Reviews for Bittersweet: A phantom of the opera story
ClaryF chapter 38 . 7/17
He's safe, good. Hope to read more soon.
PumpkinKitten chapter 38 . 7/16
yay, friends! \o/ :D
ClaryF chapter 37 . 7/10
What does he want to talk about? Hope to read more soon.
PumpkinKitten chapter 37 . 7/9
Don't leave it there!
PumpkinKitten chapter 36 . 6/6
Oh fudge.
AshwoodDraven88 chapter 36 . 5/26
AAAh why do you do this to me?! Lol I am sooo in love with this story it is ridiculous :) Thank you so much for not giving up on this story, I cannot wait for the next chapter!
ClaryF chapter 36 . 5/25
Dun dun dun... What will happen next? Hope to read more soon.
Guest chapter 35 . 5/18
Please post it is sooooo good
Guest chapter 35 . 4/24
Please post soon it is such a good story
Reverie chapter 35 . 4/7
Oh-oh, Celia and Erik are in trouble! But I do hope you'll take care of their happy ending ;)
"What is it about Christine bloody Daae that makes him lose all sense and reason?!" - yes, yes, exactly! This is also my question! ;) Perfect!
However, in my humble opinion, Erik admitted that Celia is right a little too quickly... and too calmly for somebody as bad-tempered as him! ;)
ClaryF chapter 35 . 4/6
Dun dun dun. What will happen next? Hope to read more soon.
PumpkinKitten chapter 35 . 4/6
Erik is a fool. *facepalms*
PumpkinKitten chapter 34 . 1/31
Ahh, this is torture you know.
I found myself wanting to scream at the screen way too often, reading this. :D
But I want more! I can't wait for them to realise and finally kiss...
karisdaae24601 chapter 34 . 1/25
YAY good story! i love it i love it i love it!
ClaryF chapter 34 . 1/17
I absolutely adore this story and would love to read more soon.
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