Reviews for A Second Chance
M.S.Carol chapter 32 . 12h
a little sad tone of an ending but the good part is that she's with her mate and they will eventually have some type of relationship.

There's a lot to heal from and I hope Edward learns from his mistakes as well as Alice and the others.
M.S.Carol chapter 31 . 12h
that is always something I questioned...she had bled so much and Jasper had been fine but one drop of blood and he had gone into a blood lust rage.
M.S.Carol chapter 30 . 12h
oh boy. here we go.
I mean i know that in our minds she has moved on.

But for Edward he still "loves" her so I am sure he's going through quite some right now.
M.S.Carol chapter 29 . 12h
finally the shfit...full acceptance of being his mate.(sigh)
M.S.Carol chapter 28 . 12h
i'm glad she's going through all this...this needs to be cleared up before she can move forward.
M.S.Carol chapter 27 . 12h
This is a great chapter. Love how her newborn state has taken over.
M.S.Carol chapter 26 . 12h
that was awesome. I am so glad that all the emotions came to the forefront it was needed. She needed to let this all out.
Go Jasper, go for her.
M.S.Carol chapter 25 . 12h
darn. i was hoping she would be killed. but hey it makes sense.
M.S.Carol chapter 21 . 13h
okay. now i'm scared. I'm worried for jasper
M.S.Carol chapter 20 . 13h
holy crap. he's coming back.
M.S.Carol chapter 18 . 13h
that was unexpected how the words hurt.
M.S.Carol chapter 17 . 14h
sighs and smiles after reading this chapter

this was pretty darn good. Curious as to what is holding Bella back. Is it her newborn state or is there something still forEdward.
M.S.Carol chapter 14 . 14h
i think they felt repentance for a long time. And I think her time with Jasper has helped her come to terms with a lot of things.
For me I just want Jasper to tell her that he is no longer with Alice.
M.S.Carol chapter 12 . 15h
I love what you've done with this story so far. The way she has come into her own and really is experiencing being a newborn...
LittleMeowMoo chapter 32 . 7/8
Interesting. Quite an enjoyable story.
I like how you portrayed Edward and the birthday scene. Nice to see that Carlisle, Esme and Alice won't be so easily trusted again.
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