Reviews for Destiny
Lyra chapter 31 . 4/19
Absolutely beautiful story! I couldn't stop reading. Each chapter was captivating and I love the twist in the end! Can't wait to read the sequel. Well done.
Guest chapter 5 . 4/18
Your writing styles is amazing.. I love how well your story flows.. It gripped me with emotions. I cried, at the scene where draco prayed!
Guest chapter 22 . 4/14
I’ve really enjoyed this fic. I’ve been reading it most of the day and am still only on chapter 22, I look forward to the end. The relationships are beautiful and you have a gift for compelling dialogue. There’s just two things I don’t like: (1) As a previous reader stated, it seems really OOC for Hermione to do no research into her issue. (2) Where is the magic? They only seem to do magic at work. I get that they are embracing muggle stuff too, but wouldn’t Hermione and Draco know to put up silencing spells when they argue or summon objects to them from separate rooms or use the floo to call people as well as mobile phones? They have a dishwasher but wouldn’t they also set dishes to scrubbing themselves? Obviously Hermione wouldn’t be lazy and use her magic all the time but it seems to be entirely absent from their household and I miss it.
TheSlayer96 chapter 28 . 4/4
The song recommendation was perfect to go with the last chapter! In fact as I finished the chapter the end of the piece cane! 3
Xocassierose chapter 28 . 3/30
Oh, my heart. This story was so amazing. You made me fall in love with Draco all over again. I can’t wait to read Serendipity.
Efam chapter 28 . 3/12
'Something we have no control over and that's what destiny is.' - Eminem, Mockingbird
PercabethfanNo.1 chapter 31 . 2/23
I love the story. Extremely well woven

Keep it up!
Abby Always chapter 6 . 2/20
The kiddo got a GALLEON for losing a tooth? Let me remind you all that a Galleon is $25 in USA Dollars. Dang I wish I was that kid.
Guest chapter 28 . 2/20
Such a beautiful fanfic. Was so in love with it I moved straight on to the sequel without commenting ( oppps ).
Honestly one of the best fanfictions I’ve ever read and trust me I’ve read a lot. It was such an amazing spin to a future dramione and in all truthfulness I couldn’t stop reading it. Had me sqweeming and blushing and laughing and giggling like mad ! Will defo be recommending this to fellow dramione shippers x a fellow dramione shipper ;))
Alyakcim chapter 2 . 2/10
I read a story on wattpad kinda similar to this, but thank god it isnt, it has the same plot but the characters and how its written is different. And the Author on that story said that she just copied the plot from a different story so I was kinda wondering.
guii chapter 31 . 1/29
Just finishing reading this story again. I don't know how many times I've read it, but I absolutely love this story. It makes me believe, that somewhere in this world there's someone waiting for us. That there's a place where we truly belong. Just love this! Love it love it!
Guest chapter 28 . 1/27
Hm... Loved the plot idea. Not sure I like the execution of it. It REALLY bothers me, that Hermione ("miss Responsibility") acts so immature and refuse to do something about her problem. She doesn't seek help or try to figure out, what has happend. She just floats along. I'm sorry, but I have real issues seeing her behave like that. It is so not her.
RainyDaySighs chapter 31 . 1/21
You are a horrible awful person! How dare you write something so wonderfully beautiful and convert me to a ship that never even got to leave the docks. I binged this whole story in less than two days and I loved every bloody second of it. I looked up a Draco and Hermione fic purely out of curiosity because I saw someone's fanart and though "Those two? How would that even work?" Well I know now and will forever be unsatisfied with the epilogue of the last Harry Potter book and it is entirely your fault. Your story and writing style is simply beautiful and I've already started reading the sequel. Thank you for ruining my former disinterest in the relationships of the Harry Potter characters and giving me what will likely be a painful ship.
V chapter 28 . 1/16
Read the whole thing in one day! That was amazing loved it so detailed and beautiful you didn’t rush anything everything took its time. Thanks for writing this beautiful story
rebelsaurus29 chapter 28 . 1/5
That was a twist!
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