Reviews for Leading Him On
jazzstfu chapter 1 . 11/26/2011

That's all I have to say about her.
GirlWithABook chapter 1 . 4/14/2011
I like this story. It's different, but in a good way. You know, that the guy doesn't always get the girl, or vise versa. Good writing, too.
DanPot chapter 1 . 2/28/2011
Oooooomigosh! If you don't update , I'll find you and kill you! :p it's sooooooooooo awesome! 3 luv it already!
Lazy logger inner chapter 1 . 11/23/2010
Ooh interesting! I really loved it and I think you should continue it or even write a sort or prequely thing?

Really good!xx
yellow 14 chapter 1 . 11/19/2010
He will get over her a lot quicker if she didn't lead him on. Very nice, keep writing
Princess Mariana chapter 1 . 11/17/2010
I like it, but it's kind of sad...