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Floyd in the Sky chapter 12 . 11/6/2014
I don't find the words to say how much I loved this story, and how intense, heart-breaking and beautiful it was. Thank you
Melusine10 chapter 12 . 7/24/2013
Thank you for your beautiful words and this absolutely heartbreaking story. You capture Godric's pain and its effects on Eric in such a devastating way...I didn't know if I would be able to make it to the end it affected me so deeply. I did and it was worth it. Thank you.
seven days later chapter 12 . 2/5/2013
I've been so absorbed in the chapters leading up to this that I've forgotten to review! And now, I find that I have very little to say about them other than they were heartbreaking and inspiring. What I love most about your writing style is that you don't waste time saying things that sound pretty. You're using words to express emotion, and everything else is secondary to that emotion. I'll never be able to write like you can, and I suspect a lot of other authors won't be able to either.

Last chapter was especially amazing. I actually cried - and that doesn't happen too much! - at Godric's simple surprise from Sookie's reaction. It was one of my favourite scenes in the entire tv show to this date, all because of how free he felt there, and the peace which he reached on that rooftop. You made me feel the peace that he'd been searching for all the way up to this point and it was beautiful.

And then there was this chapter. Shorter and more devastating than all the rest put together. I can just imagine him staring away into nothing as Pam tries to make things better, both for herself and her Maker. I love Eric. Possibly more than I love anything else in the world combined. (Don't tell my puppy.) This story just made me love him more, which I never thought was possible. Thank you so so much for sharing this... I doubt I'll find another story about Godric which is so complete and heartfelt.

-Seven x
Loftin chapter 12 . 11/1/2012
This was so heart-wrenching. But it was a fantastic insight to their thoughts around that time. Thanks for sharing it with us.
irrevocably-twisted chapter 12 . 9/25/2012
What a graceful handling of grief it was. I love how minimal this chapter is. It just feels like grieving.

I really enjoyed the opening paragraph about the house, especially the part about "the trembling, sweaty human realtor," haha. I liked how Eric knew Pam had been crying, not because of any poor makeup job on her part, but because he could smell the blood tears on her face. I also liked how it wasn't immediately clear what Eric's "inheritance" from Godric was, and how the sea bag, letters (so Isabel's effort wasn't wasted after all!), and shirt were unveiled over the course of the chapter.

It was lovely to see Eric and Pam take comfort in each other. I thought the bit about "her loss [merging] with his" was a nice touch. It's like the bond would make it so being together would make them both feel worse because they're taking on each other's grief in addition to their own, but he went to her anyway, which I think is a testament to how close they are.

I really felt Eric's pain when he thought Godric had died weak. I loved the "It was sacrilege, but it was also the truth" line. I liked Eric's struggle to reconcile the Godric he knew with Godric as he was when he last saw him, and that, right now, his most recent memories outweigh the good ones. I found the ending a little abrupt, but, as I said, I do appreciate how minimal it is.

And that's a wrap! I've thoroughly enjoyed reading this story, and you're very welcome-it was an amazing ride! :D chapter 12 . 9/25/2012
Beautifully written! I can't say how much I love this story...
irrevocably-twisted chapter 11 . 9/4/2012
And it WAS beautiful.

I like that Eric, even in his "daymares," has always envisioned this glorious death for Godric, and how completely different the reality is from anything Eric could have imagined really shows how much Godric has changed. I felt that Eric finding the surrender of Godric's death the most sickening thing of all was really fitting with that ultimate horror he finds in weakness.

I'm glad I haven't watched the rooftop scene recently because I think it helped to keep the images in my head moving with the story instead of trying to get ahead of it. I think you did a great job transferring everything Eric goes through in the scene into writing. The thought process behind the things he says sets off the dialogue very well.

"Not Eric's forever, but their forever and forever and forever." -Haha, be careful, Hugo. Eric's been reading your mind...

So Godric finally gets to see the sun. I loved that he was so happy that the sun was a star because he could see "thousands of minute copies of it" every night. It was a really neat thought. I also liked how you mentioned some embarrassment in his asking if Sookie will care for Eric. I've gotten that impression watching it too.

One of my favorite motivations you gave in the chapter was Godric removing his shirt because he wanted to feel the heat of the sun on his heart. Aww...
irrevocably-twisted chapter 10 . 8/8/2012
I really liked the way you opened this chapter. I thought it was a flashback at first, but it had this bizarre feeling to it, like something wasn't quite right, and around about when Eric showed up, it occurred to me that it was probably a dream. I had fun trying to peg it. It was excellently crafted, and the images and the meaning behind them really popped.

The division Godric seems to be placing between "the fog" and calm in this chapter was a tad confusing to me. He wants calm, peace, tranquility...but isn't that what the fog leaves him with? Feeling nothing?

I'm glad that Eric and Pam's letters were salvaged from his home. Not that he'll be reading them where he's going, but it was a nice thought on Isabel's part.

The scene with Nan Flanagan involves a lot of key players. All of them take an active role in the conversation at one point or another, and it's not something I ever really gave a thought to until I had the experience of reading it. I know what a hassle it can be to try and make sure we all know who's saying what. I was hoping to see what you thought might have been said within the break in the scene, particularly what lines you might have concocted for Nan, rather than having Godric trail off, but the narration makes it clear that all we missed was Godric reiterating the previous nights' events. So I'm at peace.

Godric seemed to get a little emotional at the end, and so did I. The passage about "this face" got to me.

Until next chapter. Nice work!
irrevocably-twisted chapter 9 . 8/2/2012
Sure, Eric, Godric's alive... just not really.

Once again, it was like I was watching the show in my head as I read the bullet-sucking scene, and it was fun to read it with the addition of Eric's thoughts. I hadn't thought about comparing Eric being bound by silver in the previous episode and the silver bullets here-he was definitely exposed to a lot more in the church. Having his true agenda right there on the page between descriptions of his "dying" made the situation even more amusing. I couldn't quite believe Eric's claim that Sookie was superb, I think because I didn't feel from the narration that he was enjoying her sucking his blood. I giggled at the phrase "publicly affectionate posturing." "Posturing" just seemed the perfect way to term that moment.

When Eric speculated that Bill and Jason might have "overcome homophobia" together, I cracked up. Way to reference that severely uncomfortable apology scene. I stumbled over "mea culpa, mitt fel, Meine schuld" (all varying translations of "my fault"?) on my first reading. The language switch seemed a bit jarring to me, and it felt like it pulled me out of the story for a second. I did grow used to it by the chapter's end.

The addition to the ending of that scene, with Eric holding Godric and repeating his name over and over, so afraid that he's dying, really made me feel bad for him. At least Godric was able to offer a little comfort here. Upon rereading, I came to wonder if these weren't Godric's final moments. He seems dead to me for all intents and purposes from this point on.

Eric's extremely graphic description of how Bill spoke to Godric as if he "were some half-deaf old human with pre-Alzheimer's who tended to piss himself" not only made me laugh out loud yet again, but also had me desperately wanting to hear Bill ask that question firsthand. I liked that you used the bag with the carrying strap as the flashback device in this chapter. I thought it was a good choice to have Eric "outrun" the memory at first to mix up the structure a little.

I loved that you had Isabel express some grief over losing Stan. They never got along, but I always thought she might mourn him. I thought having Godric intentionally "burn [his] retinas" was an interesting way to have him punish himself. It would be very subtle, and it showed how closely Eric must have been watching Godric for him to pick up on it.

I felt really bad for Eric once again when he and Godric got back to his hotel room, and that feeling held on for the rest of the chapter. He's trying so hard, and Godric appears to be, well, a boneless heap on the floor. I do understand that Godric has just had his home blown to bits, I know he was already having a tough time before that, but wow. I was impressed by Eric's patience. He would actually make a very doting nurse, haha.

And so we reach the flashback Eric has been avoiding all night. Given what had just taken place in the present, it was somewhat of a relief for me to see Godric in a position to reassure. Granted, I felt that Eric had to reassure him just as much. I was a little puzzled by the mention of Godric having "a slight limp." I always thought that vampires heal completely from any injury, and Godric was turned at a young age. The parting scene was a touching one, nonetheless.

I absolutely loved their "proud to be yours," "proud to have you" exchange, and I'm both dreading and looking forward to what lies ahead! Great job!
exactlymyidea1 chapter 9 . 7/31/2012
Lovely lovely story. I am fascinated by your portrayal of Godric. He is so old and do powerful and yet so vulnerable at the same time. I look forward to seeing where this goes.
irrevocably-twisted chapter 8 . 7/26/2012
In every piece you write, there's always some turn of phrase that jumps off the page at me as particularly striking, but the descriptions really took center stage this chapter. The "fog" shrouding Godric throughout almost became a character in its own right. I happen to find fog very beautiful, but it's clear Godric doesn't, and I could only enjoy it as much as he did (which wasn't a lot, haha).

In all seriousness, though, I spent the entire thing deeply entrenched in his state of mind. All of the expressions you used, like listening to people "from opposite ends of the bottom of a murky pool," really made me feel what he, well, wasn't feeling.

I liked how Godric went about trying to remember Sookie's name, how his list went from Susan, Sarah, and Samantha to names like Sharmilla, Syeda, and, of course, Solveig. I loved the call back to Eric's baby sister from Ch. 2.

Godric's internal monologue when he was sentencing Hugo and imparting his "we are frightening" wisdom onto Eric was just painful to read. It was like he didn't even see the value in what he was saying. I noticed the addition to his conversation with Eric, by the way. It looks like he's lying to Eric about not being able to feel him either.

It was nice to see the clouds break a little during the confrontation with Lorena. Definitely one of his strongest moments from the show.

And I do believe we've reached the end of "Timebomb!" Time to cue credits and prepare for IWRU...
From Atlantis with love chapter 8 . 7/25/2012
.God. This was like, completely breathtaking, and I don't know any words that could describe how powerful this story is. Really, great job.
acelticdream chapter 6 . 7/21/2012
Am loving this story thus far.

The only "problem" I'm having if the repetitious "endless child" et al.
Godric is actually a teenager, roughly 16 years of age when turned (from what can be gleaned from TrueBlood).

If you must continue with the same description, try "ancient vampire", "elder vampire", etc to mix things up a tad more.

But I truly love the details, the thoughts behind Godric's thoughts and actions. Very nice. )
irrevocably-twisted chapter 7 . 7/17/2012
The scenes from the show do seem a lot shorter when you're looking at them apart from the rest of the episode, but I thought you stitched everything together nicely. Eric's warning to Jason was just as entertaining to read as it was to watch on screen, in case you were wondering, haha. I particularly liked the brief exchange between Eric and the girl wearing the gold cross for his guess that Jason might be "less intimidating" company for her. I do remember Jason getting acquainted with some unknown at the party, and knowing she was talking to Eric moments before is a neat little detail that makes me feel like an insider.

I managed to enjoy the flashback and be disturbed by it at the same time, so good job with that. I love that Eric is looking back on this memory so fondly, and it's really such a horrific scene. The way that he narrates it brings the transformation in his own attitudes toward the lifestyle he was struggling with in the previous chapter front and center. Eric's homesickness felt very true to character to me, and how he focuses on the trees native to his homeland really made me feel that sense of longing from him. "Ringing that hulking thing every hour of every day must have made him almost deaf." -Nice Quasimodo reference.

Haha, I never got the impression that Eric was so outraged at Sookie's saying he would risk anything for Godric, but the "gob of spit" line made me laugh. Until next week... :)
Guest chapter 6 . 7/10/2012
Love the story
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