Reviews for Draco's Redemption
bkerrmom1 chapter 59 . 5h
That is the best 3rd task I think I have read and still have Harry go to the graveyard. I am looking forward to seeing what comes next !
shadowfax00 chapter 2 . 5h
Cringing that the nicknames. Lol
FranQuel chapter 15 . 9h
Fanfic ever better, the only but Severus and Narcisa?

Please put out a warning. I never imagined it, and I feel uncomfortable, I confess.
FranQuel chapter 3 . 9h
I like Snape very much, and I think that this story could not even be him, returning and doing everything differently. Sad...

But it's the story of Draco!
FranQuel chapter 2 . 9h
Ron is such an idiot!

Poor Hermione, she was always so melancholy.
FranQuel chapter 1 . 10h
I have more than 900 fanfics to read, in English, and other hundreds in Portuguese. I am Brazil, and I am a fanatic about Dramione, and after a new search I came across your story.

I'll try to comment on all the chapters, I like to give my opinion.

About this first chapter astonished me and at the same time not, the way Draco died. Draco isn't dead yet, and it probably won't happen that way, but it could be a possibility, and that's why I already feel that your story has conquered me.

I love the character Draco, and I believe in his redemption. And I also like Dramione, I think they'd be perfect for each other.
Analena chapter 59 . 11h
Glad you're back - at least Cedric is safe! :)
Rain-XIX chapter 59 . 20h
Oh man one of the very few good quality draco fics finally updated. Did christmas come early this year?
Pls continue updating
tanithlipsky chapter 59 . 21h
slowest chapter 59 . 9/23
Loving this to bits!
Plumalchemyst chapter 59 . 9/23
Awesome chapter
bkerrmom1 chapter 58 . 9/1
I am looking forward to seeing what comes next !
bkerrmom1 chapter 20 . 8/30
Poor Severus, I guess the poor man just can't catch a break.
bkerrmom1 chapter 10 . 8/30
Bwaaahaaaahaaa I peed!
sierra.rhoades chapter 58 . 8/28
Just saw that this hasn't been updated since 2010...very depressing...while odds are low you will I beg of you to continue this story! It is so good and I love it!
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