Reviews for Toying With My Emotions
The Duelist's Heiress chapter 9 . 3/28
Oh boy. Yay Julie!

This was a great chapter and all I can say is that I really really want more!

The Duelist's Heiress chapter 8 . 3/28
I want to know what happened six years ago! Great chapter!

The Duelist's Heiress chapter 7 . 3/27
Love the chapter. And... I think the chocolate was a bit of a bribe!

The Duelist's Heiress chapter 6 . 3/11
Ack! I am so sorry that I didn't review!

I like Dani! He's awesome.

PsychopathicPrincess chapter 9 . 2/22
Well then I shouldn've known what had happened between those two
Didn't think it was gonna be introduced so soon
Now I just wanna know to what extent he did what he did
PsychopathicPrincess chapter 8 . 2/22
Yes I wanna know what happened between those two
Is he the reason she became that way
It seems like it'd be a good reason
PsychopathicPrincess chapter 7 . 2/22
Lol threatening to swim back to America XD
Amusing chapter
PsychopathicPrincess chapter 6 . 2/22
Damn I fell behind
But lol i'd be pissed to if I were in A'isha's situation
That just sounds annoying :p
LeafeonLover chapter 9 . 1/10
Ive never read a Marik Oc centers story before so I'm quite intrigued by this
I think u are doing Marik quite well no ooc there
And I don't mean this to be offensive but it might sound like it is
U're Oc is kind of... Plain
There doesn't seem to be anything special about her
Her parents being dead seems like a bit of a clique but it would have been worse of they were abusive or something that seems like the kind of parents Ocs have all the time now
Anyway I really don't get why people like Marik not just in this story but in general
I get he's smexy sorta but he's the bad guy I guess I'm just to righteous and prefer good guys
Oh well I'll keep reading cause I like it so far
Oh I was also wandering if we'd be seeing yami Marik at all
Kurakinz chapter 9 . 11/16/2013
Yes! Finally I've followed this story so I don't have to find it every time xD I really really like A'isha's character;she reminds me of one of my best friends. I can't wait for the next chappie to see why A'isha reacted that way! :3
Aly Goode chapter 9 . 11/13/2013
This is the first Marik/OC story that I've love so far! Haha, your OC makes me laugh a lot! And this Marik would be the one I would imagine if the whole going-after-the-pharaoh didn't happen! Please continue! I'm dying to read more! Update ASAP!
meijosui chapter 9 . 11/10/2013
Holy crap! Pervert who has an iPhone with people case. LoL For once I'll say I feel safer with Marik. YUS! UPDATE MORE! I like how you're doing it regularly. Even if it's pre thought. :)
meijosui chapter 8 . 11/9/2013
I think I call her Tamarillo in my head when I read Amarillo now subconsciously. What if she purposefully flanks maths and makes Marik look bad? hmmmmmm *nudges A'isha*
ShiraChan-Desu chapter 8 . 11/9/2013
Lol. There goes Marik and his twisted personalities...ish. Bu tstill. Heh, I can't wait for the next chappy!
ToonTail chapter 8 . 11/9/2013
I've been following this story and I feel like I should finally say something, this story is very gripping just truly interesting. Each chapter I'm never disappointed, I enjoy all the chapters :) This story is awesome please keep it up :D
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