Reviews for Bond of Partners
Reclusive Dork chapter 1 . 3/14/2013
Name: Charles Limonni
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Appearance: medium-long messy brown hair, calm, collected green eyes, short scruffy 'beard'(not really, it's shaved a bit short to be a beard, but not enough to be shaven.). 5'11”. Wears a black flannel long-sleeve over a dark gray t-shirt, and charcoal jeans.
Nationality: American, but never really stayed there.
Personality: Smart, clever, calm, collected, unwavering, kind, but when he's angered... it's an atomic bomb.
Biography: Traveled the world with his scholar father until he turned 15. Met Takeo when out shopping for groceries, and when he saw the kid on the streets, he took the boy with him and fed him a home-cooked meal of pan-seared cod and lemon pepper chicken with (Artistically)tasty looking veggies.
Alignment: Good

Name: Takeo
Sex: Male
Age: 6
Appearance: Short spiky white hair with violet streaks, two black dots under each eye. Wears a dark violet shirt with white designs on it and black long-shorts.
Personality: Competitive, happy, loyal, and protective.
Biography: Grew up with no parents, and as such jumped at the chance to become king.
Alignment: Good
Spell Book Color: Dark Violet
Spell Power: Spacial Distortion, and the ability to enter people's dreams.
Spells: Sekeru(basic spell-makes an weak beam of spacial displacement)
Demild(Shield spell-much like Zatch's rashield, only it absorbs tha attack and sends it back)
Gajerdor(holding spell)
Sekeruga(advanced spell-makes a strong beam of spacial displacement)
Dioga Sekerudon(devastating spell-takes the form of a giant knight in ominous armour with a giant sword that nobody can ever see the details of)
Deuseruk-(aura spell- raises speed, reaction time, and agility to super ninja levels. also allows him to produce ninja weapons from nowhere.)
thatguy3331 chapter 18 . 12/9/2012
HOLY CRAP HE'S ALIVE! guess I can get rid of the funeral arrangements

Jyan: *whistles* he says we don't need em' toss it out!

Anywho this was interesting in that we were able to see Bou's backstroy and how he became friends with Beat and to see them completely curbstomp that cocky bat...mamodo...thing... Thats all I really have to say so til next time,


P.S. if you like YYH I did a cross over special on it for holloween, check it out when you get the chance V!
DeathySophia chapter 18 . 12/9/2012
I had this look Gash had on his face when he was told that Shemira is like a yellowtail that is 10 times bigger and 100 times tastier upon reading this chapter XD Seriously Beat is so cool! What amazing bonds he had with Bou. I like this chapter very much and I can't wait to know what happens next!
Prince Gray chapter 18 . 12/9/2012
You still have readers! Lol. Hell of a chapter, it's a damn shame that Bou was treated like an outcast until he met the crew. I like how the flashback is intertwined with Iron Revolution canon as well. I love seeing scenes of Slash before he became Evil/Neutral or is it called Chaotic Neutral? What exactly was the creature Beat and Bou defeated I wonder. Make the updates faster lol!
Iostorm chapter 17 . 10/7/2012
Long time, no see. Great chapter.

- Iostorm.
thatguy3331 chapter 17 . 10/6/2012
I finally got a chance to read this...

It was a nice chapter and a good fight, even though to me it sorta came out of left feild but whatever. Of other critisims I noticed a few errors here and there also was the title supposed to be 'to be strong' or really just 'too be strong?'

I can understand work getting in the way, I've been trying to find time to type for ages, so I'll be prepared for a long wait, so til then;

Prince Gray chapter 17 . 10/3/2012
Hell of a chapter. This was a pivotal point in CJ's development by finally making a name for himself. The fact that he was able to make Slash go full-power in order to beat him was great as well. I'm looking forward to Beat's chapter, he doesn't seem to get enough love in my opinion. I like the chemistry between CJ and Alice too. The fact that she worries over him in cute.
Iostorm chapter 16 . 6/22/2012
All right. Here's an OC. Sorry if he's overpowered. Anyway, here goes: Lamervos and Daniel

Spell Theme: Earth, Magma/Lava, Heat


(1.) Grantoun- Lamervos roots his hands and feet to the ground and can control the height of the earth around him, creating obstacles, pitfalls, or hills in any area that has a solid rock foundation and is at least ten feet away from him and 2 miles away from him at the most.

(2.) Granshield- Lamervos forms a huge chunk of solid rock in midair that splits into many giant, levitating walls of rock that Lamervos can control with his hands. Lamervos can make the rock walls combine to form a stone warrior with a shield to block stronger attacks.

(3.) Hatrir- Lamervos fires out a huge blast of heat from his mouth that spreads to the surrounding area. Lamervos can concentrate this spell in one area and combine it with Magma Amfureido, Latriruk, or Gar Magmaruk to turn solid rock into a diamonds that are twice as durable as regular diamonds and reflect all laser spells and most energy spells.

(4.) Granlao Lavoruga- Lamervos summons a huge lizard made out of lava and rock with diamond teeth that attacks the opponent ferociously.

(5.) Magma Amfureido- Lamervos’s hands become covered in lava and rock, and his strength and speed are increased.

(6.) Latriruk- Lamervos’s head becomes completely covered in a helmet of rocks and magma. Lamervos becomes immune to fire damage, and any earth attack that comes at him is melted into magma and absorbed into him to increase his strength and speed. Lamervos can fire out blasts of molten lava and hot rocks out of his mouth at the opponent.

(7.) Gar Magmaruk- Rock appears all over Lamervos’s body. Lamervos’s strength and speed are greatly increased. Lamervos can attack the opponent by spinning at them. When Lamervos spins, Lamervos becomes covered in magma, and he can throw rocks and fire out molten lava at the opponent while he is spinning if they dodge his physical attacks.

(8.) Gigano Lagrantoun- Lamervos roots his hands and feet into the ground, and is able to change the height of the ground and make lava burst out of the ground. This spell has the same limitations as Grantoun, but it has twice the maximum range.

(9.) Dioga Lavadon- Lamervos stomps and punches the ground and creates several volcanoes, from which many giant soldiers made out of stone and molten lava emerge. When all of these are destroyed, Lamervos can use his hands to bring all of the volcanoes and remains of the stone and lava soldiers together to create a colossal tortoise made out of stone and molten lava with a nearly indestructible diamond shell with volcanoes on it that it can retreat into, and the massive tortoise can fire out blasts of molten lava and flaming rocks from its mouth.

(10.) Dio Hatrir- Lamervos takes a deep breath and breathes out a huge blast of heat that turns everything within five miles into an arid, desert-like environment. Lamervos can control the heat in an area up to ten feet around him, so his bookkeeper is unaffected by the terrible heat wave caused by this spell.

(11.) Giga Mokerudo- Lamervos breathes out a huge amount of steam from him mouth that covers the area, effectively creating a huge smokescreen.

(12.) Go Latriruk- Lamervos gains the same powers and benefits as Latriruk, but he is also covered in a full body armor and a cloak of fire that protects him from all direct physical attacks, no matter how physically powerful the opponent is, even with spells that modify their physical strength.

(13.) Magma Sorudo- Lamervos gains a lava-colored diamond blade with a stone hilt. Lamervos can slice the ground and create gushes of lava that spray upwards, or slice out pieces of earth to create pits of lava. Lamervos can swing this sword towards the opponent and fire out waves of heat that are invisible and severely burn the opponent.

(14.) Magma Grandsen- Lamervos fires out many giant flaming rocks from his hands.

(15.) Granhatrir- Lamervos slams his hands and feet on the ground, and the ground around him becomes incredibly hot, so anyone not wearing shoes is severely burned, and Lamervos can make blasts of steam fire out of the ground that severely scalds the opponent.

(16.) Shin Halatrirdon- Lamervos gains all of the abilities and benefits of Go Latriruk, but he gains an armor of molten lava and blood red diamonds melded together to make an armor that cannot be shattered, except by another Shin-level spell at full power, seven weak Dioga-level spells at once, or five powerful Dioga-level spells at once. When this armor is shattered by another spell, the shards of the armor come back together in a diamond ball that destroys the spells that shattered the armor, then shatters and disappears. Lamervos can control the height of the earth by rooting one foot to the ground, and he can make scalding blasts of steam emerge from the ground by punching the ground and rooting one fist to the ground. By rooting two fists to the ground, Lamervos can make plumes of molten lava emerge from the ground. Lamervos can weaken the armor so that it can withstand half the power of a Dioga spell in exchange for becoming ten times as powerful as he is without any modification spells.

Lamervos’s Sescription: Lamervos is 5 feet tall, with a mix of orange, yellow, and red hair that sticks up at the back of his head. Lamervos’s eyes are a mixture of light black and dark gray. Lamervos has two red and orange lines running down his face. Lamervos wears an orange and red-striped t-shirt with an unzipped red jacket and yellow jeans with a red and yellow stripe running down each leg. Lamervos wears dark red hiking boots that make him immune to any spell that affects the ground around him (ex.: he could still move around if the ground around him was turned into a swamp or quicksand, and his feet are unaffected by the heat that burns up everyone else’s feet from his spells). Lamervos is shy, and usually only talks to people who he knows well, then he talks openly and jokes around a lot. Lamervos has a fiery temper, however, and he has strong opinions that often get him into fights with mamodo who only want the throne for power or dominance. Lamervos only allies himself with mamodo after he has fought with them. For this reason, Lamervos asks his opponents before battling, “What would you do if I helped you become king?” Based on the opponent’s response, Lamervos either fights them until their book is burned or until the opponent is unable to fight anymore. Lamervos is sixteen years old.

Daniel’s Description: Daniel is six-foot-two, with green eyes, ginger-colored hair, and glasses (not the nerdy, coke-bottle glasses….). Daniel wears a blue t-shirt and jeans. Daniel wears the same kind of hiking boots as Lamervos in order to protect himself from the singing heat of the ground from Lamervos’s spells. Daniel can only stay within ten feet of Lamervos in any direction while battling because Lamervos can only nullify his heat and fire-based spells within a ten-foot radius of himself. For intense battles with strong opponents, Daniel combines his mechanical aptitude with mamodo technology that Lamervos was allowed to bring with him from the mamodo world to create a small device with a button on it that expands into a spherical device when the button is pressed. Lamervos can store some of his mamodo energy into them, so that when Daniel opens the spherical device, an aura of Lamervos’s mamodo energy surrounds him that nullifies any effects of Lamervos’s spells within ten feet of him. Lamervos and Daniel are careful to only use these in dire situations or in important battles, as they would be deadly if stolen by an opponent, and a smart opponent might be able to replicate it in order to protect their bookkeeper from their own spells as well. Daniel is very intelligent, and is very good with computers and machines. Daniel is laid-back usually, and he reasons for Lamervos when Lamervos goes off on one of his anger-induced rampages, also being more outgoing when Lamervos is being withdrawn and shy, which is most of the time. Daniel is eighteen years old, and goes to a university in the U. S., where he lives, but he travels with Lamervos when he hears about strange occurrences that sound like the result of mamodo battling or using their spells.
thatguy3331 chapter 16 . 6/21/2012
Dun-dun-dun, dun-dudun dududun! dun-dun-dun- huh? what do mean thats not it?

Anyway great chapter, I didn't see THAT comming, so the throw off before was a nice touch! I love how you meshed the humor in with all the developments too, so many indunnudos at once is always a great thing! ku ku...

seems like everyone's got a sibling problem though... eh, I'm sure THAT won't be self destructive at all...nope, tottally safe! XD

Well til next time La-



DeathySophia chapter 16 . 6/21/2012
Dang, didn't see that coming.. And man, the ending was awesome! How could you be so evil as to leave it at that! Meanie! JK lol ps. there were confusions with there/they're/their in there. Think you might want to fix that ;)
thatguy3331 chapter 15 . 6/15/2012
ITS ABOUT TIME YOU CAME BACK YOU BASTARD! Nah I'm just kiddin', besides I'm in no real position to say that.

I usually don't like timeskips, but a month is reasonable, with this sort of thing alot can happen in a month so I can't wait to see how you'll handle that.

Now as for this chapter it was very fun to read! There were a few errors here and there but overall the chapter was enjoyable. And you said C.J. wasn't the avatar, HA! I liked how everyone was able to cooperate and a how a level of humor was kept, Seriously I enjoy reading the intractions V and C have with everyone. The fights were nicely done too, and I'm REALLY curious to see who that half breed really is!

well thats all for now so til, next time,

Prince Gray chapter 15 . 6/15/2012
Excellent chapter. CJ overcame a challenge that only he could do, I was intrigued by Vincent's nonchalant attitude and it turned out that he had a plan all along. Lol, I like how Grace said that Slash was insufferable, gee tell us you really feel Grace! :P

I wonder who Slash and co are working for and what they really know? This next arc sounds like it's going to be pretty fun, til then!
DeathySophia chapter 15 . 6/15/2012
You're back! and this was awesome and extremely looong! I love it! :D Will definitely look forward for the 2nd arc...!
thatguy3331 chapter 14 . 10/20/2011
Another great chapter, but HAD to leave me on edge! I can't wait to see how Beat's gonna handle against Waver, and how C.J. will be saved, IF he is... and I can't wait to see who this new character is that'll appear next time! I have a guess but I'll hold that to myself until next time. til then;

Windraider chapter 14 . 10/19/2011
Great chapter as always, a pity it took so long, but who am I to complain when I've been watching out for my other stories.

Anyway, a pity about Beat and CJ. But at least unlike the other writers, you don't do sappy scenes, but rather get straight to the point, and that's something I really like.

Anyway looking forward to more.
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