Reviews for Enchanted Beginnings
KNightsEtDragons chapter 27 . 10/21
First time I read this I binged HARD. I still come back to this story to read it. You are a great writer and a great story developer. Soon I got access to my account again I need to write some for this story.

The intimate moment were tasteful and were not overbearing in the story. I still can come back for the actual story which is heartwarming and still has those crazy Skip Beat moments. Completing how it might be like during their engagement. Thanks for a great story.
Marian Mar chapter 27 . 3/8
Jajaja si sería demasiado
Me gusto mucho la historia en si, la pedida de mano, los preparativos de la bosa, las despedida de solteros jajajaja, y por último la maravillosa boda de estos personajes.
La noche de boda jajaja casi semla pierden de lo cansados que eataban, pero me gustó mucho
valie france chapter 27 . 7/30/2018
Alitablake , tu es FANTASTIQUE . J'ai pleuré , j'ai ris , j'ai eu des frissons ; quelle MAGIQUE , MAGNIFIQUE , DIVINE histoire ! ! ! Tu serais en face de moi , je te ferai un méga câlin en signe de respect , de gratitude . Mes larmes coulent pendant que j'écris ces lignes , je suis tant rempli de bonheur , de joie . Comment te dire avec de simples mots tout ce que mon coeur ressent en cet instant et pendant toute la durée de ma lecture. REN & KYOKO méritaient cette histoire si bien écrite avec ces détails . Tu as fait de KYOKO une sacré coquine , c'est génial et REN fidèle à son image , J'AI ADORE. N'oublions pas KANAE & YASHIRO : MERCI pour eux , de les rendre heureux : )
Je m'incline devant toi , tu le mérites amplement. je ne sais pas si tu liras mon commentaire mais de tout coeur MERCI . Après avoir vu l'anime , lu les mangas ( en FRANCE nous en sommes au 40 tome ) Je trouve que cela traîne trop , je me suis mise à lire les fanfictions ; plusieurs sont superbes mais la tienne est WOUHAOU .
Railway Station chapter 5 . 6/9/2018
Imho Kyoko's ring, if left to her on her own to choose, would be so fairy tale gaudy! (because Ren will indulge her for that kind of thing) it's only the money and keeping Ren reined in that she would pick something nice and simple that she could wear in everyday life.
Michiyo chapter 4 . 8/30/2017
One of the sweetest and most beautiful proposals ever!
Naeko chapter 27 . 3/23/2017
J ai dorer merci pour cette belle Histoire!
Triste que se soit déjà terminer !
Undertheskys chapter 27 . 1/16/2017
Wow Amazing story. I love all your stories and I plan to read most of them when I get the time and chance
CrazynSane chapter 27 . 12/7/2016
can't blame us for hoping...for someone who can't wrte about that much sex, you did an awesome job with this one ; )
Lin-Dragon-Dreyer chapter 20 . 7/28/2016
love the little crossover you did there! MORI-SENPAI!
Quathra chapter 27 . 7/19/2016
First of all, it is 3 in the morning where I am and I have to be awake and getting ready for the day in 3 hours... at 6 in the morning... DESPITE THIS I JUST HAD TO FINISH THIS STORY! I AB SO LUTE LY LOOOOOOOOVEEEE EVERYTHING YOU WROTE! If it was earlier in the day and if I wasn't so sleep deprived, I would write a book of my own, only filled with praise for this sweet, lovely, funny, cute, fluffy, and absolutely fantastic story! Please know that I loved every bit of it, and that you should continue to stretch your writing capability in order to fill the world with the pleasantness that is your writing!
kandykurl07 chapter 4 . 7/12/2016
This was the best proposal idea ever! I cried along with Kyoko (happy tears), love how you came up with it and all the effort you put into making it EXACTLY how I would picture Ren doing it. Best ever!
frenchfrenchkiss chapter 27 . 6/14/2016
Wow, the sex dude... So intense and amazing and wow. Get it Kyoko! And the fact that he couldn't stop and it kept going and going ~ Jesus, I was literally breathless like I had to reread some of that good ass smut like yes you slayed my whole life with this story. Thank you times a million! You almost ruined me for SKIPBEAT fanfiction because I don't want to read a story where Kyoko and Kuon aren't already in a happy lovey dovey relationship and in love and happy and cute and adorable and wahhhh~~ but I did say almost because nothing could keep me away from more stories about these two. Thanks again this was a complete JOY to read.
frenchfrenchkiss chapter 26 . 6/14/2016
FUCKKKK LITERALLY CRYING. the fucking buildup to this moment thooooo like I was actually celebrating with them, waiting for this moment like wow the immersion I'm dead, seriously. Also THAT PLOT SURPRISE LIKE SHO DOING THAT?! WHAT?! I ACTUALLY SQUEALED I DIDNT SEE THAT COMING AND IT MADE ME BEAM WITH HAPPINESS BECUASE IT WAS JUST REALLY PERFECt TO HAVE HIM DO THAT LIKE STILL CRYING! OK seriously though whoa have to take a breathe... Shit, man this chapter really really made me tear up God the beauty of their love you just captured it perfectly and honestly every chapter before this just built this moment up perfectly and so reading this chapter was like my heart finally burst after being filled up with adorable moments and sexy moments and like the planning wow really this was so good and so good and sooooo good. I can't even stop typing like really I read so much fanfiction but THIS? WTF TOP 8 LIKE DAMN LIKE DAMN LIKE geez really great, amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this. Truly, I'm truly appreciative.
frenchfrenchkiss chapter 25 . 6/14/2016
What a fun chapter, and so hot too! That stripping scene had me jealous AF! FUCKKKKK WHAT IT WAS SO GOOD. Also, you've made me love Kuon even more because how much sweeter can he really be GOD DAMN! Ugh you're a champion at this writing thing because I almost forgot that this isnt canon! WAHHHH BUT LETS BE HONEST THEY WOULD SO BE ALL LOVEY DOVEY LIKE THIS (cries)
frenchfrenchkiss chapter 24 . 6/14/2016
I loved seeing this! I didn't anticipate you doing a Kuon POV for some reason but getting to see his reactions to Kyoko's phone call made my night! SOO cute I love this story so much and I'm sad that I'm just about to finish itttttttt ~ :((((
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