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knightrid3r chapter 3 . 5/18/2015
Loving this great companion to What Fates Impose. I'm actually reading both for the first time and attempting to do it simultaneously, which is a little difficult switching back and forth but it's awesome how well the stories told from two different perspectives play off each other.

The flashback told in this chapter is definitely an interesting part of the Sarah Bryce history. Truthfully it's Sarah who I believe was the problem here. It's not fair to either Chuck or Bryce that she is attracted and constantly thinking about one guy while she occasionally sleeps with the other merely to satisfy her urges. Bryce is portrayed as a pretty decent guy in this universe and Sarah shouldn't have lead him on like she did. I understand their occupation gets lonely and the near death experiences can lead to adrenaline needing to be released but like I said she either needed to get Chuck off her mind and commit with Bryce or she should have spoken to Chuck about how she felt and if they wanted to pursue something, stayed faithful until Chuck got released from bunker duty. I completely see why Bryce would want to break off the partnership.
gateway guest chapter 2 . 2/5/2014
I followed a thread from "What Fates Impose". I am only on chapter 22 at present.

The thread started with Sarah-pov of the visit to the bunker. It continued to "Sleeping on the Job". That thread included a one-shot from pov of Frank the dummy, and another where Sarah tells Ellie 'some' of the truth.

This Sarah pov story is also quite enjoyable.

I just thought to make a suggestion. At one point the story talks about mental facilities. I wonder if, perhaps, mental faculties was meant. I know when I grope for the right word, I do not always use the one I had intended; either spoken or in print.

Thank you for your wonderful stories.

And thank you for you attention.

senora dot lopez yahoo dot com
DarkSpyder25 chapter 4 . 1/19/2014
Really enjoying Sarah's POV, but I am a little disappointed that you didn't end this chapter with them teasing each other about being thinner they had thought.
SpeedyTheMouse chapter 6 . 5/28/2013
Loved it. Easy as that.
Jason123456 chapter 6 . 5/3/2012
great story really like sarah's POV stories they add alot of dept to the story(yes i know i used the word story to many time for the life of me i could spell the words that i was using in my head and i had to may due with what i could spell)
Alex Mcpherson chapter 4 . 4/16/2012
It's odd, reading the WFI stories and trying to keep them in chronological order, when they flit about and interlock and so on. (I.e. I'm reading Fortune Favours as well as What Fates Impose here, starting with whichever scene starts at the earliest, and changing between scenes rather than chapter. It helps keep it clear of how different the scenes are just by point of view.

For instance, getting off that first train, Chuck didn't even notice that he put his hand on hers, nor her pause - neither of which are written into the story there.

Or how Sarah just goes blank in the plane and the first dialogue we get is chuck's question... but from Chuck's viewpoint we know what he was saying.

Fortune also has that hayloft scene, where WFI just cuts at the end of C3 where they go to sleep, and start of C4 is in greece.

It's hard keeping track, and had to open all the stories and put the tabs in order, but there you go.
Choas Babe chapter 3 . 3/18/2012
Okay, maybe it's sleep deprivation, caused by you by the by, or maybe it's my hopeless romantic side that I keep trying to beat into bloody submission and death (Hasn't worked) by I almost see Bryce as equally jealous over both of them. Maybe it's just me, but Bryce didn't seem like the type to share, sort of a more grown up and suave version of Morgan there, and I'm half convinced he was at LEAST half in love with Chuck. Just, ya know, throwing this out there.
Downtonian chapter 6 . 1/2/2012
I really love this story, it's so interesting reading from Sarah's point of view, I had to read it again, especially after the last chapter of fates, wanted to remind myself that Sarah actually does care about Chuck! I really hope you will maybe write the rest from Sarah's point of view when you've finished What Fates Impose! :D
Loatroll chapter 6 . 8/15/2011
Awesome stuff like everything else you do, thanks for the great read :-)
Crumby chapter 6 . 8/9/2011
There are so many things in this chapter (I think its the longest from the Fatesverse) it's hard to know what to say. It's definitely one of my favorites. In short, "WOW!" will have to do.

I've said it in my Chapter 7 review already, I hadn't given that much thought to what had happened to Sarah between Langley and Burbank. I certainly wondered, especially in Chapter 8 when they talk on the couch about Sarah being stuck in Burbank, but I never imagined that bad of a situation. How naive of me.

The first scene is heartbreaking. Sarah saved Chuck but she's never going to see him again.

The 'Phase 3' scene was just...WOW! So badass, scary, cool... Amazing. One of the greatest scene of Fates for sure.

"She hit with a crash. / She landed with a crunch. / She felt neither." I love how you do that.

The scene with Gwen Davenport is very interesting, especially the part about why Sarah didn't contact her before.

The trial and the talk with Beckman and Graham reveals how Sarah ended up on Team Promotheus. (Although Chapter 49 definitely surprised me on certain things, but I'll get to that later.)

Sarah has definitely chosen her side. It's Chuck's.

The chapter shows how much it takes to be Sarah Walker. The constant fights inside and dealing of emotions, the sacrifices she has to make. But it's also marked by several savings from Chuck. He saved her from a life of survival when they met and wouldn't left her mind. He saved her in that interrogation cell when he kept her from killing everybody. He saved her from prison with his bluff. (Was it really what happened with the bluff or did the government just used that as an excuse because they needed Sarah with the Intersect?) They saves each other. It's not going to be easy but it's worth it and she's not going to let her chance pass.

Finally, I loved that you started the chapter with "The past two years had been eye-opening. She wanted to do more than survive now. She wanted to experience. And if she were really being honest with herself, she didn't want to experience alone anymore." and Sarah's thought that it's over, she's screwed; and ended it with her fresh start "For some reason, fate, destiny, the government, whatever the hell it was, had seen fit to grant her more time with Chuck, and to grant Chuck a new beginning with the same sister that still thought he was missing. / And Sarah wasn't going to let fate screw any of it up. Not if she had a damn thing to say about it." What fates impose, right? :)
Crumby chapter 4 . 7/22/2011
"Those fucking assholes." You always do start your chapters nicely. ;)

I've mentioned this in my review of this scene in Fates, I've always wondered if Sarah knew something about the bunker mystery. Now re-reading that bathroom scene(it hadn't sunk in for some reason), I highly doubt she ever knew anything about the bunker mystery. I guess my questions on the matter came from the question why did she had an escape plan? And why the CIA had "punished" her like she hinted at in Bank Job? But he was probably just because Bryce and her completely screwed up as partners.

Also, sometime I forget how much she's mad at the government, the CIA and Graham. Sure, there are those moments like in Chapter 8 with Frank or more recently in Chapter 48, but I sometimes forget that she actually kinda have that anger in her all the time. She's just very good at hiding it and compartmentalizing in order to do her job, save lives and keep Chuck safe.

It was in that chapter that we learned Sarah was the one responsible for Gwen's involvement on Chuck's case. Nice touch. I liked that a lot. And it also explains that Sarah is fine with Gwen "owning" Chuck.

Of course, the question of why Sarah didn't contact her sooner comes up as well. She apparently hadn't thought of it before, but why? She had an escape plan after all. So she had thought about getting Chuck out. Maybe she never really had questioned why Chuck was in the bunker and how wrong it was. It's not like he was asking for help himself. And they thought he'd get out eventually.

The backstory on Jean-Claude was nice too. Sarah rescued his wife. And Belize? Is it the same mission that Sarah and Bryce mentioned in FFF 3?

I believe that's also when we learned about the fact that Sarah had been preparing her plan for quite a while. I had forgotten the details. She bought "The Sting" 18 months before and contacted Jean-Claude 15 months ago. I do still wonder what decided her to do that.

I really like the details you put in, like Sarah noticing Chuck blinking just before she introduced him to Jean-Claude. We know from Fates that it's because he flashed. :)

When I first read "Odessa Cleveland" I thought it was the O alias that Sarah mentioned later in Fates, but no.

Finally, Sarah's discovery of Chuck's body is just priceless. LOVED IT!

"When the hell had she started sucking on helium?" :)
Crumby chapter 3 . 7/21/2011
Awesome! Seeing what happened to Bryce and Sarah after the Bunker was really interesting. Once again, it was great to see for ourself that something was off, and then to have a little bit more info.

It's also in this chapter that I learned that Bryce knew about Sarah's infatuation with Chuck. Maybe I had missed it before, but I don't think so. That makes Bryce's betrayal all the more awful for Sarah because not only her partner went behind her back and betrayed her and the country, but he screwed over her guy in the process, and he knew it.

I like your Bryce. He's annoying with his cockiness but at the same time we can see why Chuck and Sarah would have been friends with him. I think it's in character.

Sarah looking at the security camera as her link to Chuck is cute and a bit sad.

"And, um, how are you doing?" "Better now." Chuck, you charmer!

It's also good to see that Chuck has completely proved himself to Sarah on a professional level. She wouldn't have ask for him in Dubai if she didn't, but it re-enforce the fact that she trusts him and she considers him her partner too.

Then we get to Russia and Chuck mentions "From Russia With Love." :)

"There was almost something methodical in the way his head moved as he scanned the platform around them." You've mentioned this before, in Poland I think, and Sarah attributes it to Chuck's agoraphobia, but I wonder if there's more to it.
Crumby chapter 2 . 7/19/2011
I remember that after W&T, Chapter 1 & 2 of FFF were on my list of things I wondered about. I even had mentioned it in a review: "Also I'd like to know more about when she went back to the bunker. What was her state of mind when she learned about what Bryce did and that Chuck might be involved. Why did she decide to believe Chuck and go off grid with him. etc."

So yeah, the first chapter and that first scene was really interesting. Well FFF as a whole, I guess. It's so great.

"Was she doing this, running away with Chuck, really to keep him protected? Or was it to keep him, all of him, out of the bunker for life? Where did she draw the line?" That's really interesting too. Not just because she's thinking about keeping Chuck to herself ;), but because that was always something really endearing about Canon!Sarah in S1/2. Walking the line between the greater good/government/country's interests and Chuck's (and hers as an extension). Of course, it's different here because the government had screwed Chuck over before he got the Intersect.

That Jack of Hearts disappearance really is the weirdest thing, huh? :)

It's interesting to see Sarah kind of assessing Chuck's condition, and the differences between now and 2 years ago. You said once somewhere (?) that a part of Sarah missed the guy she had met in the bunker and wanted him back. I've always kept that in mind but in FFF, that was the first time it was clear while reading for me. Here and when she went to see Randy, I think she mentions it as well. It's probably because it's Sarah's POV. "It was a little heartbreaking, after remembering just how fun and open he had been on her visit to the bunker, to see just how small and shy the outside world made him."

But at the same time, in that chapter Chuck's still demonstrating his endearing qualities and she's enjoying his company. We often don't question Chuck and Sarah, because well, duh, they're Chuck and Sarah. Of course, they should be together! But here, we can see why Sarah likes Chuck and that it's not at first handshake. ;) I like that.
Crumby chapter 1 . 7/17/2011
I don't know what "Jazzy Jive Ringtone #4" sounds like, but it seems like an appropriate ringtone for Sarah Walker, very personalized. ;)

I was shocked when I first read this chapter, thinking: "what? Digital Dave has a last name?" :)

And man, that first scene was intense. Even though I already knew what had happened, I was still hanged on Dave’s every words. And I loved reading Sarah processing everything. Really, really great scene.

"And sure, it was traitorous as hell to a partner she had been with for years, on and off, but the thought of Bryce as a traitor and a terrorist was much easier to handle than Chuck." That kind of thought really illustrates how much Chuck did an impression on Sarah. I also like that this is how she feels but, she knows it doesn't make a lot of sense. It isn't very rational. It makes it realistic. I like that.

"It had been seven hundred and six days since she had seen Chuck." But who's counting, right? :)

"She had burned her carefully planned extraction route." I still wonder when she put that extraction plan together, and what decided her to do it.

"There was plenty of oxygen, drugged or not, inside the bunker." I also still wonder if the air was drugged or not. Is it Sarah's "dislike of small places" that is playing tricks on her, or is it real? And if it is real, had Bryce known? Because he denied it when she talked to him about that back in 2005.

This chapter was awesome. It was something to know that Sarah did all of this before, but reading about it is something else. She's so badass. And it's also great to read it because it shows how difficult what she's was doing and living was. The chapter really conveys the intensity of the situation, I thought. And I love your Sarah. She's incredibly awesome, badass and all that, but she's also human and real. So your pieces in her POV are always a treat. Thanks!
seaboji chapter 6 . 2/11/2011
wow - this is an unbelievable chapter. wow. perhaps my favorite chapter that you've written (although i'll have to stew on that thought for a bit given wind&tides and the grand canyon chapter of fates). i loved, loved, loved the action scene in the interrogation rooms. man, sarah is tough and competent and surprisingly affected by her emotions even if they aren't outwardly displayed. i loved the back and forth between sarah and gwen (i also wondered why sarah hadn't contacted gwen after seeing chuck's bunker two years earlier...and i'm not sure sarah even knows the true answer to that quesion). now i need to go check fates for the interactions between gwen and sarah to see how this all falls out. even though we knew the outcome, sarah's sentencing was still a gut punch. and beckman is definitely awesome in this version of chuck. thanks again for an amazing, amazing read!
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