Reviews for Sunrise
MusetteBlanchard chapter 17 . 5/17/2015
EternalBella, as you can see I'm pretty late to the party, I think by now all the booze is gone and there are no leftovers for me eh? LOL
A few days ago your story was recommended by another girl at one of the FB pages I frequent and I decided to give it a go and boy am I glad I did it!
I have a personal method - I call it The Muse Method - that I put to good use when I don't know the author: I read the first three or four chapters and then jump to the last two ones *yeah, sue me LOL*. If it catches my attention, I go back and read it all.
And girl, you certainly got my attention for the last four hours.
I am thoroughly confused as to why it doesn't have more reviews - did you pull it and then re-posted it and in the process lost all your comments? Or did you kill someone's cat? - yeah quoting Twiward *winks*
First, your view in the life of the Cullen family after BD2 is very creative.
Next, though you kept the characters cannon, you enhanced them and by doing so, you filled some gaps in Ms Meyer's story.
Your writing is almost flawless - and when I say 'almost' it's only because I'm not a native English speaker and by saying it I'm avoiding infringement of some grammar rules (I admit commas and I never went along).
*shakes head* for all it's worth, I'm now posting this review and I also mentioned you in some other pages and blogs to encourage people not only to read but also to review.
And only today someone else posted a link to Golden Wish and I don't think was the same girl so I considered this as a cosmic sign *winks*
Congratulations dear, keep on going, 'we have your back' *d'apr├Ęs TwiEric*
twilightink chapter 5 . 1/19/2011
Update soon! I need to know what happens!