Reviews for The Hands of the King
GreyWolfEyes chapter 1 . 9/2/2011
Oh hello :)

So, first of all... From the very beginning of this one shot, you make it evident that you both empathize with and seem to really know Denethor, from your attention to the details of his physical pain to the intricacies of his emotional turmoil. I love how you include the fact that even in (near) death, Denethor still has the palantir.. The evil conduit that is greatly responsible for his descent into madness. And yet, as you describe water falling on the palantir's surface, you make it clear right away that even deep evil cannot always resist good, cannot always overtake it. Even a few drips of water may be enough to quench a fire..

During Denethor's brief inner monologue, I enjoyed how you showed his madness to be a by-product of his deep love for his sons, instead of his madness becoming a source of hatred for them (or, well a source of hatred for Faramir, anyway). You show a psychological picture of Denethor that many authors neglect.
Osheen Nevoy chapter 1 . 11/20/2010
This is a fascinating story! I'd never encountered before, or thought of, the possibility that the hands of a healer might still be effective even after death. I liked the connection that Denethor feels between Eldacar's loss of his eldest son, and his own. At first I didn't understand why Denethor was trying to get Eldacar's robes, but I guess it was because he needed dry clothing?

I would love to see more of this tale; see it turned into part of a much longer story. I want the answers - to know what happened differently that made Denethor not have Faramir there with him in the House of the Stewards, and of course, to know what happens after this! It seems probable that Denethor's attitude toward Aragorn and his healing hands might be a bit altered now that he's had this experience with the healing hands of another king?