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Ryvaken Lucius Tadrya chapter 99 . 1/17/2017
"I don't know of anyone who would even begin to believe that it's fine to enslave people who are equal to you just because you can."

I do. Pretty much every slaving culture in the world started with tribal, economic, or national lines. Not racial ones. The race thing cropped up in Europe and their colonies because it was easier to buy African slaves from African slavers than to, say, raid French villages.
Cliche Melancholy chapter 100 . 8/25/2016
I feel a little strange reviewing a story that was finished four years ago, but here I go:

I haven't read all of the one-shots, but I intend to! But I'll say this: this final chapter kind of gave me a bit of peace towards the ending of Animorphs. I mean, I didn't necessarily need a happy ending - although of course I was so happy your story created one - but I appreciate having something of a conclusion. I think I'll take this as headcanon. Ax alive, Tobias not letting himself die as a hawk, and them returning to Earth. Maybe even potential for CassieXJake to at least reunite as friends again...

Seriously. I liked this story. Great writing.
Elwaith chapter 86 . 11/13/2015
Wow - Jake's mom believes Saddler over Jake? When both Saddler and Jake say it was the other, she automatically believes one over the other. Even though Jake isn't normally the type to break things, but that only happens when Saddler comes over. Wow. Great job there.
Guest chapter 100 . 11/8/2015
Tobias tricked into staying human post-war is my new headcanon.
Guest chapter 100 . 11/8/2015
I can't believe I read 100 chapters, but your story was worth it!
Elwaith chapter 51 . 11/9/2015
"In the end, it doesn't even matter." Well it matters to Amy a lot even though she'll never know
Elwaith chapter 49 . 11/9/2015
Every chapter that's about Tom and the Yeerk always shows how twisted and evil that slug is, and most of the Yeerks who think like him as well. The fact that he thinks that Tom is unjustified in fighting back and rebelling, and that he (the Yeerk) is the victim because of Tom fighting back.
Jdorsey314 chapter 29 . 1/12/2015
"...and thats where it picks up in..." is probably my favorite type of fanfic, but I didn't know, because I had never seen anyone do it before! it's great. and, someone could present this as a deleted scene that applegate wrote and I could believe it. THAT'S how good these are!
Jdorsey314 chapter 28 . 1/12/2015
You quoted The Princess Bride. marco was marco. jake was jake. this expanded on the original series without any factual conflicts.

This is as good as an animorphs fanfic can possibly be. I love it! fantastic!
Jdorsey314 chapter 25 . 1/11/2015
in the beginning, for every odd number of humans killed, an even number was incapacitated. but no more. the yeerks are going down now!

speaking of beautiful and tragic, well, all sane people are mad at applegate so I don't have to ask if you are. anyway, I would just like to recommend The New Dawn by Shane C in the hopes it could cheer you up as much as it cheered me up.

this too is very well written, although since they're independent stories in each chapter it is a different read and can't be judged the same way, this is honestly good. I don't know what I expected really, when I first decided to read this. I didn't think it would fascinate me because neither jake nor tom were my favorite character. but after a few chapters I went "hey, this is pretty good" and shortly after, "this is really good!"
Jdorsey314 chapter 23 . 1/11/2015
Tobias doesn't swear, even mildly, even a little bit, ever. besides that, great! when you take a part of the series like this... I don't know. I just expected something to be wrong. but it was flawless. not sure what I mean by that even I just don't have any real objections.

I also like it that you have a 5 word disclaimer.
Jdorsey314 chapter 19 . 1/7/2015
this is great. the chapters have more content than I'm used to seeing them having. ever sentence means something. but that isn't because it's short, it's because it means a lot. it's complex, too. of course, I only find time to read these late at night which can make simpler ideas more challenging, but Hey: the other fics have that advantage too. this really is great.
Jdorsey314 chapter 18 . 1/6/2015
Extrapolations! that was the word I was looking for in my last review, to replace "backstories". you write the best extrapolations I've ever seen. and even though they have jokes in them, they're formal in a way most fanfics here aren't. like they're real books. more real, anyway. great, great work, I will be reading this until it's end.
Jdorsey314 chapter 17 . 1/6/2015
eating six pieces of chicken wouldn't be unusual behavior for a teenage human male. but everything else was unusual enough... I seem to remember him eating an entire blueberry pie in the original series in a relatively short amount of time, then throwing up for an hour. I also think that tom's yeerk wants jake infested a little to much to pay any attention to this. and he wouldn't tell tom anything that wasn't discouraging. but nevermind that. excellent fanfic, I say, again. not just because I love backstories (or whatever these are) and you did a hundred of them, but because you did a hundred of them well.
Jdorsey314 chapter 13 . 12/31/2014
Tobias was trapped on accident.
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