Reviews for The colour of war
Soyna chapter 1 . 11/17/2010
I can see Sephiroth like this. It doesn't matter what excuse is, you MUST follow his orders, especially if he is your bedfellow.

... and how could anyone really resist Genesis for long!
AlexJ69 chapter 1 . 11/16/2010
What's not to love about this sweet little story. It doesn't have to be long to get the point across.

Yes, I can see Seph being disappointed and irate if someone doesn't obey orders, but especially with Gen. Gen's in a very tough position being Sephiroth's lover and subordinate, because while there are things that Gen can get away with that Seph would take other people's heads off for, Seph also expects more from Genesis than he does anyone else, so I can see Seph taking it personally if Gen doesn't follow orders on the battlefield.

But I've said this before and I will say it again, Gen has Seph wrapped around his finger. So, even though Seph might get upset, Gen will always be forgiven. And I love that about their relationship.

*"You, Genesis, disobeyed me," warned the General again, Sephiroth had no allusions of why Genesis never followed his orders, but it was an order none the less, and his order was law.*-I loved this because Seph was just so sexy here. Seph is really sexy when he's upset.

And the end, not graphic but hot none the less.

Great story, and I know Nephy loved it. And so did I.


NoLongerActive11111 chapter 1 . 11/16/2010
I should really be going, but waking up to such Birthday gift... you made my day, dear. XD Uh, it's a very lovely oneshot, and I loved how it was written. And, um - Sephiroth/Genesis! But then you already know what would please me the most.

And this: "Neither could put words to their feelings, it ran too deeply, under their skin, beneath muscle, beneath bone, it was soul deep". Sheer perfection! You know it...

How can anyone miss that perfection? LOL. I am allowed to be biased on my Birthday.

And I can see Sephiroth being very disappointed when anyone - even his fellow SOLDIER 1st and lover - disobeyed an order. Yes, for him his order would be the law, on battlefield especially. And, well, their interactions, followed by slight game and prelude, is what I very much enjoy (you know I don't like smut at all XD). I'd rather read about wars and war setting suit them both so well...

Thank you very very much, dear!


Nephilim (aka Neph, aka Nephy if you insist, not that I mind, because it rhymes with Sephy). :D

PS. Since I am a nutcase, flying pigs are just a suitable, welcoming addition to my birthday. XD