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kage kitsune 14 chapter 12 . 4/5/2013
Update soon, please.
Dthehalfdragon chapter 12 . 7/31/2012
Nice chapter. I cant wait to see the next one.
Dthehalfdragon chapter 11 . 12/27/2011
Nice chapter. I cant wait to see the next one.
WandererfromtheWest chapter 11 . 12/27/2011
Finally, another chapter, and it began with the ghost ship plot. Nice work. :D I'm now curious as to what will happen next... write more! XD

Until next time, 'Cheerio'! :3
Phil-0 chapter 4 . 11/5/2011
name: Eva Moore

nickname: È sorto l'Assassino (Italian for the Rose Assassin)

age: 19

sexuality: She's bi but loves women much much more then men

stereotype: Gets nervous around beautiful women

country: Sabaody Archipelago

hair: Short brown hair

eyes: blue

built: a girl with a normal body and a normal sized bust

scars/tattoos/accessory: Wears a bandana along with a seashell necklace she made

height: 5ft tall and 8 inches

casual clothes: Black Shirt with a picture of Blue Roses and vines on it, a silver hooded vest with navy jeans that looked ripped up and black shoes

swim suit: a red normal swim-suit

formal attire: A black and white dress

summer clothes: Wears a orange shirt that sais "** Me off and you die" with grey shorts and sandals

winter clothes: Wears a red scarf a green sweater and brown cargo pants with her regular shoes

autumn clothes: Wears her casual clothes but along with her scarf

tropical clothes: Wears her swimtsuit but has a cloth wrapped around her waist to cover her bottoms

desert clothes: Wears a cloak and hood along with clothes that resemble an assasins outfit

personality: A tomboyish girl who is very nice,kind and caring but can be pretty scary if she gets mad but keeps a smile on her face at same time she gets really nervous around a beauitful girl or a group of girls, but seems completely fine when she's around men, she knows how to cook and is very good at hiding and parkour, she usually is alone whether its for reading a book, writing in her journal, sharpening her daggers and arrows, or just simply mediatating she usually did it by hserself but still talks to the others on the ship but mostly stays with the girl she likes to try and find a way to make the girl fall in luv with Eva

likes: Talking, Cooking, Killing Marines, Training herself to fight, Sharpening her Weapons, and Women but not as perverted as Sanji

dislikes: Waiting, Telling the truth, Secrets

talents: Hunting, Rowing, Gardening, Skating, and Camping

do you want to be paired up: Yes

if yes with what kind of person: A girl who would actually liked her back and help her with her past

and how would your character act around them before and after: Before she would act very nervous and talk to her while trying her best not to look at her, but after if she gets paired up she will do everything she can to protect her even if it cost her life (yeah i know pretty cliche)

devil fruit/way of fighting: She has the fear devil fruit which allows her to make her enemies see her their greatest fears and lose sight of everything around them, so while they're guard down she kills them she is also very good at close combat, despite numbers she can take on a hundred marines all by herself and she can do it without them even knowing she's there

weapon: Two daggers she keeps behind her back and a bow and arrow she uses for range, along with smoke bombs she keeps in a bag besides her

explanation of powers/way of fighting/weapons: She uses assasin like techniques when it comes to fighting her enemies, always striking before they get the chance, killing them while they're guard is down, but even if she is out in the open she is fast on her feet and can easily defend herself but is most lethal when her enemies dont even know she's around, she can even use her bow and arrows in close quarters or far-ranged

what will you be: Assassin

will you be brave or chicken or in between: Very Brave, except when it comes to girls lol

anything else im missing: Her bounty is 77 million beri due to the fact she kills marines and always breaks in to their bases to find info on her missing father, also after she assinates her target she sais "Bare the sins of your fate."

phobia: She's a bit scared of the celestial dragons but hates them with all her heart

history: Her father died before she was even born since he freed some of the slaves that were being auctioned at the sabaody archipelago, her mother hid herself from the city since the celestial dragons searched for her, and when she finally gave birth to Eva, she had to put her in front of an orphanage since the celestial dragons killed every single one of her family members, while she was still in a basket an old man by the name of Amedeo Romano found her in front of the Orphanage, he was going to leave her alone, but he saw the marines coming and out of panic accidentally grabed the basket Eva was in and hid, he was going to find a family for her to be in but because of all the marines around not only looking for him, but for her he decided to take her instead, the old man was actually an assassin who collects bounties on the most nortorious of criminals, but was a caring man with no friends or family, but despite being an assasin he still knew what it was like to raise a child, and raised Eva as his own, and as she got older, the old man taught her everything he knew about being an assasin while also teaching her everything about the italian language, history of the Grand Line and so on, but whenevr she asked about whether Amedeo was her father he never answered, when she was finally 19 Amedeo was 68 years old and as the years he raised Eva, he learned everything he could about the family she came from, but as he found out the fate of her family he kept it as a secret for all the years, but since she was almost 20 he thought it would be fitting to tell her the truth, he knew she would get angry and leave, but it was for the best since he loved Eva like a father would, and Amedeo may be an assasin who only killed criminals, he was still a criminal himself, but before he got the chance to explain anything to Eva she went out to look for a present as a thank you for her "father" but when she got back, she found the house she was staying at was burning to the ground and as she searched the rubble Amedeo was no where to be found, so she sets out on a journey to find Amedeo and find the reason why he left her
LeeSamantha chapter 10 . 10/25/2011
The fight ended beautifully! :)

Thanks for the amazing update~ It must be really tiring for you to complete both sides of work! c:

Looking forward to the next update~

A person chapter 10 . 10/25/2011

Can't wait to see what happens next!

So glad you updated, I wouldn't have known if I didn't bookmark the page! :)

Update soon!
Dthehalfdragon chapter 10 . 10/24/2011
Nice chapter. I cant wait to see the next one.
A person chapter 1 . 10/13/2011
Name: (Liz) Carter

Position/Job: Gunner/ sharpshooter

Weapon/Devil Fruit/Special Attacks: No Devil fruit, wepon: pair of pistols, frying pan. Special attacks: "Frying pan wollop!" and "the forbidden technique" (comedy) Single Barrel shot/ One bullet hit (in which she can hit 3 things at once with one bullet.

History: No real history, lost her memories (cliche, I know) Someone taught her how to use a gun though, to the extent that she can take apart her guns and fix them blindfolded, and she knows how to fire a bazooka. She was found washed up on the beach of a small island by the townspeople, with nothing but the clothes she wore and a pocket watch. Her best friend on the island owns a local tavern, which is known on the island as the only one to serve pirates.

Family: (This part will be about her name) She made her first name up herself, after having a week of no memories, and that her pocketwatch had the words 'carter' inscribed on the back, so she guessed her sername is Carter.

Personality: Carter is quite quiet most of the time, so when she actually says somthing, you know its important. According to the islanders, her personality changes dramatically when she has a gun in her hand. She only has a gun pointed at someone if they have hurt her nakama, or have declared themselves an enemy to her. Her weekness is an attraction the shiny thing, and if all else fails, she uses her "forbidden technique" which is her voice. She sings so loudly and off key that enemys ears have been known to split while fighting. She gained a habit of smacking people with a frying pan if they missbehave from her best friend who worked at the tavern, which she did to make him calm down in frount of customers. Can often be too frank with people when they need comfort.

Physical Description: She has very short light brown hair (only slightly longer then a boys) and green eyes. She is of average height and has many scars on her palms. She wears jean-styled trousers with a plain white shirt and a sari-like piece of cloth in between the top and trousers (kinda like a skirt, but not) She has her pocket-watch in her pocket.

Friend or Foe: Friend, ma man!

Likes: shiny things, cider, good-story tellers.

Dislikes: Muffins (irrational fear), people who insult her nakama, heights.

Dream/Goal: To remember her name

Other: She dosn't really care about her memories, exept the fact she cant remember her name, it bugs her. She gradually sees more about her past as she goes along the grand-line with the others, though only glimpses, no names or faces.
Dthehalfdragon chapter 9 . 9/7/2011
Nice chapter. I can't wait to see the next one.
WandererfromtheWest chapter 9 . 9/6/2011
Wow, you really mad Washer a bada*s Marine. This is awesome, can't wait to see what the crew's new member has in mind. :D
Bloodwolf432 chapter 1 . 8/13/2011
Name: Sigurd

Alias: Raiden

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Position/Job: Bounty Hunter, Mercenary

Weapons: Twin longswords named thunder and lightning

Devil Fruit: Shokku-Shokku no mi (Shock Shock)

History: A mere traveler of the seas, he takes any bounty available at the time for money. Having no real family, he raised himself by sneaking aboard ships and stealing food from the pantry. One day, he got himself aboard a military ship that had found a strange fruit. Disregarding the sparks coming off it, he ate it. Later, the ship was found adrift with only one young boy and a crew of charred skeletons being found.

Family: Unknown, doesn't care to know

Personality: A lazy kind of guy, he prefers to watch the clouds. He is serious when in battle but aside of that, a do nothing kind of guy.

Physical Description: 6'2, storm cloud grey eyes, dull yellow hair spikes, muscular

Friend or Foe: depending if he's got a contract or not

Likes: Cloud watching, drinking, relaxing on the beach, rainy days

Dislikes: loud noises,trouble, sunny days

Dream/Goal: Just to find an island where it doesn't stop raining and build himself a house there
Dthehalfdragon chapter 8 . 8/1/2011
Nice chapter. i cant wait to see the next one.
Draco Oblivion chapter 8 . 7/30/2011
Pearl's having trouble an Zen is just sadistically plying with his opponents...

Lol Russel's going to have a talk with Zen XD

"You're going to take me on with a tooth pic?" "No I'mgoing to beat you with a tooth pick" ... EPIC!

It'll be interseting to see what Reinhart can do...
LeeSamantha chapter 8 . 7/28/2011
Thank you for the great update! :)

Other than several cases of missing punctuation, this chapter's fine. :) I find it easier to concentrate with you labelling all the stories from different characters' POVs, so that readers won't get confused! Nice!

Looking forward to the next update~

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