Reviews for Crazy on You
oh the cleverness of you chapter 11 . 2/28
Ok please tell me why this and crazy on you too are a couple of the best stories ever. Not just for faberry fanfic but ever. I smile, I laugh, I cry. I just reread them after having read them as you were writing them and they were just as good the second time around. Although it still breaks my heart that this one is unfinished. What does a girl have to do to find out how this story ends? Or should I just suffer with the pain because this story remaining unfinished is an inevitability?
Guest chapter 11 . 2/20
The is the best fanfic I have ever read. So emotional yet realistic. I loved the story line and how intimate and gripping it was. Definitely how faberry should end up. Beautifully written :)
dnmann chapter 11 . 12/25/2014
What a great story. You did a complete dissection of two personalities and rebuilt them into real people.
Amazing writing.
dnmann chapter 3 . 12/25/2014
Wow, what a session.
Guest chapter 11 . 10/26/2014
This was ..AMAZING!
me chapter 11 . 10/25/2014
re-readit. again. ohmy! some books are such a good sex. and yours is one of them. thank you. you amazing
WonderousPlaceForAnEcho chapter 10 . 10/23/2014
Reread this story and it really is well done. A gem because you have them as mature, smart adults. Still true to character. I love that Rachel verbally killed Russel and Quinn's reaction. Im the pacing was well done, the dialog and inner thoughts were very clever, I laughed a lot (thank you) and given my poor memory I'll likely reread it and re-love it.
meetmeinsun chapter 11 . 10/8/2014
"Sorry Quinn, I don't telepathically communicate with you like your other patients do."
I don't know why but this line made me laugh..i love this fic so much specially the last chapter, the way Q and R throw words to each other was funny.. I know I should be mad at least to one of them but the whole fight just made me laugh.v
Tweyelite chapter 11 . 9/24/2014
I really enjoyed this story :) Good plot.
GoldnWlf chapter 9 . 8/4/2014
This chapter was delightfully funny. Drunk Quinn is a hoot! Judy was a surprise and I'd love to see more of her. I can't wait to see what you have coming next!
SarcasticAsshole chapter 11 . 7/21/2014
Third time (or maybe fourth idk) time reading this and I still love it. I still laughed at and you still made me want to cry (I didn't). So I just want to say that you're a good writer.
Jtree chapter 1 . 6/1/2014
Just reread this story for the second time. Dude. Thank you. I am moved.
ThroughTheL00kingGlass chapter 11 . 5/30/2014
Wow, this story just blew me away!
It's hard to have only season 1 as canon and the following 2 similar, at least regarding Rachel's bullying but it's a nice change to read a rather old story :D
Also, coldhearted bitch Rachel is pretty frightening, even more so than Quinn as head cheerio in season 1...
All those ups and downs between them were great, in your stories there are always 'real' issues there, not just some actually minor obstacles like exes or stupid friends. And I loved their stay in Ohio! A little more Rachel/her dad and Rachel/Shelby would've been appreciated ;)
I can't wait to read the sequel :D
imaferrari chapter 11 . 5/16/2014
Thoroughly enjoyed my re- reading of the story. In the mood for completed, quality fics right now and this is a favorite. May even go back and read some Spashley. Who knows?
jds87 chapter 11 . 4/21/2014
just re-read this wonderful story!
Still totally great the second time
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