Reviews for The OCCC Meetup Show
C. Holywell-Black chapter 1 . 11/16/2010
OC Name: Tally "Jacks" Darcy (hates her name, so is nicknamed Jacks)

Request: Light, L

Fanfic of Origin: (Fanfic upcoming)

Basic Bio: Lives with her brother, Dan, who is a big pain in the butt. She's supposed to be part French, and is studying it at college, but she's also working on martial arts and forensics (quite a mix). She's about 5'2" (cue jokes about her height) and she's usually a real guy-hater because she's expected by her dad and brother to end up being a housewife. Screw that. She never admits she's wrong, has a sharp tongue and is scared of spiders big time. Short, wavy brown hair, blue eyes, aged 18. Is very tactless.

Request for story (Optional): I don't mind... the fanfic is still in progress, and therefore has no fixed plotline. Friendship or not-so-instant attraction could end up hilarious.

Comment: I shall enjoy this fanfic, I think... I reckon you'll be able to spell and be imaginative! Enjoy the OC and let me see what you make of it.