Reviews for Rebirth
WhovianSherlockianandMerlinian chapter 40 . 3h
I can't wait for the next chapter! I'm really liking this story!
kitty-gurl1 chapter 40 . 11/17
loving this fic!
Avelia chapter 40 . 11/16
I really hope you update this soon it is one of my favourite story's and I have read it so many times!
LongPastMidnight chapter 40 . 11/16
this is really really really really really really really really good :D
Jeb59 chapter 40 . 11/15
Great to see you back. Glad the story is continuing.
Aradis chapter 39 . 11/15
My other review isn't showing up at least not for me. Please update soon I really miss this story
Aradis chapter 40 . 11/15
I hope you're husband is doing good.i also hope you update this story I love it and you're writing.I need more.
idrinkstellaartois123 chapter 40 . 11/15
Great update. I feel like u dumb down hp all the time though. He is always the one who 'forgets'. Like in this chapter he is the experienced necro surely he should be the one realising exotic ways to find a soul
Maryloudd chapter 40 . 11/15
I like this fic :)
jellymagic chapter 18 . 11/9
Just a thought while reading this chapter - since harry/herakles is the last of the potter and valerius family line, wouldn't the lines die out if he doesn't produce an heir? This if he keeps getting reborn, especially into powerful magical lines. Given that the magical population is currently quite small, wouldn't this have a significant impact?

mokona-pyuh chapter 40 . 10/31
Damn this is brilliant ! I love the idea, love how you wrote it, and how you depict the characters, it's so interesting, fascinating, and I'm bloody incapable of stopping myself from reading - which explains that I've just spent the whole night reading because I love that fic so much !
I'm very curious about what you'll do next - will Tom get his soul back, piece by piece ? will Sirius figure out that Harry and Tom are not only reborn, but Voldemort and Heri ? will Remus find out ? When will they kill Dumbledore ?
But I suppose only time will tell !
Anyway, thanks for writing it, and for sharing it. You really made my day. Well, night. You get the point. ;)
Have a nice week-end !
jim chapter 40 . 10/21
I do not like a whole chapter devoted to slash, besides that I like the story. Also, make the characters more likeable, find evil to be so mentally cruel. They are not that in this story but if they start killing everyone then that's just dumb.
redeemableforsurgery chapter 40 . 10/19
this is literally my favourite story ever, it has been for years. i hope i won't have to wait too long!
Matt Sykes chapter 40 . 10/18
Amazing! Just Amazing! Hope you find time to write the rest!
Beth9891 chapter 40 . 10/15
Fantastic story thus far! Can't wait for more :-P
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