that can make me fall in love with a concept. I just... it's such a unique way of looking at Keine! She's an author. I love that so damned much that I cannot even hope to say just how much I love it! Words simply fail me.
Sonanoka21093 chapter 2 . 10/8/2013
Jeez, what a story! That's not sarcasm in any sense. I truly love what you've done with Mokou. I love the way you explain how she sustained such grievous injuries in battle yet still fought on. I love the way you cover all your bases, and I really look forward to seeing just what you do with every character. Also, if you're sensing the building pattern, yes, I do plan to review every one of these chapters individually. Sure, it's a bit of a pain to do in a row when the chapters are short like this, but I also know how much we authors like to hear the thoughts of our readers. Suppose I'll be moving on to the next one now!
Wolfsbane706 chapter 8 . 10/4/2013
While I don't like the "Complete and Total Sadist" portrayal of Yuuka, I have to say I liked the way you portrayed Yukari, Okuu, Flandre and Remi. They're all aware of their limitations, and Flan and Okuu, while smart, have somewhat twisted viewpoints, akin to their personalities in canon. Yukari and Remi are well aware of their limitations, and considering their ages, have long since taken steps to circumvent or avoid them. I didn't read Medicine's chapter, since I'm not particularly fond of her, but I look forward to more.
Sonanoka21093 chapter 1 . 10/4/2013
Aww, that was adorable! We seem to be of like mind; we each have a story that involves explaining things in the Touhouverse! We just go about it differently, you and I. While I like to have the characters explain the ins and outs of their species in a classroom environment, you seem to enjoy focusing more on the powers of individual Touhou's on a more personal level! I shall be sure to read more of this story when I finish writing and have a bit of time! I actually only happened upon it out of coincidence while refreshing the list of new stories. ...Would that actually be a coincidence? I was intentionally refreshing after all. ...I'll just ignore that for now, lest I make my brain begin to hurt from thinking too much! You know, thinking back, I've just been blabbing on and on for a bit about nothing at all! Maybe I should just post it already? Yeah, I think I'll do that.
Starx chapter 7 . 3/20/2011
This fic is good, don't let my comment make it sound like I didn't like it. Since you are saying it is non-fanon, I would agree and disagree with some of your descriptions. For Flandre I have no real comment, since I don't quite know her character, but it seems right. For Mokou, again no comment, since I don't know about her. For Keine, while I don't know about her, I disagree with your description on her power. Keine's ability is to consume and create history. However, I read it as just that, consume or create history, it does not change facts. Keine can consume the history of the human village, so it no longer exist. But that does not mean the village is not there, just that knowledge of the village being there is gone, since history of it is consumed. For Remilia, I like your description of her skill, it is a nice look on it. For Utsuho, I do agree with the other reviewer, I think Utsuho as being forgetful, but not a total idiot, still not very smart though. At least that's the impression I get from Hisoutensoku. For Medicine, no comment, don't know her character too well. And for Yukari, your description of her is excellent. But I disagree about the shark/robot thing being too hard, I think she is just lazy. Since according to Ran, Yukari's math skills are through the roof, beyond super genius levels.
passerby chapter 7 . 1/10/2011
i like the explanation of boundaries here, it's somewhat detailed.

it might be easy to create a boundary,the hard thing about boundary is the risk that you may get if you make one and you'll have to careful when counting the space of both boundaries. (You know, counting is troublesome)

good job on writing this.

I hope you can make Wriggles' if you have time~

Update soon and keep writing
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