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FatesShadow83 chapter 27 . 2/22/2014
I only just found this story and have spent the last few days reading nothing else, when time allowd. It is absolutely brilliant, and I'm going to read the rest of the series the next chance I get!
Would love to read what happens next, and am deeply hoping this isn't the end. You have a wonderful writing style that draws a reader in and really lets them know the characters.
SilentMelodyz chapter 27 . 8/29/2013
/cries/ Argh to be left at such a cliffhanger and not be updated for awhile.

this story took me awhile to read, but it was highly enjoyable. The universe here is very different and I wasn't expecting it at all. But the story is quite interesting.
nessus chapter 27 . 10/14/2012
Now, this chapter was fun to read, always trying to figure out how you would handle it. I was surprised by the formality involved. I had seen something like: Our parted Mechs rushing for each other, Getaway lovingly being reunited with his beloved Dogfight (It was those two that was bonded, wasnt it? Im doing this from the top of my head). Hound must be so relieved to have both his bonded ans his socket back with him, especially considering how he felt when Mirage was within an inch of THAT was bad times.
And Evil Jazz trying to cross through...OMG. Our little colony really really cant do without Good Jazz. I truly hope that Prowl and Miles wont have to suffer through what Hound did. Or that Evil Jazz may actually triumph...Naah, Cant picture that, OUR Jazz is more experienced, the other is just brutal.
Well, what can I say, you are taking this in a new and unexpected direction and I am curious. Fine work there
nessus chapter 26 . 10/14/2012
Oh, they DID decide to part. That is so hard on all parts. The worst loss a human can face is probably the loss of ones child, sibling or parent. I understand why Alicia tried to hold her daughter back, but also that she respects her choice in the matter, no matter how much it hurts. Even if Esperanza gains Prime for a symbiot Mech, humans are in the end social beings that mirrors themselves in other humans. Even if Esperanza only has her mother to do that with, she is still so incredible important to her. At the same time she can possibly make a huge difference, in time, by letting Optimus be strenghened by her strong energies, perhaps improving life for other organics. I hope so.
And I was delighted to see that you included Night Breeze- or Batmanas Alicia so poetically dubbed him. I would like to imagine that he is actually saved from the clutches of Evil Jazz, going to be a member of the Earth team and their sockets. In fact I would looove to se HIM find a human socket of his own, after all, he didnt tasteAlicia when she was with Jazz and Prowl. Keep it up Femme, it is still one of the few stories in here that can draw me in ;)
nessus chapter 25 . 10/14/2012
Ohh, nice one. I love the emphasis of just how strong Human energy is compared to all the other poor pets that are kept by force. A free will is always beautiful to behold, and in this case makes Esperanza very very desirable to the Prime. I had never thought her tastes would be so different from her mothers. Refreshing.
Prime is a sweetheart, holding back his own desires, allowing her to make her own choices. A pleasure to read...thanks :)
nessus chapter 24 . 10/14/2012
Hello Femme :)
I just discovered that you had taken up this story again. Made me smile big time, you know it was always my fave. Well, I can say for sure that you are SO keeping up the fine work from previous chapters. I relly like to see that Esperanza has grown up to be a very confident young woman, having a will all her own, despite the awful society she has grown up in. Thankfully her mother is also very strong of will, having taught her daughter how to be a person, not a pet. But even that wouldnt have helped if they were not under the protection of Mirage, the proud father, and of the Lord Prime. It is fully understandable that Esperanza is attracted to Prime, he is physically handsome and mentally impossibly powerful. I like the plot that she might end up being his socket. That again means that she will be separated from her mother, Mirage and Corrente, assuming they will leave for Earth. A very difficult choice. Damn fine job here, I hope you will keep writing ;D
AliceSylvia chapter 27 . 9/4/2012
Aarrgh. Cliffhanger! Please write more!
AliceSylvia chapter 26 . 9/4/2012
This story is awesome! Please continue writing!
AliceSylvia chapter 16 . 9/3/2012
You made me cry. Sometimes life sucks. Thanks for the catharsis.
Wanderling chapter 27 . 7/10/2012
Wow. First off, I must say this whole universe is absolutly brilliant. It's stunning how indepth you are able to go with the characters and the plot, creating a world that is so true and right and real, and (in some instances) seems almost better than the reality we live in today in 2012.

I'm gonna go off on a long winded explanation of my feelings of adoration and praise; so be warned. ;D

I started reading this fic after stumbling upon DdG and other related stories several times in my browsing of transfanfiction. At first, I wasn't completely comfortable with the relationships of sockets or the complete openness of sex in the universe, much like many non-socket humans in DdG. Now, and especially after reading DdG and Dark Nobility, I am far more open to differing sexual practices and relationships in the world. The fics' make an excellent comment upon how many humans, especially those in the US, are averse to openly discussing and commenting upon - let alone practicing - acts of erotic and sexual behavior.

DdG and Dark Nobility in particular hold many powerful examples of different and unique concepts, many the complete oppposite of the societal and cultural norms present today. I can't possibly list every single example - the stories are based on them - but altogether this study of interaction among huamns and Cybertronians, the power dynamics, conset and free will, and others all make powerful impacts.

One such example is Esperanza styaing on Cybertron as she shared with Prime and was far more connected to that world than her original planet. The near inability to resist Prime is abundently clear, and raises questions about how we humans also view our leader and what we do for them. Some groups existing now on the planet, both religious and non-religious, go to great lengths to follow thier leaders' commands even if it is against their own individuals desires and/or morals. What can cause such a powerful, undeniable bond? How does such a charismatic and powerful leader affect a society over long term in terms of the culture of the species?

Overall, I must say that the whole socket-verse is an inspiring story, both for its plot and characters (...and smut). I especially love the unique perspectives brought from the new cultural ideas and values the socket culture creates. It seems like the comfort and openness about their own sexual practices and sexuality is something all humans could benefit from. Anyway, I want to say thanks for writing this, and continuing to write it and finish the long, beautiful story.

Thank you! :D
Sakiku chapter 27 . 6/6/2012
I think that was a very interesting point you made, the one about Esperanze having felt it ever since childhood that she is less important to her mother than Mirage is. It just gives so much food for thought. Is it really that way, or is that just Esperanza's slightly overexaggerated teenage perception? Alicia leaving her together with Mirage certainly generates questions in that regard - on the other hand, Esperanza's considered an adult, and Alicia _has_ offered Esperanza to come with her. But... if push came to shove, who would Alicia prioritize? Is there even a situation where something like that would come to a head? Would Alicia be _able_ to choose Esperanza if it had negative consequences for Mirage?

For me, it also leads to the question of how much freedom socket technology allows the bonded socket. It ties in with all the mechs being so much larger than life in every single aspect, and my human inability to imagine how we would behave towards a sentient species that's smaller and less intelligent than us. I seriously doubt we'd take Optimus' POV that those inferior to us in so many regards should be treated with respect. Again, you already have pretty much answered that by having most mechs thinking of organics as pets at most. But it gives food for thought, introspections into human psyche at the edges of nature and nurture, and that is what I love so much about this entire verse.

Eh, yeah, I'm done philosophizing. I think. And, just so that you know: it was evil stopping things right there. Wonder what Alternate-Prime's going to do with two spawns of the unmaker. There are just so many possibilities of how this might end - and because you're endorsing so many shades of grey, that makes it even more plentiful.

Portal closes on them and Jazz caught on Alternate side - Prowl and Miles get hurt. Jazz manages to force a sparkmerge on Alternate Jazz to keep him from trying to escape his dimension ever again - not even starting to go there. Alternate Jazz comes to Original dimension - there'd be just so many open ends left. Alternate Universe suddenly lacking their spawn of Unicron, Alternate Prowl, Original Verse dealing with _two_ Jazz, insane sparkhungry Jazz on the hunt when the mech population is far too small to sustain him...

I truly wonder how you are going to resolve this. And I'm very much looking forward to it!

Shinigami-Sama1 chapter 27 . 6/6/2012

WTF? Damn what an ending!

Of course you'll have to put such a dramatic ending to this chapter that is gonna have us wondering what is happening and what is going to go down.

Man I waited forever for this and now i am going be wondering and imagining all types of stuff going on until you update again.

Still. . . . . What a cliff hanger!

Very well done with the chapter loved it even though it's shorter than all the other chapters but it was STILL worth the wait.

Keep up the Great Fantastic Wonderful Awesome work.

Update soon. . cause I'll be waiting.

Have a great day. :)
Moonlight black rose chapter 27 . 6/5/2012
MissMary chapter 27 . 6/5/2012
Uh-oh-things just got really interesting
autobotlover chapter 26 . 4/11/2012
I love this 'verse, so different from anything out there. I was sorry to see you and Gatekat part paths on this. I look forward to your next part, and thank you.
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