Reviews for Hedwig's Last Gift
Ada1229 chapter 1 . 6/28/2016
Gah, top 5 Harry Potter deaths that always make me bawl
5. Tonks
4. Remus
3. Severus
2. Sirius
Hedwig's death never fails to draw a tear from me. Not only was she Harry's closest companion but Mrs Rowling did Hedwig a huge disservice by only giving Hedwig's death the few sentences that she did. She could have at least had Harry revisit and properly mourn what was essentially Harry's one constant companion for 6 or so years. It just makes me cry
HP-fanfic-fan101 chapter 1 . 1/21/2016
how sweet
Orange3WhiteSkew chapter 1 . 3/10/2015
Charlie0925 chapter 1 . 12/6/2014
Aww, great job here hon! ;o)
greenwings33 chapter 1 . 1/28/2014
Miss Millie chapter 1 . 12/1/2013
I love it! I love your story!
Good luck in all you do.
Merrry Christmas to you and your family and friends.
Hey do you know why they left off the numbers on the stories on favorit storys?
It makes it hard to find your place when you leave the page to check out a story?
It isn't bad if they have only 10 favorits. I found your story on a writer who has over 250, some have 500 or more! I don't know who to tell.
Miss Millie
chickieroy chapter 1 . 3/8/2013
that was so sad and happy at the same time it made me cry a little
Little Monstah chapter 1 . 1/23/2013
Ok I'm am now BAWLING my eyes our DX
Ginnylove9990 chapter 1 . 9/7/2012
Awww so sweet. Please make another story on this story
Badbonita chapter 1 . 9/6/2012
What a wonderful ficlet. Hedwig's little girl will be just the thing to help Harry get over her death. Harry will never forget Hedwig but somehow the pain will lessen with Hedwig's last gift.
Jasmine chapter 1 . 7/12/2012
Awwwwwwww... Loved it.
shadowblade285 chapter 1 . 6/6/2012
guys my age make fun of me for reading stories like this because they think that a guy who likes stories like this are gay but i say f*** you they wouldn't say that if they read this story. good job man this really touched my heart and yes i am a guy who gets emotional
Cassandra30 chapter 1 . 5/14/2012
Totally beautiful!
Bobboky chapter 1 . 4/27/2012
jules3677 chapter 1 . 3/17/2012
This is such a sweet story. Adored it! Such a great original plot. Thankyou for this.
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