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ItY'girl chapter 30 . 11/26
I simply adore this story! Their relationship progressed so wonderfully and you tease us sooooo much with that steamy kiss only to have them misunderstand it! Ah it kills me! I hope you update soon and keep this wonderful story going!
evergreengalaxy chapter 30 . 11/24
Thank you SO MUCH for writing this. It's a truly amazing story and I'm honestly surprised you aren't actually a writer...secret talent much?! Holy moly. You got serious talent!
I know first hand how hard it is to find time to work on hobbies and passions with how crazy and hectic life is these days I hope you are well and that life is treating you good first and foremost.
Also selfishly hoping that this story will maybe one day be completed because it's just So. Epic. I just got so super absorbed in it. Such amazing work.
Thank you for sharing your kick ass talent with us! Hoping to one day experience more of it. And maybe when I find time in my crazy life I'll work on some fan art for this story! Take care xo
Guest chapter 30 . 11/24
Such an amazing story! Your writing is so wonderful. It would be a dream come true to see an ending to this epic tale...maybe one day. xo
kisasaku4 life chapter 30 . 10/13
Why has this not been updated since 2014 omf im so sad rn lmaooo
silmaril chapter 30 . 9/17
Hey there :)
A long time ago, waaaay before I found the guts to write reviews and understand how this could be really important for the author (I thought -and kinda still do- I was just some random reviewer whose words you probably weren't gonna read) , I began reading this fic. I don't think it was even til chapter 15 then, and after I never found it again. I felt it was so interesting for someone to write kisasaku, I'd never imagined it before! I confess it bothered me in the beginning the way you depicted Sakura because she wasn't the freaking awesome girl I love from shippuuden; she seemed to be more stuck in her super insecure stage when she was genin, and I've always had a problem with fics that still showed her so hung up on Sasuke because that frustrated me sooooo much in canon (stil makes fume). But even so I kept reading because I was really enjoying it.
ANYWAYS, I now am a big fan of kisasaku, found your fic again and had so much fun reading it! Especially the later chapters, with Kisame finally letting go and being a little freer with his actions and feelings for Sakura. It's really cool to see this renowned killer showing he is still human and coming to terms with feelings he didn't even know he was capable of! And also seeing Sakura defying all that she knows as a good konoha shinobi, being labeled a missing nin, hurting naruto, tsunade and everybody else because she did what needed to be done... it was refreshing !
I enjoyed reading all the angst, although I really want to hit the both of them now since that incredible chapter 29 and how bad they are at communicating their wants and feelings for each other... geez!
...So here I am, completely absorbed in your fic, so certain that it was a finished one, and then I got here at the end and noticed the last update was 3 years ago xD lol!
Why, god?! Hahaha
I think there's a big chance this fic won't be completed because of course you have a life and maybe aren't even into naruto anymore, but I just wanted to take the time to say how much I enjoyed this story and how much I craved to read just another chapter everyday this past week. I loved it and would be thrilled to keep reading your fic. Still, Thanks for writing and sharing with us either way! Cheers!
Rallen.Blint chapter 30 . 8/24
Oh dear god I know it's been years but PLEASE, PLEASE UPDATE THIS.
LyalTeamKisame chapter 30 . 7/15
Yo yo yo, Hey (sorry if I spelled your name wrong). Please even though it's been approximately 2 yrs going on 3 please please please finish the story I've been wondering around on every website to get my hands on a good KisameSakura story. Your story is bomb, There's not a lot of good KS stories and writes very seldmonly decide to write that paring. I was just wondering if I could give you the strength and inspiration needed to countiune the story. And if you can I was wondering if you could throw a little KS pregnancy in there *dramtically sighs* a girl can only wish but thanks for reading my comment when you have the chance.

p.s- If you can't I'll totally understand *cries dramtically*
Guest chapter 30 . 7/1
Rip fic. I still keep checking in on it tho lol
jedimasterjosephine chapter 30 . 4/25
This story is great and I am excited to see where it goes
Guest chapter 25 . 4/4
I'm sorry I'm sorry but I just can't anymore. I was really enjoying this story and the relationship between Sakura and Kisame but omfg you made her so incredibly weak and pathetic during the exchange with Sasuke. She was literally like a useless blubbering schoolgirl and I highly doubt Kisame have allowed her to be so weak. I'm sorry but I just can't continue. The face palming and cringe were too much for me in this chapter./:
WhiteFang001 chapter 30 . 3/25
I really enjoyed this :) any plans on updating it? I would love to read more!
You write kisame and Sakura really well
yankey chapter 29 . 2/4
I've been following this story for years, it's one of my favorites, but because of how you work with the characters and although we had to wait almost twenty chapters for a kiss, it was worth the wait. This fic should receive more recognition but unfortunately this couple is not very popular (and I do not understand, this couple is a love, and I admit that before I did not like it so much but now it is different), can not beat SasuSaku (hatred) But hey, life is like that. I'm not sure if you write this story again, the commitments keep us all occupied and although I would love to not leave them fighting lovers, it's up to you if you come back. I wish you the best wherever you are. Thanks for write.
Guest chapter 30 . 1/22
For the love of God
Please. Contineu
Zhura chapter 1 . 1/15
Please... pleaseeeeeeee
update this fic :'(
It's been almost two years and I miss kisame
SimpleCompromise chapter 30 . 1/2
I hope you update one day! This was a wonderdul read!
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