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lalilula chapter 18 . 3/20/2012
Klaus has loved Sebastian since he first saw him? but, isn't it Sabrina? and why would he dated Cynthia if he loved Sabrina/Sebastian?

and don't worry, you still have readers, me included, it's just, I can't promise I'll review every chapter.. (
Lil Enchantress chapter 16 . 3/14/2012
Gaaaah! You have me so torn in this fanfiction. Because I love love love love love Luciano (I don't think I added enough loves)... and his and Sebastian's kiss was so cuuuute. It has me torn because obviously (from all of my previous reviews) I'm rooting for Klaus/Sebastian in this story. It's just difficult for me right now because my Luciano fangirl spasms are getting in the way. But to keep things straight, I'm not supporting Luciano/Sebastian. I just had a tiny relapse of LucianoissocuteIlovehim. XD

Poor Klaus. I want to sit in his shower and hug him too. Wait, what? XD

I missed Michael in these chapters. :I And I forgot the event days, will he get to talk to Sebastian again soon? XD

Is it bad that I'm looking forward day 17 since you mentioned an M rating? XD Lol... I'm just curious... curious! Lol.

By the way, I will always be a fan of this story. Always and forever. :D You can't lose me even if you wanted too! XD

Lil Enchantress
lalilula chapter 16 . 3/14/2012
first of all, I'm not mad at you for explaining things, so, don't worry

so Sebastian will keep his and Luciano's interaction as secret? and it's kinda awkward for me to imagining them doing a conversation while naked and under the shower, but it's ok.

I'll be waiting for the next chaptered )
Lil Enchantress chapter 14 . 1/20/2012
Gah! So cuteee! Klaus and Sebastian are just too much for me. I love them. :) And so is Keifer at the very end. I never got to play him on my game, but I just love his character.

And... and I know that this is supposed to somewhat slow moving because the game has like, was it 30 days? Or 20? Lol, I can't remember. Anyway, I know it's moving a little slower because of the days limit thing, but augh! Sometimes I wish everything were crystal and perfect in Klaus and Sebastian's relationship. Cynthia puts a bunker in that all the time. Gwah. I like happy endings too much and want them to come quicker, lol. I digress though, take your time to make it a good story. :) I'm still following every chapter even if I can't remember if I've reviewed them all. I'm such an air head, pardon my rudeness.

Lil Enchantress
lalilula chapter 14 . 1/19/2012
did Cynthia has to be mad like that? they're only late.. and Sebastian's reaction to Klaus and Cynthia's argument is amusing,
Lil Enchantress chapter 11 . 12/12/2011
Oh, I almost forgot... Happy Birthday! :D
Lil Enchantress chapter 12 . 12/12/2011
Aw! I left two chapters unreviewed. I actually don't remember not reviewing chapter 10, but I know I had chapter 11 saved somewhere so I could leave a super review. It was my favorite chapter ever! XD And not for just the obvious reasons (like Klaus kissing Sebastian, which was ADORABLE), but also because there was more of Vince's long-winded rambling! I love that about him in your fanfiction so much. :D As for that part with Michael you left out of chapter 10, you made me blush. XD Too bad you couldn't properly fit it in. But it /was/ a bit bold. XD

And last but not least, chapter 12! So I can certainly see where you're coming from, trying to get people to like Cynthia again. And in a way it almost worked. I definitely like her a little more after reading this. But I still won't forgive her. All this cheating is bad. And I know she's just a fictional character that you're writing for a story, lol. But still. She needs to learn her lesson. XD And Sebastian is way too easy to forgive. Though I suppose he /is/ a male teenager. Oh well.

I certainly can't wait to see more! I love this story. :)

Lil Enchantress
lalilula chapter 11 . 12/6/2011
Sebastian is definitely better with Klaus than Cynthia. and I kinda miss Caesar. XD
lalilula chapter 10 . 12/5/2011
I think I don't really like Cynthia. she's so... unfaithful? and to think that Sebastian liked her..

by the way, it's a pity that you skip Michael and Vincent's part. and I think you wrote Vincent's name as Michael. at this part "Michael didn't seem to mind, and ran off, peeking in his hand at the fly every now and then and occasionally running into a pole in the process.".

happy belated birthday.
lalilula chapter 9 . 10/31/2011
I like Sebastian's character D

and.. could you write more MichaelXVince?
himasama chapter 9 . 10/20/2011
-jawdrop- C-Cynthia.. You MANizer!

Oliveee! Come out from wherever you are..! Save Sebastian and purify himm...!#WTFH

Love it so far~ theyre great! Good job db
Lil Enchantress chapter 9 . 10/19/2011
Cynthia is indeed a whore. And Klaus is so understanding! Or... maybe too understanding. I wouldn't be able to handle someone cheating on me like that. Gr! Klaus doesn't deserve that at all. But yay, cute Klaus and Sebastian hug! :D

Isabel wants to know about Micheal and Vince. XD Haha! I can see her talking with Vince about it and him not having a clue anything is wrong. XD

Anyway... hmmm... Sebastian needs just stop going back to Cynthia. I mean, it's pretty obvious by now she's going to jump him every time they're alone. X'D Poor poor Sebastian. Even if he liked Cynthia at first, I swear I'd give him a huge kick in the rear (like Kip mentioned near the beginning, lol) if I were in their world. Hmph.

So the plot thickens! I still love this a lot, you really have no idea! I sincerely love this. :)

Lil Enchantress
Lil Enchantress chapter 8 . 10/17/2011
Eek! No you didn't just leave me at a cliffhanger! :O

Psh, well if I'm hanging here anyway I may as well review. ;) I think your nonstop talking Vince is the cutest thing ever! I don't even know why because normally I find those people annoying. But with Vince I just want to ruffle his hair and take him home with me. XD And oh... poor poor Vince. He has no idea how much Michael takes advantage of him. Agh, but that's cute too! -blush frenzy-

I am... severely concerned about Cynthia right now. Oh dear, anything could happen! Somehow I can see Klaus being completely oblivious to a situation like that... but hm. You are a talented writer that always writes things with twists and turns I don't expect. So I look forward to the next chapter!

Have fun playing Sims! :D Please don't forget about us in the meantime. :)

Lil Enchantress
himasama chapter 7 . 10/15/2011
Yo! Why apologize? I love these chapters! They're awesome i tell you xD and it's getting longer...YES!

Oh and..i just noticed..Kip's a GU-MALE?

He..uh..she..they..hngh..IT IS?

Dude Vince's ramblings are..epic...SO EPIC.. ...that i started banging my head on the ta- #shot

Joking, joking. hahah

But yeah i love your chapters lately :D great job! Update kay!
Lil Enchantress chapter 7 . 10/13/2011
I LOVE Vince's rambling. XD Sooo much. I think it's incredible how he never stayed on one specific topic for more than like... two sentences. I sort of feel like I need a nap after all that, lol. It was adorable though. And... oh Vince. He's so innocent. Micheal's going to rape him, I think. And Vince still won't know what happened.

I must say that Cesar is my least favorite prince in the game and also in this fiction. I mean, don't get me wrong, you write him wonderfully and he's funny, but I'd be horrified to see him in person. Course maybe it's a personal reason. Oh well!

So... anyway. I think what I learned from this chapter is that I want to see a Micheal/Vince fanfiction. X'D I was so thinking that at some point in the game, but this totally confirmed it for me.

I can't wait to see more of this fanfiction! I mean it, it's so wonderfully awesome fabulous. I can't get enough of it. :)

Lil Enchantress
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