Reviews for Songs of Innocence
Hikari-Chimedekina-Neko chapter 46 . 2/23/2013
Awwwww I didn't want it to end but this ending was perfect. ;w; Thank you so much for writing this. It is definitely one of my favorite stories of all times.
The Unplanner chapter 46 . 2/23/2013
Hooray! So this fic is over? I've been waiting for something, anything, from anyone, for two months now, but I am satisfied-or better-with this result.
The Unplanner chapter 44 . 1/10/2013
Interesting notes there. I noticed that just about everyone who doesn't have a name in AT2 sees the guys in different colored armor as bad guys. And yes, having every Reyvateil on Ar Tonelico rise up in revolt would have been a bad thing, for sure, which is why they can't, the same way Lyner couldn't use hymns to break his Boundary Gate before the ceremony? Do I have that right?
The Unplanner chapter 43 . 11/13/2012
Wait, does Lyner's level 9 get one of those wedding dresses? That would be weird. Thanks for not killing him, by the way.
Hikari-Chimedekina-Neko chapter 43 . 11/13/2012
*screaming and cheering with absolute ecstasy* LYNER'S ALIIIIIIIIIIVE! And in a DRESS! I have never felt more overjoyed in my LIFE. My face is in so much pain from smiling so much but I CAN'T STOP SMILING. And crying. And rolling around on the floor with a pillow.
The Unplanner chapter 41 . 11/7/2012
I'd like to know how that Guardian can know everything he knows, and still not be moved by Lyner's speech. Either he's somehow NOT Lyner, or he's the culmination of all Lyner's idiotic ideals-as opposed to his better ideals.
Hikari-Chimedekina-Neko chapter 41 . 11/7/2012
*tears pouring from eyes* Oh... my... god... Y-you killed Lyner... You... killed... LYNER... *slowly shaking head* That... That's not... That can't... Y-you-! *horrified scream into pitiful sobbing*
The Unplanner chapter 40 . 11/3/2012
Okay, I have no idea what the Guardian could actually be at this point. If he's not a cosmosphere avatar, what is he? Oh, and thanks for updating!
The Unplanner chapter 39 . 9/17/2012
Whoa. This is a story so great, I don't even need the background knowledge involved in any fanfic in order to see what you mean. On this chapter, I noticed that Miros is very good at not letting Ayatane get a single word in. I don't think he spoke at all after Miros started. I hope a new chapter emerges from the depths of your inspiration soon!
Hikari-Chimedekina-Neko chapter 38 . 6/20/2012
It took me two days straight to read up to Ch. 38. Totally. Freaking. Worth it. And I was iffy on reading this before! There is so much here! From your musings in the headers and footnotes (which I will say, honest to god, made me THINK for once after reading it. I NEVER do that) to the story itself, I love it SO MUCH. I cried several times. Please don't stop!
shadowwolf75 chapter 35 . 9/27/2011
*glances at that tl;dr "review" down below hers* Oi, aquagon, while you may have awesome translation skills, your reading comprehension leaves something to be desired: This fic is plainly marked AU. Even if you missed that, I should think Ayatane and Lyner being paired together should be a good indicator that this is NOT CANON. And the canon disservices itself, really, given AT3... stripping for power? With no explanation or real reason other than for the graphics guys to show off? Really now, writers?

And now for the actual review, which I'm sure our lovely hostess cares more about. D-did they just synchronicity chain the Ar Tonelico spell? Yeah, Flipsphere? Aurica and Misha called, they just said you are now their bitch. Kind of wondering how much of the Silver Horn is going to be left after that magic drops.
Tiffany chapter 34 . 9/12/2011
I've been lurking here for a while, and stalking this fic since chapter 3. And I would like to say that I am thoroughly enjoying every chapter, and the world you've crafted is intriguing. I also love the partnership between Lyner and Ayatane, whom I found to have the most 'connection' during the entire game.

I look forward for more chapters. This is truly wonderful.
aquagon chapter 34 . 9/11/2011
I find this fic as a complete disservice to Ar Ciel's world. Pretty much ignoring and misintepreting most of the series' lore, beginning with condemning Shurelia for something she didn't on purpose, and that she couldn't have known either: she never knew about Sol Marta's existence, neither that her Tower had several subordinate systems on other regions that depended from the Symphonic Power produced by Ar tonelico. So she simply did what she believed was the best method for stopping Mir, not simply killing herself and almost killing an entire region on purpose.

And about the male Reyvateil thing, while that is another can of worms in itself, you have handled it the worst way possible: as demonstrated by Cocona and the Reyvateils and Clustania, any Reyvateil can become strong physically if she trains for that.

The Reyvateils in Sol Ciel and Metafalss have never needed any sort of training due to relying on their songs, which is the reason for them being so weak physically. Making Lyner suddenly weak physically just because he awakened as a Reyvateil is, to simply put it, a terrible idea. Also, Cosmospheres aren't created in that way: the SH Server replicates and mirrors everything contained in a human brain when a Reyvateil awakens, which is a process that takes several days to complete, so you saying that "Lv. X Cosmospheres don't exist until someone has Dived in them" is absurd as well.

Also, please, again the old angle of making Aurica a descendant or daughter of Mir? That can never work. The Tower merely assigned her Mir's Hymn Code because of misrecognizing her Gene Spectrum (a part of the FFT Spectrum of the Reyvateils that has no relationship to genetic information), and this is something that happens to around a 15% of the Reyvateils in Sol Ciel, which get Hymn Codes from other Betas due to similar errors.

Also, making links to myths in our world, when Ar Ciel is a completely different universe from ours', whose history and society developed in a completely different way from us? Please, don't make me laugh.
shadowwolf75 chapter 33 . 8/19/2011
Eh, I think it's good to have the visual book, just to have a translated piece of Ar Tonelico merchandise other than the games themselves. And a page that sums up 1/3 of what's wrong with Ar Tonelico 3? There are quite a few things I'd certainly like to smack the writers for after going over that interview in the back . . .

As for this chapter? Oh Lyner, you'd give him breakfast in bed even when he kidnapped you? Derp, that's so cute (and yes, probably manipulative too, but eh).
Androgynous-Heron chapter 31 . 7/8/2011
I like Bourd a whole lot better now
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