Reviews for Draco's Redemption
Guest chapter 57 . 44m
Just re-read the whole thing in one go... my eyes hurt and I need sleep.
Great story! Hopefully you can update soon while everything is still fresh in my head.
Guest chapter 57 . 1/13
Astoria' h. I want more
Guest chapter 18 . 1/13
I'll gladly take Draco up on his offer.
tanithlipsky chapter 57 . 1/9
very good.
flyingnite chapter 57 . 1/8
Hello! Just found this story and am super glad I did! I think it is so refreshing to see how much liberty you are taking with how events would have changed, and you've done it in a way that clearly highlights your skills as a writer. Very impressed, and looking forward to reading more!
xxxLeanniexxx chapter 57 . 1/7
I’m not so sure trusting Astoria is the smartest move!
bkerrmom1 chapter 57 . 1/6
I started back from the beginning and fell in love with the story all over again! I am looking forward to seeing what comes next !
Guest chapter 57 . 1/5
thanks for the chapter
Astoria chapter 57 . 1/1
Why would Draco date that plain girl when there is a beautiful Astoria? Astoria is a perfect girl for Draco both in blood status and looks
graynavarre chapter 57 . 12/30/2017
I am so glad to see this updated. I don't know what Astoria is up to but maybe, just maybe, Astoria may be changed for the better (dreaming, I know). For all we know, she only married Draco because she was told to and maybe she would be happier with someone else and would gladly have more than one child.

I am rereading the story and looking forward to more.
DarkViolet7258 chapter 57 . 12/29/2017
Didn't expect this from Astoria
TinySlippers chapter 57 . 12/29/2017
Not sure how I feel about Astoria.
kimbclar chapter 57 . 12/29/2017
Excellent chapter
Guest chapter 57 . 12/29/2017
Astoria has a heart. From the way you wrote her I wasn't expecting that.
SkyeMoor chapter 57 . 12/28/2017
She didn't want to believe her... that's "he" didn't want...
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