Reviews for The Salvagers
Rejar chapter 2 . 11/30/2010
Sorry for not reviewing earlier but I had no time at all. Updated my own story quite late, too. Stupid school.

Ahem, anyway, onto the review!

Once again a neatly and good written chapter. I'm wondering why the Bosmer have to be the unlucky ones, though... what did they do? :/

What I like is that you write out of so many different views and characters! It's like reading many small stories at once and they do not dissapoint, that much is certain. The highlight for me was the Nerevarine at the end. Kind of expected it after reading the first few sentences but I wasn't sure since the Nerevarine seemed to be a much more mean and mysterious person in the previous chapter. Well, he still is kind of mean... To suddenly see such a side of him is a surprise. Talking to his sword, that's the way every Nerevarine should behave! :)

One little correction: it's "excited" and not "exited" ( at the end of the Neloth part). Sorry, it's just that I'm a perfectionist. :D
Rejar chapter 1 . 11/14/2010
Oh, very interesting. A fresh idea - and written quite good, despite you not being a native speaker. Few mistakes here and there but they were only minor ones, barely even visible. I'm not a native speaker, too, so I'm the last one to judge you. ;)

Anyway, you're able to keep the flow of the chapter (not too rushed and not too boring, either) and the reader interested. I'm smiling in a few passages - Saryoni's despair is just very amusing - and I really want to find out where you plan to go with the story!

Is the Nerevarine a Dunmer or of another race, by the way? If it's not a secret. I'm curious.
Helena L chapter 1 . 11/9/2010
Beautifully written. Seeing the events of Morrowind and Tribunal through Saryoni's eyes was really interesting; I loved the part where he prayed for Bolvyn Venim to win the duel, knowing that the Nerevarine's victory would mean his ruin. I wouldn't worry about your English; you're already a better writer than many of the native speakers on this site!

Keep it up.