Reviews for Trusting the Enemy
amandaisalwayswright chapter 13 . 5/24
Wait, is it over? Or is it incomplete? If it's incomplete why is it marked as complete? Off it's complete, you need to fix a lot of things. The time jumps were too numerous and if they were filled in then the story would be cohesive and be much longer. Also, the ending was much too soon and left me feeling like they're was a missing chapter. Lastly, the story is written like a laundry list. As a writer it's your job to make the reader feel like they're there. Therefore, you need to show the story, not tell.
Honoria Granger chapter 13 . 3/14
That's a pretty lazy and disappointing ending.
marthapreston4 chapter 4 . 2/22
Two things if harry liked mione so much why didnt't he ask to marry her before the law since he knew it was comming. If Malfoy Sr. Is such a problem then why doesnt he kick the man out or get a whole new house
marthapreston4 chapter 3 . 2/22
wow I could never imagine marrying a man who called me the equalivant of the "N" word and whose father tried to kill me and whose aunt tortured or agree to live a house where I was tortured and beaten
marthapreston4 chapter 2 . 2/22
Lucious is super creepy
AnnaOxford chapter 3 . 1/24
Isn't it too mushy? Too fluffy for me, but I see the appeal.
AnnaOxford chapter 2 . 1/24
They both think it's a good idea? Hmm, where is the "drama" or are they just OOC.
AnnaOxford chapter 1 . 1/24
Typical, but nonetheless pleasant start.
jkrowlingrox chapter 7 . 1/7
Nice story!
Reignfier chapter 13 . 9/6/2014
Is that the end? Very climatic. I think Ive told you before how how much I love your writing and you really have covered all the bases. You even put marriage law and bad-guy-lucius into one plot. Amazing work as usual and very captivating plot.
StarGirlPotter chapter 14 . 8/31/2014
I'm sad to see that this story is completed but i really did enjoy it, especially as you saw characters progress. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story (and congrats on the one-year anniversary of it just passing!)
SadisticDemongyrl chapter 14 . 8/25/2014
jkrowlingrox chapter 14 . 8/10/2014
Nice story, although it's a little too fast-paced for me.
Princess of Mirkwood2 chapter 14 . 7/24/2014
Loved it write more like it soon or more on this one please.
mzutie8 chapter 14 . 7/22/2014
Another really good story. The ending feels incomplete and the story ends abruptly so soon after the climax. However, I enjoyed reading this and I'm glad that you kept Lucius true to character.
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