Reviews for What if The Monster at the End of this Book
tsebehtsiellivllams chapter 1 . 11/19/2010
uh oh... are you gonna make a sequel to this one? haha cause it was a pretty bad idea to kill brady. silly boys. :p
girlyghoul chapter 1 . 11/11/2010
EEEK! I believe this somehow means we're all doomed! But Sam's joke about Dean getting his first period made me laugh out loud- then Sam not wanting to admit he read Are you There God, It's Me Margaret made me laugh even harder.

Poor Sam, I forget how completely strung out and juiced up he was back in those days.

And Killing Ruby is always a fun thing- except now they STILL want to kill Lilith which is bad and without Brady they now won't get Pestilence's ring- Yep, we're doomed! Hope we get to read Jump the Shark before the world goes kablooey!