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vindictious chapter 7 . 12/3
Glad to see you are still out there, and hope that things have taken a turn for the better.
Don't sweat the delay, as long as the idea is still there it will become a reality when it is ready.

Write when you can and never stop.

TheKingOfAll chapter 7 . 12/2
I really love this story just binge red it till midnight just wanted to say you are a great writer and im hoping that you enjoy yourself while you write this. I work as a beta reader for another author on this site and he had a huge stall out. for about 4 months but once he got asked me to beta read for him we talked it out and figured out what wasn't making the story work or why he was having problems writing it. I know this doesn't full apply to you but thought to mention it can never hurt to talk the story over with someone so that it isn't all up in your head. also having someone that can read your work as you get it done is a great motivator I can say from experience really helped me with not getting things down. anyway I think im rambling im on the 38th hour of no sleep so im going to bed. but I just wanted to leave this review and say I love the story.
Guest chapter 7 . 12/2
Dude take your time. I love this story so I at least have no problem waiting. Also I'm happy that your still working on it.
The KickHopper chapter 7 . 10/15
well since this was posted 2 years ago i guess its a dead fic
Deugemia chapter 7 . 6/4
/salutes! Following until the end! CC:
Deugemia chapter 6 . 6/4
/thoughtfully taps chin, hmmmm maybe it sucked up all the English info from his tablet? If so, then how would Ruusaan pilot alongside Hiccup in the Night Fury.. Eh, it IS a prototype tho
Guest chapter 7 . 4/19
Is this story still on your mind and slowly getting improved and looked at or have you decided to not continue this story?
RedHawkdude chapter 7 . 2/23
Hey mate thinking of updating anymore? Cause this is a dam good story
Thedemonfury chapter 7 . 12/21/2014
Ok I see you have ran into a bit of problems and I understand that but if you need help on this story I can help you finish it if you want. if you got things under controll good for you ok but if you do need help just ask.
ivanganev1992 chapter 7 . 9/10/2014
I understood .Just , just post me on my newest post which is :

Until then I'll dissapar in the shadows .

Bye .
ivanganev1992 chapter 6 . 9/10/2014
It is time to appear from the shadows , as a new qurious reader and dissapear again . I just red ch 6 . I love that story . At least Russian (Toothless ) is human just like I saw for all of his kind in many other stories it has simmilar behaviour so I am glad to give her(in case ) human like image and untied partly his/her tongue .

Well I'd like to update that story . I'd enjoy it readit until it is complete from my view . But to told You I love long stories . If You inform me on the site :
.bg login and post me on my post which I am teling You again is : I guarantee that I'll read it , and really enjoy it . But it is Your choice .

Do as You wish .

My post is :

Bye .
RabulaTasa chapter 6 . 8/20/2014
I just wanna say that right now someone needs to slap Astrid upside the head. With a baseball bat. Let's list her cardinal sins, shall we?

One: your rank may be a testament to your martial ability, but your billet is a leadership position, so you had best start showing some inclination in that direction. Showboating? No. Deliberately endangering your subordinates without a valid reason? No, although recognizing and admitting the error is a step in the right direction. Publicly humiliating one of your subordinates-any of them, really, but particularly the one whose life you recklessly endangered-and not even doing it to their face? Oh HELL no. She's earned a severe dressing down from the Major (at the very least) before even considering her behavior regarding Hiccup and the Nadder (blaming your subordinates for your own mistake is yet another no-no).

Honestly, it'd probably do her (and the unit) a world of good to strip her of her billet and let one of the others try their hand at it. They'd probably screw it up, but at least she'd have a chance to set herself straight before taking up the mantle again... and who knows, maybe Fishlegs could pull it off.

Oh yes, and the usual desire to see more soon, yadda yadda. Had to rant, you know?
Zakeraz chapter 7 . 7/3/2014
A sham isn't good for networking. Otherwise we might be able to help with the job problem.
As for story inspiration, I hear a good question to ask yourself for plot ideas is, "What's the worst possible thing that could happen right now?" Considering there's a record of Hiccup logging onto a computer as his dad, I figure that could lead to Gobber following bread crumbs to figure out what Hiccup's secret is.
Hybrid301 chapter 7 . 6/28/2014
Sorry to hear that life is treating you so poorly at the moment. I just found this story yesterday and read all the chapters and loved it. I also appreciate this note explaining everything. I trust you to do with this story whatever helps you as a writer. If that means taking ten years to finish it or completely taking it down and reposting so be it. I hope thing turn out better for you. I dont want you to feel obligated to finish especially if you aren't going to be satisfied with the result. You are an amazing writer and hope you fid your motivation and passion soon. best of luck.
Whitefang333 chapter 7 . 6/28/2014
Personal life always comes first before anything you do for a hobby.
I can relate strongly to your situation as fanfiction as much enticing the prospect of writing is what happens in life is more important. Take your time and do not worry about the story much. When time will come you will continue it.
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