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Bookworm Gal chapter 48 . 9/19/2014
While it is certainly a long wait between updates, this story is still intriguing and entertaining. Very nice work.
Great chapter 48 . 9/9/2014
The highlight of this chapter is Davis getting brainwashed, but since the enemy had trouble modifying his memory, it should be easier forma it to come undone. But when will this happen, I dont know. The problem is Ryo since he embraced that change. Oh well, Looking forward to more!
AntauriFangirl13 chapter 48 . 9/8/2014
I was just reading the reviews and some excellent points were made. I don't think Ryo would get Intuitive Experience because it does seem more like Takato because if I'm reading you right it does belong to him and if Ryo and Davis begin attacking Joe and Takato and they are about to lose the stone will react to Takato and him and Guilmon will digivolve. Also if I'm reading you right about the other stones then I think that Koji and Koichi will get some of them because Light and Darkness are needed for there to be balance or harmony. I really hope that Joe and Takato will be alright because I don't think Joe and Takato are close enough to Davis and Ryo, that would take Rika, Ken, and maybe Tai. And don't Ryo and Davis find it odd that the majority of the Digital World believe in the Four Digimon Lords of the region than the Zaigou as the good guys or is their brainwashing that powerful. Oh well then til you update next see you then. Bye!
KingPhoenix666 chapter 48 . 9/5/2014
Read your story and LOVED it!

I only have one question and it is purely out of curiosity, but do you have any plans to include your purified versions of the warriors of Steel, Water, Earth and Wood?
Guest chapter 46 . 9/2/2014
I really have to say that I am extremely happy that you updated. I admit that I kinda forgot about this story until I found it again a little while ago.
NOOO! RYO WHY WHY WHY! Ryo survived so much in the Digital World, he can't die now! Well, maybe he'll get Zeed-Millennium as his partner now that is going to be evil?
Anyways, I really liked the way you addressed every character here and the way that they are all scattered. It is kinda reminiscent to Adventure 01 when everyone was separated in File Island. Great story!
Terriermon3908 chapter 15 . 9/2/2014
Okay, Leomon's aIiveForget what I said about, Surfmon, but please include him! I really loved the idea of you taking my suggestion. Surfmon rocks and would appreciate it.
Lotsa love, momentai, bye,
Terriermon3908 also,known as Fanficlover399.
Terriermon3908 chapter 13 . 9/2/2014
Waaaaaaaaah! So bitter sweet! I hate you for making Takya dye. I hate you, i hate you, i hate you. Momentai, what a sappy chapter. So hard on Koji. My pillow's wet from crying! Momentai! I mean, waaaaaaah!
Terriermon3908 chapter 11 . 9/2/2014
I came up with the most brilliant idea!
Jeri could be destined to get a new partner!
My own creation, Surfmon.
Looks like a regular muscular built surfer with blond hair and a blue green surfboard. Except the fact he has dragon shaped ears, short fangs and a long dragon tail. His main attacks are Riptide, Tidal Wave, and Undertoe. His personality is practiclly the same as Leomon's and he fits well with Jeri because of it. Sometimes he reminds her of Leomon so much she actuclly sees Leomon in his place before she blinks and sees its Surfmon. Surfmon used to be a human in the real world, but was somehow transported to the digital world and turned into a digimon. He acts more human like than most digimon, and sometimes if you look hard enough, you may see his form flicker and in his place see a young 14 year old boy, with blond hair and a swimsuit (boy kind) on, but in the blink of an eye, its Surfmon again. He does not know why he came to the digital world or was turned into a digimon, but he intends to find out he was destined for Jeri after all that time, during which Leomon died. Also, he will eventully turn into his human form again, but should problably return to Surfmon after while. Just to see his human form. So have fun with that. Momentai! Bye!
animegirl336 chapter 2 . 9/2/2014
Quick question about this chapter: Wouldn't Kazu know who Davis is because of the Digimon TV show, card game, and video game? Other than that, great!
Cherry003 chapter 48 . 8/24/2014
Hey :)
Just finished you fic, and I think its great!
Im really impressed how you manage to write so many different characters in one story.
And of course, your plot is very interessting as well, didn't think a fanfic could come so close to the real digimon series!
Please keep updating and writing, I'd really appreciate that :)
Apollomon x Stingmon chapter 48 . 8/21/2014
Poor Ryo and Davis. Ken will not be happy that Ryo will not remember him. Hope Davis doesn't forget Davis that would be bad. Love the story.
Hinata1412 chapter 48 . 8/17/2014
This chapter is the greatest one to date! In my opinion at least! But that might be because I'm a Davis fan and Seeing Davis like this is making me tremble with excitement and anticipation regarding what is to come. Speaking of Davis who will be his partner? We have TK with Koichi , and Takuya and Tai. I don't think it will be Ken again. At first I thought it might be Ryo but now I'm not so sure. Ryo and Ken seem more suitable. But to tell you the truth I kind of want Koji and Davis to be partners and yes I know that they have nothing in common and they rarely interacted and Koji would probably be paired it Matt or Kari since they share the same attribute. Maybe not Kari since she seems to bond with Rika... But those seem a little too obvious... But I guess some can be easily guessed. Maybe I'm correct or maybe I'm wrong. Whatever it is I hope to see you update as soon as you finish catching up Parent Worries to this.
Zewel von Lelek chapter 48 . 8/17/2014
Wow, I finally had time to read all the new chapters of UGotD, PW and Drowning Memories, and, well, I like them as much as the older chapters. I like them a lot. Damn, they're awesome :) Which reminds me, I still owe you an UGotD fanart, don't I? :D

Now, because this is UGotD, let's talk only about the new chapter of UGotD... :)
Really nice, really neat, I especially liked Ai's and Mako's reaction to Impmon's digivolution and Joe's and Takato's struggle for escape, and I also like that you're getting the Team back together.
Only thing that bothers me slightly is that I was expecting Ryo's fate a bit... darker. Not that I don't like the way you worked it out (the memory alteration is really potent "plot device" when handled correctly, and judging from earlier chapters, you know what you're doing), but in Scattered (Ch. 46), Ryo seemed to be undergoing far darker and more dangerous transformation than memory alteration might be, so dark that Koichi was able to sense it (Koichi even said "Ryo is dead", at least from a certain point of view), and AFAIK Koichi didn't even react to Davis' memory being altered. And Kushyamon was able to turn Mai into Zaigou to turn her against her former friends. There still are two places for Zaigou empty (Lust and Sloth), and though I wasn't expecting Ryo to become full-fledged Zaigou (it appears that Kushyamon won't make the same mistake twice, so he won't give Ryo the amount of power that true Zaigou has), there was some kind of expectation that the bad guys will alter his personality and maybe abilities significantly, shifting them more to darkness, especially when they find him easy to alter. His digimon partner, Monodramon, fused with Milleniummon AFAIK, so they might have desired to use that power for themselves, like they wanted to use Lucemon in Takuya.
But I might not see the whole picture, and who knows, there might be something shadowy behind the scenes (implied by what Koichi has sensed) that you're planning and we readers aren't supposed to know about it yet. And you handled the part with Daisuke/Davis brilliantly, especially his miraculous resistance to not-subtle type of "jedi mind-trick". :)

And is it just me, or Zaigou made a mistake with that Harmony Stone of Intuitive Experience? Even Garbamon shows his doubt about Ryo being that intuitive, and when re-watching Tamers, I have the same doubt. Ryo had the most experience, but everything about him revolved around that experience. The intuitiveness was something more akin to Takato than to Ryo. I wonder what you have hidden in sleeves this time :)

Looking forward to the next chapter (and to PW chapters)... :)
Best regards,
Zewel von Lelek

P.S. And I also hope for getting Kari and T.K. back together, as well as many other pairs... :D (sorry, I'm just too much Takari, Sorato, Kenyako, JeriTakato and Ryuki fan :D And I also wish Tai and Mai good luck :D ;) )
xxxNam-niCxxx chapter 48 . 8/15/2014
This chapter was so awesome! It sucks that we have to wait a whole another year for the next update but I understand wanting to catch up with your other stories too!

Anyways I love how everyone is slowly gathering together in small different groups! Though it sucks so badly on what is happening to Ryo and Davis! And their Digimon! But now that Joe and Takato are in the same place as them, things are going to be very interesting g! I sure hope that something big happens between them awns that it would give a chance to show how great a leader Takato is! (Since he is the only one of the leaders to have nothing too crazy happen to him yet!)

Anyways the part with the Harmony stones, I think I know which stone belongs to who! But this is only a guess of course. Since Ryo's is supposedly Intuitive, I think the rest would these:
Compassion is Jeri, Ambition is Rika, Logic is so Henry, Perception is Takato, Passion I think is Susie, Caution sounds like Kenta, Empathy is possibly Ai, Vigilance is Kazu and lastly Trust is I would say Mako.

But those are my guesses and I won't know until this updates. But I hope I got most of them right!

But anyways great chapter! I'm so obsessed with this story and so I cannot wait until the next update! Hopefully it won't be in a year, but even if it is I still cannot wait!
Fired Feathers of a Pheonix chapter 48 . 8/15/2014


webrbrgefwg24okgudtfenglfheghd I didn't even know you updated until now! Go me, fourteen days later. I just happened to look on my favorites, and there it was. Just shining like a magical chip that I had overlooked. It was about four in the morning when I saw it, and I shouted, "OH MY GOD WHAT" and almost woke up the fam. I don't care, I'm too ecstatic. Took me a while to read because I had to re-read the last three chapters to remember what was going on, and NOW I KNOW.

Dang, it feels like forever. Okay. Where did I leave off? Oh, yeah. RYO AND DAVIS WHAAAAAT. I can't believe that Garbamon and Neta-something-mon managed to brainwash Davis. I was expecting Davis to escape and then come back and save Ryo, and it didn't happen and now they're going to kill Joe and Takato! Oh gosh. I forgot how over-worked I get about this fic. It's only this fic, need I assure you.

I am looking forward to Matt and Kouichi. I hope they get along at some point, or at least have a good screaming match over it. I have honestly forgotten a lot about Takuya, such as abilities and how he even came back to life. I'll have to re-read all of that again, but I don't know if I can re-read his death. That was just terrible. The same with SilverEmbermon. I really have to remember who he is, because he's not ringing any bells. I'll assume he was bad but is now good.

I like how Kouji and Kari work together. It's actually really cute seeing them interact. I kind of ship them, haha. Wonder how TK and Davis would take that - OH nope Davis would be just fine with it, seeing as how he's all messed up now.

God I love this story.

In any case, thank you so much for writing this! I had honestly thought you had given up on it, but it's good to see you're still at it, even if it's on hiatus. I can't wait for next year's addition :)

Your fan,
Fired Feathers of a Phoenix
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