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Noodlist chapter 1 . 4/3/2011
Math (GAG)



Terrian Training



Name: Joanne (Joe)

Age: 10

Gender: Girl

Personality: Very kind and supportive to her friends, and very shy. She can encourage anybody in anymeans, even if she accidentiqally Embarrasses them.

Appearance: 4'3, Brown/Black hair, with freckles. She has a vein on her neck in the shape of her middle name (Michelle, 'M')

Clothing: Short tunic, long orange pants and black sneakers.

Aspiration: Trainer


Ralts *Stays out at all times, evolves into Gallade eventually*

Moves: Psychic, and Pound.

Mary the Marrep * EVolves into Flaffy*

Moves: Spark and Discharge*

Future pokemon:

*Egg* Happiny,

Moves: Pound, Metremome,sweetkiss

Elite?: HECK NO!

Crush: Erin

Classes: See Above

Other: Erin is next-door-dorm

Same classes as Joe

Name: Erin Jones

Age: 10

gender: Boy

Personality: Very Bold and Brave, Joe's Protecter/BFF

Apperance: Messy Blonde hair, Dimple and big blue eyes (Dreamy Erin...)

Clothing: A Green t-shirt that sayd Sprite on it, jeans (Ocasionally Khakis)

Asperation: Trainer



Moves; Bite and scratch.


Moves: ?

June, Vaporeon *Stays out always*

Moves: Dive, Water Gun, Hydro pump, Surf

Future pokemon:

Gets an egg, hatches and gives itto Joe for valintine's day (Happiny)

Elite?; Sure, if you want.

Crush: Joe

Other: Eri's Joe's Beest Friend, Protector (Like, stays by her side with a sword for some reason) and Joe's boy Friend.
PowerToThePizza chapter 1 . 2/8/2011
Oh, forgot some details!

Linkin is an excellent cook who is also talented with medicine and healing.

Her clothes are light blue jeans, faded and torn, with huge rips at the knee. A purple sleeveless top, light grey jacket and scuffed red shoes. Linkin wears elastic bands to keep up her hair, and wears a dark grey belt loaded down with equipment.
PowerToThePizza chapter 4 . 2/8/2011
Name : Linkin

Age: 13

Gender : female

Pesonality : Usually hyper occasionally melancholy , always adventurous , Linkin is an optimistic , cheerful girl who is ready for anything . Always joking and ready with a comeback, Linkins sharp tongue has got her in trouble more

then once . She is brave, and

understands Pokemon better then

anyone. Pokemon almost instinctively like her, but she is quite antisocial to humans. Her best friends are her Pokemon. She loves to climb trees ,and hardly ever stays still. She is brash, bold and brave.

Appearance : Small and thin, with wild dark purple hair , Linkin has light brown skin and darker brown eyes . Linkin has a scar on her arm from an explosion, and a white smile usually on her face. She hardly ever brushes her hair, but she ties it up when fighting. She is only about five foot tall , but strong for her age and height, with a flexible body and lithe figure that comes from years of climbing trees and falling. Pretty in a wild kind of way, Linkin is hardly ever still .

Aspiration : Breeder and trainer

Pokemon :

Mightyena, level thirty five, male

Brave, loyal and protective to the extremes, Mightyena is a tough Pokemon who adores Linkin and would do anything for her. Walks beside her and won't go into a Pokeball. Her first ever Pokemon.

His moves are Bite, Shadow Ball, Quick Attack and Howl

Pichu, level twenty one, female

Cunning, sneaky and independent, Pichu plays tricks regularly, and usually hides in Linkin's hair. Refuses to evolve. Adores Linkin.

Her moves are thundershock, tackle, thunderwave and quick attack.

Future Pokemon : Starly and a Lapras, maybe?

Crush ?: Yeah, okay, but she doesn't talk or mingle with others much.


Math, which she hates

Science, which she hates

Cooking, which she exceels in

Archery, which she enjoys

Terrain training, which she loves

And either gymnastics or baby Pokemon care, I can't decide.

Other : Her parents were killed in an explosion, but she was saved by her Mightyena.
Holy Garlic chapter 1 . 1/19/2011
Name: Jamie Solen

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Personality: Sarcastic and ever-so-slightly patronising, he won't hesitate to lighten the mood, even in extremely serious situations.

Appearance: Black hair with brown streaks, not through choice though, blue eyes, and very thin.

Clothing: Baggy jeans, black jacket, red t-shirt.

Aspiration: Trainer.

Pokemon: Ariados-M




Future Pokemon: Pinsir-M


Elite: The bug type one? Please?

Crush: I don't mind.

Classes: Flying, Swimming, Terrain Training, Art, Archery, Music (Piano)

Other: Not much.
Lucifer's Nightmare chapter 4 . 12/18/2010
I can't figure out wether I was in there or not... Doesn't matter though, cuz this chapter was hilarious. Halfway through I almost broke the computer coz I was holding a cup of coffee. Anyways, nicee chapter and update soon.
iwastetimechasingcars chapter 1 . 12/14/2010
Ok. HELLO! Ok. My friend introduced me to this story and dhe ORDERED me to put an OC. So, yeah. I havta do this before she kills me. AKA DancingxPenguin

Name:Breaker Shadow


Gender: Male

Pesonality:Breaker is usually quiet and he likes to draw Abenki (his best friend) play with her Pokemon. He isn't emo, but people call him that. It doesn't bother him, but Abenki defends him for this. He can be a good friend once you get to know him.

Appearance:He has black scene-cut hair (that's why he's called emo) with the tips red. He has brown hair and ivory skin. 5'9"

Clothin: He usually wears dark colors and vans and Band shirts.

Aspiration: Trainer


Ampharos: M:

Lucario: M:

Flygon: M:

Glaceon: F:

Future Pokemon: Dragonite: M:

Milotic: F:


Crush?: Abenki Blue (I'm forced to do this. Even though tis is more problems for you. Sorry)

Classes: Math, Art, Science, Terrain Training, Swimming, and Archery

Other: I'm so sorry. I have a hotdog pointed as my head. SO i havta do this. Please let him be in the story so THE DANCIN PENGUIN will not bite me
sierrap123 chapter 3 . 12/12/2010
The elites seem super tough!
sierrap123 chapter 2 . 12/12/2010
you're a really good writer!
sierrap123 chapter 1 . 12/6/2010
Name: Erin Oak

Age: 15

Gender: female

Pesonality: Erin loves to put people into couples. She gets

distracted easily and is very dense. She is very pretty and has lots of fanboys, but really doesn't know they exist. Erin loves pulling pranks and is almost never caught. The girl is obsessed with sweets and will literally go out of her way to get a pie of cake. She loves to bake, but can't cook to save her life and is very smart (though you wouldn'tbe able to tell if you hadn't seen her grades).

Appearance: Shoulder length (wavy) brown hair; Brown eyes with contacts but her actual color is aquamarine; very petit and people always mistake her for being twelve

Clothing: white short shorts; brown baby doll dress with light brown polka dots and a sash at her waist that goes to her feet; black uggs; light blue ribbon (like the vocaloid Rin's) with white polka dots; long white gloves to cover up scars

Aspiration: trainer/ coordnator

Pokemon: Plusle(F) *never goes into pokeball*- volt tackle, thunder, wild bolt, iron tail, quick attack, last resort

Luxray(M)- charge beam, crunch, scary face, thunder fang, giga impact

Flaffy(F)- thunder, discharge, brick break, signal beam, toxic

Gallade(M)- thunder punch, protect, close combat, dark pulse

Elite?: Yes! I shall PM you!

Crush?: Alex

Classes: Music (flute), Math, Gymnastics, Science, Art, Swimming

Other: Erin was kidnapped as a child, which is the reason she has scars on her arms. Erin's parents are Green and Blue, Green tricked Erin into taking the Elite challenge so she doesn't even really know what it is. She was also tramatized by her kidnapping and can't fight water pokemon.


Name: Alex Verde

Age: 16

Gender: male

Pesonality: Alex s very calm and getlemen like, though he doesn't really like the company of other boys. He is a real flirt and likes to play around with girls' minds but only does it to people he knows well. Alex is really charming and cute so he has alot of fangirls and was forced into becoming a model so he is recognized alot. He is really good at cooking and was born into a rich family though he doesn't want anyone to know. Alex is always the top of his class and is very competative, he will go out of his way to be the best but sucks at breeding.

Appearance: Messy blonde hair; sharp hazel eyes; he has always been teased for looking like a girl

Clothing: Black skinny jeans, red shirt that's mostly covered up by a white hoodie, black vans, crystal necklace

Aspiration: trainer

Pokemon: Alakazam(M)- focus blast, giga impact, embargo, dream eater

Grdevoir(F)- future sight, hyper beam, grass knot, hidden power

Espeon(F)- confusion, last resort, psychic, dig, psycho shock

Spoink(M)- zen headbutt, dream eater, energy ball, hyper beam, calm mind

Elite?: yep :)

Crush?: Erin

Classes: Music (clarinet), Math, Archery, Science, Flying, Art

Other: Alex and Erin are childhood friends but they don't know it since Erin was kidnapped.
tealcloud chapter 4 . 12/5/2010
Awesome chapter. And ooh~! I can't wait to see what happens with the crushes O~! Hope you update soon~ _
Crowsister chapter 4 . 12/5/2010
Mysteria's written perfectly. _ Thanks. And I think there are reasons your persona can change attitudes and moods so quickly...I just can't think of any.
Survivor Girl chapter 1 . 12/5/2010
Name: Maxine "Max" Hale

Age: 16

Gender: female

Pesonality: Max hides in her work. This is a common thing said about her. If you asked Max, she'd simply explain that she likes to film things. It's her passion, the one thing(other than training pokemon) that she wants to do with her life. That's a lie. Max realized early on that if you're constantly behind a camera, it's easier to detach from everything going on around you. This information has stuck with her, and she still uses it. That doesn't mean Max doesn't like filming. She really does, she wants to get if not famous, then recognized because of it. She does not keep in contact with her family as much as they wish. When they invite her home for holidays, she usually does not go. She is an aunt, but she has never met her nephews or nieces. She is the ex-girlfriend of Hiro Nakamura. He cheated on her, but she put up with it because she loved him. Then came the faithful day when he dumped her for a man. Max now has no one when it comes to love, and she finds she's okay with that. Max considers her friends her family. They are the only people she would even consider opening up too. If you asked her if she thought she was a good friend, she would say no. She thinks she's been a horrible friend to her friends. There's so much stuff happening around her, that Max is totally freaked out about the future. When she was young Max's best friends were killed in a car accident and since then she's been scared to get too close to anyone. She uses sarcasm and often cracks jokes as a sort of barrier.

Appearance: She has long curly dirty blond hair with bangs that usually fall in her eyes. She's short, skinny, and pale with unnerving icy blue eyes.

Clothing: Um...she has a pair of wire-rimmed glasses. She wears a pair of baggy dark green cargo pants, a pair of black converse, and a long sleeve purple shirt(the sleeves are too long, and she often has to push the sleeves up.) She also always has her tattered camera bag with her, a decorates it with her gym badges. It contain her camera, that she has affectionately dubbed the Max-cam, and would protect it just as much as her pokemon.

Aspiration: trainer


1.) Jolteon

Gender: Female

Nickname: Cassie

Attacks: Thunder, Pin Missle, Thunder Fang, and Shadow Ball

Personality: Since Max is constantly being bullied, Cassie is always at her side, protecting her. She's very loyal to Max and would never let her do anything alone. Always out of her pokeball


Pokemon: Cubone

Gender: Male

Nickname: Skull

Attacks: Bone rush, Bone Club, Bonemerang, and Thrash

Personality: Skull is very childish and when he doesn't get his way will often throw a temper-tantrum.


Pokemon: Azurill

Gender: Female

Nickname: Dot

Attacks: Splash, Bubble, and Water Gun

Personality: Dot loves to play and is very affectionate towards Max. Will often come out of her pokeball just to play, though this is usually in the worst times. Her feelings are usually hurt and she will often go off and cry.


Pokemon: Pidgeotto

Gender: Male

Nickname: Tobias

Attacks: Air Slash, Wing Attack, Twister, and Tailwind

Personality: Easily angered and quick to attack, this is one pokemon that you don't want to make angry. He will attack anything if it means protecting Max and his pride.

Future Pokemon:

Pokemon: Shuppet

Gender: Female

Nickname: Iris

Attacks: Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp, Curse, and Sucker Punch

Personality: A trickster. She will play pranks on anyone, except maybe Max. Loves to play with Dot.

Pokemon: Growlithe

Gender: Male

Nickname: Caleb

Attacks: Flare Blitz, Flame Wheel, Fire Fang, and Heat Wave

Personality: Acts like the puppy he is(I'd like her to receive an egg) but he is still incredibly loyal to Max. Often follows Cassie around, trying to learn from her.

Elite?:nope, I'm good

Crush?: sure...I just don't know who





Music- Guitar


Terrain training


Other: uh...nope
James95 chapter 4 . 12/5/2010
This was very good but can I please see more of my OCs? I'm sorry. I must sound like a spoilt child. I feel like such an idiot.
insxne chapter 4 . 12/5/2010
he he, that was random and funny, making it awesome!
SkyMistle214 chapter 4 . 12/5/2010
woah this was hilarious, i love the whole thing about the caffeine and the hyperness. I also liked how there are so many different personalities in this story so far. Great job, and I can't wait for the next update, and I'm sure you'll make it a good one! :D
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