Reviews for Think What You Will
Voice Number Seven chapter 3 . 12/7/2010
part of me's surprised this has 0 reviews. part of me's not, simply for the reason that brand new stories might not rack in reviews right away.

but that part of me that IS surprised is staring wide-eyed at this screen and congratulating you on another one well-done. AU's sometimes pick at the audience the wrong way, but this is just perfect. especially since you have a western lover writing. I like the world you're weaving around two of my favorite HM characters, and although I haven't had the fortune to play in Flower Bud, was it, and to fully understand the mixture of the character personas, they do make sense to me, utterly and completely. after all, when writign AU, you have to make do, and I think you've done that very well.

I'll be watching for updates.