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Blacktrix1 chapter 51 . 5/20
I have just spent two days of my life with minimal sleep reading this entire fic...PLEASE update soon... Im not an addict but honestly, this story has become my heroin... i need my fix...NEED IT! don't make me use the Imperius curse ;P hehe

Seriously its great. Absolutely brilliant. All of it.

*claps until hands go numb*
Ablyvian chapter 51 . 5/16
This is a really good one. Hope you update soon
SSB chapter 51 . 5/16
I wish you would, I wish you would
I wish you would, I wish you would

I, I, I, I, I, I wish, I wish
I, I, I, I, I, I wish, I wish
I, I, I, I, I, I wish, I wish you would UPDATE.
ruby2360 chapter 51 . 5/14
Draco the hero
SSB chapter 51 . 4/29
Please update.
Guest chapter 41 . 4/27
A true coward's choice. I do wonder, how such a pathetic wimp got sorted into Gryffindor, the house of the brave and noble, when he was anything but.
Bella Nightlock chapter 11 . 4/26
Bella Nightlock chapter 10 . 4/26
Luv this story!
thonez chapter 51 . 4/26
nice story.
Nikki Pond chapter 50 . 3/24
You know, with everything how Draco act. I sort-of, secretly, hope that Draco would die. And maybe give some of his memories to Harry before he passed away, all through what he done and the Horcruxes. 19 years later, Harry named his son "Draco" or gave it a middle name.

Draco strongly reminds me of Snape. Draco is doing everything he could to stop Voldemort and protect Harry. Look at what everything Draco done: He was concern about him in the Tournament, Sirius, Dursley's, food, house, Horcrux.

I was hoping that when the trio were looking for the Horcrux (Draco still hadn't told them about the future and his first life), then maybe Draco was being bitten by Nagini and Draco had no choice but to show Harry everything and the clues about the Horcrux and how to stop Voldemort by giving Harry his memories, everything he done through his first and second life.

I'd be proud that Harry decided to name his son "Draco" because even though Draco was in Slytherin, he was the bravest man he knew.

Heheheh. Hope u update! I love this
BMS chapter 1 . 3/19
Just found this on Odin999's favorites and though not a fan of HG/DM pairing thought I'd check it out because I love time travel/ do over stories. Glad I did.
The opening death scene was very touching and the way he told off Malfoy Sr. was priceless. Love it.
NorseGoddess23 chapter 51 . 3/16
Okay, so I am completely and totally in love with this story thus far. At first i was kinda iffy about reading it but i decided to take a chance on it, I'm a hard core draco/hermione fan.

I love the fact that Sirius was pardoned, thank the gods! Seriously, he should have had a damn trial and i still cry over the fact that he had died. He was an amazing character that could have gone so far and done so much for Harry and helped.

I love that Draco still has the somewhat same attitude but is nicer, a syltherin nice i suppose.

And I like Narcissa even though she doesn't like muggleborns, I am oddly fond of her. Though I would like it if she would come to appreicate and possibly kinda have a somewhat like for hermione eventually.

Basically i wanted to tell you how amazing your story is and that i hope you write more. Cheers!
Analena chapter 51 . 3/16
Really enjoying this story.
I like the friendship between Draco and Harry, as well as Severus' and Narcissa's relationship.
Please update soon!
acompletenerd chapter 51 . 3/11
So I found your story a few days ago and have loved reading it. I am so interested to see how everything turns out. Update soon please.
Nikki Pond chapter 51 . 3/5
I hope u update. This has got to be one of the fanfics that Draco has a do over and this is the 2nd time I've read a fanfic about Draco entered...well, technically third but I really love Draco has a chance of a do-over. Redemption.

I love this story. The dynamic and the plot written well, and few twist and there. Especially with Sirius. I'm more curious about Albus soon going to be aware of Draco's involvement with the Horcrux.

Hope u update soon!
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