Reviews for Wrong end of the stick
RosieGurrl chapter 1 . 10/9/2011
Gah, he's so oblivious! Thank you for this peak into his head.
Sokai chapter 1 . 11/22/2010
? How could you post this and not notify me, my wittle sweet pea? o_O Moreover, how the hell could not notify me, damn it? ~_~

Ahhh! I knew you were gonna do this or try, duh, but now that it's out it just makes me extra giddy :p hehe I really really liked the way you handled Caleb, even IF it was in the first person you claim to not be too comfortable with, YET managed more than quite well, IMO. _

"Your" Caleb is definitely a far cry from "MY Caleb," I will admit/note, but that isn't your fault since I've kept the POV/noted events entirely within Will's side, making the readers just as confused/'messed up' as she is half the time. _ But I WILL say that some things you'd done with him kinda mimicked 'mine,' which was cute. _

And it was doubly cute how you made him argue with his own apparent journal, just like Will with hers 98% of the time. lol I am SUPER tempted to triple dog dare you to do another, this time a serial, from his POV of all, or most (since he wasn't/isn't around for every little happening detailed within the story, after all) of the events. _ His and/or Matt's, I don't care, if you wanted to do a neat/'weird' split down the middle within the first person, male perspective side tale of yours. :p I don't know if you ever watched or even heard of the live action version of Sailormoon, "Pretty Guardian Sailormoon" (which you can find on YouTube, no probs), but the same idea was done for that, as well, taking every event which had occurred within that version and written within the perspective of Chiba Mamoru. "A Prince in White" it's called on here in the PGSM section (under TV Shows), and it was really really good. _ And HE (the author) did it in first person, too, so there. :p

Of course, if you DID go through with it, a lot of what would be written and felt would definitely be speculation on your part like in here for some parts, since I've been careful not to reveal too much or have purposefully misled readers in certain areas. (You really think Caleb would be bad at science and math? Huh. I never really thought about it for 'my' version in here, given that he's been on Earth for a good while now, and has always had my respect where intellect is concerned, anyhow..but I definitely see/get your point that of all things TO be super "WTF? o_O" over as an alien on said planet, math and science would pretty much cover it. Poor thing. LoL)

But you could/would totally rock the shiznit outta it if you did (and God KNOWS you'd have plenty of material AND time, since this first volume won't exactly be done any time soon :p ). _

ANYWAY! I can't think of anything else to say! Oh, except it's kinda cute that Caleb seems pretty protective of Matt and his feelings. _ Oh, yeah, and that it was that he thought Eli could've been Will's secret desire, even if for less than a few seconds. *Shivers* Noooo incest here. :p

Anyhow! Thankies so much for doing this, sweetie head! Into da faves it goes! _
Kalims chapter 1 . 11/21/2010
Great to see Caleb's POV in this story. I've always wondered what HE though about everything that was happening in The Royal Guardian!

So good story! Really nice job!
ThePink1 at Reefside.Net chapter 1 . 11/20/2010
"I'm ... honestly speechless," Taranee sighed after the chapter.

"I always thought that 'Princess' story was a little angsty, but now I see I was wrong," Cornelia said. "It's a LOT angsty, huh, Will?"

"Bad enough to get other authors to add to it, 'pparently." Will muttered. "Swear to the Heart, my mom ever comes out of the royal closet like this, I'm just emigrating. Velondia's got nice weather this time of year." They all shivered at the billowing snowstorm brewing outside her window.

"Okay, so what're we telling Yellow about this one?" hay asked, fingers poised over an empty 'Review' window.

"I know what Caleb would say," Cornelia smirked. Dropping her voice a level, she rumbled "'Get outa my head, freaky writer-person!'" The others laughed for a second, then sobered quickly.

"You think this's pretty accurate, then?" Irma asked. "Including the stuff about you, Corny?"

"You'll never know," Cornelia sniffed primly. Her blush told the tale for her though, and the others just traded grins.

"What about you, Will?" Hay asked.

"I'm not denying some of the regular people-related stuff in 'Royal Guardian's pretty on-the-level," Will began haltingly. "But I'd sooner date Martin than plot to steal Caleb from Cornelia ... unless he came willingly," she added with a lecherous grin. Cornelia gave a shriek of laughter and swatted her with a pillow.

"O M G, do you think the guys sit around and talk about US like this?" Taranee asked.

"Yes," Hay blurted. She recoiled from the glares the others directed her way. "WHAT? I can't HELP hearing them!" her expression turned as naughty as Will's. "And believe me, from what I've heard, it doesn't matter who breaks up with who, these guys will guarantee none of us wind up spinsters ..."

Okay, I'm cutting them off there, Yellow. Yes, we liked it, and i hope Sokai does as well, though I'm afraid it really DOES show that Caleb doesn't see her as anything more than a good girl friend, sadly for that particular Will. C'est la vie. Catch ya on the flipside, A J.
XV-Dragon chapter 1 . 11/20/2010
Great oneshot yellow, bet Sokia will love seeing this as well :)