Reviews for Rebirth
Guest chapter 27 . 5h
Not really an issue but 12 year olds can achieve orgasm although no semen is produced it is referred to as a dry orgasm.
tabala chapter 40 . 5/12
Is this story going to continue? I know a lot of yours don't, but I really like this one and hope it does. Very great story by the way, I love it!
Irbise chapter 40 . 5/3
Hey, really amazing story, quite a twist from the normal stories and so much fun :) Good job, keep going.
Rahianna chapter 40 . 4/30
Yay, I managed to finish the fanfic in one day...before midnight. That never happened before, oh well...
Rahianna chapter 17 . 4/30
"Poor Luci..."
Rahianna chapter 10 . 4/30
Another one of your wonderful stories/fanfics (Well, sleep deprivation can continue a little while longer...I wouldn't be able to sleep later even if I try, patience is a virtue that I do not possess it seems.)
TheAmazingCory chapter 1 . 4/27
I read a few of the chapters in the translation in Spanish. Gotta say I found some parts very enjoyable and it really got me laughing, it's this version-the original-practically word-for-word in my native tongue. Kudos to you for writing it, I really like this story. ~Cory
Hitmen101 chapter 40 . 4/19
Hope you continue this fanfic its really good! :)
anyeshabaner chapter 40 . 4/12
i love this story so much please update i wanna know more about harry and tom and how did the diary got into the hands of a student in hogwarts
SivaSrna chapter 10 . 3/27
This is a very creative story. I love it!
segment thought chapter 40 . 3/18
i just gotta say...this fic is probably one of my fav tomarry fics.

it's just so unique...reincarnation, necromancy!harry, notapsychopath!tom (this was my fav part, tom's in **lovee**. hehe him dealing w emotions is interesting)


yeah i just wanted to let you know i really enjoyed reading :)
segment thought chapter 24 . 3/18
ok i just have to leave a comment here

...i cried when they reunited...the tears oh god they were so real. im so happy theyre back together askjfhasas

really enjoying reading!
lovergyrl100 chapter 40 . 3/8
I really hope you can write more of this story. Out of curiosity who is opening the chamber anyway?
themaltesefalcon chapter 24 . 3/5
Omg, the reunion was EVERYTHING I'd been hoping for. I'm so so happy with this story and so grateful to you for giving me this chapter in particular. So many stories essentially promise something like this is coming, but it never does. Your story has already delivered at chapter 24! So emotional but still completely true to their characters, and gosh, I'm just elated for Harry.
davycrockett100 chapter 40 . 2/14
awesome job kiu :)
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