Reviews for Silence
Zizichan96 chapter 1 . 3/4/2011
This is really beautiful... :'.':

I do agree though; it isn't quite like Saya thinking to herself (poor girl, the Blood authors had made her go through so much in just one episode I don't think she could be thinking straight) but while I was reading it, I was imagining her watching the sun set over the sea that beach she liked so much, and thinking about it (without Kai!)

It was still really beautiful, and I think you managed to stay true to her character, make it really romantic without making it overly mush-y, which was really nice. Good job! I hope you keep writing!
Darkened Angel Feathers chapter 1 . 3/3/2011
I think that the way that the 'camera' angles were shown, if you watch it again, at the end, showed that someone was watching. I think that Hagi survived, but was too weak to come see her. Also, it would be heart-wrenching for him to go and see her, and for them to finally be together only for her to go into sleep for 30 years again. Or, he could have dobts because she never said that she loved him. Either way, I think that they were trying to show that he's alive. As for your story...

I think that the lack of formatting makes it seem ruched. And if it's thoughts, they're too strait forward. It sounds more like she's telling somebody what happened and how she felt, than thinking. I loved the last towo sentences. They sound like something I would write, actually. :) This was good, but it could have been better. YOu could have described what was happening while she thought. You could have had a collection of thoughts, without the explainations. We've all read it. I hope that you don't take this harshly, because it is not meant to be that way. I hope you keep writing.
TheStarsAbove7 chapter 1 . 11/10/2010
Awww that was like one of the saddest things I've ever read (I don't read many depressing things... :D!)

I really liked your story and would Love if you were to add onto it!

Well, I thought the ending sucked except for the rose Haji obviously left since it had his hair tie tied to the stem of it. Haji was also my favorite character and I didn't like the ending really at all and I was pissed when it went to the little song thing but happy when the show came back after screwing with us :D!
Falling into the darkness chapter 1 . 11/10/2010 crying, literally...poor saya...she never was able to tell him...oh, i wanna beat othe crap out of the story maker who mad bloodplus end the way it did...they killed hagi! what is wrong with the? i liked the story...