Reviews for The All New Double D
kair0001 chapter 25 . 9/4
pls continue this story!... I continue to read this story even do its already night time, I still continue to read your story. I finish your about 11:48 pm. I didn't stop reading, not even once. Please do continue the story. I really like it and I hope I will see more update in the future.
Nanimera chapter 25 . 8/11
I started reading this again. It's a great fic with a nice premise, but I'll just criticise a few things:

- You have the habit of telling and not showing in some scenes. The story would flow together better and give the reader a better experience if you describe the scenes a little more. Instead of saying X was angry, try to show that through emotion so that the reader can understand from context.

An example would be: The paper cup in Kevin's hand crinkled in his grip, his eyes flaring in anger at the sight of Eddy slinking through the halls suspiciously.

- Another thing is that you're making Edd a little too good with little flaws. He's good with cars, smart in his studies, extremely handsome, can play instruments and sing, good basketball player, knows martial arts, etc etc. In comparison his flaws are little. Examples of flaws: being too paranoid, lack of anger management, selfish, hotheaded, not thinking when rushing into situations.

However there are many nice things about your story. Don't take this as an attack, because I just want you to improve in the future if you write other stories. Just keep this criticism in mind! We learn as we write after all.
Luiz4200 chapter 25 . 8/10
Yeah! Eddy is being put on line.
The Howling Behemoth chapter 25 . 8/10
Glad you updated, and Eddy is getting his dues.
Leaf Ranger chapter 25 . 8/10
Poor Edd. He's got some troubles, doesn't he?

And Eddy has to face the real world. Good. *nods*

Keep up the good work!
godofmadness43 chapter 25 . 8/10
well seems Edd and Mila are getting closer, keep this going!
Skillet28561 chapter 25 . 8/10
I think we might be heading towards the climax of this here tale.
gamelover41592 chapter 25 . 8/10
so I take it eddy won't be getting any form of redemption?
ExplodingKnuckler chapter 2 . 8/8
Great Chapter, But His Parents Are Sooo.. UGH!
ExplodingKnuckler chapter 1 . 8/8
Poor Double D :( Nice Start.
thelionreader chapter 12 . 8/7
I thought he worked on Tuesdays and Thursdays?
KawaiiLoner69 chapter 1 . 7/31
This is really good, but I see you didn't update in awhile. I hope that changes.
Guest chapter 24 . 7/26
This is amazing bro don't stop!
Nicky chapter 24 . 6/21
I love the story that you have written so far. It is a fantastic take on Edd, Ed, and Eddy in regards to their character growths. I would love to read more of it!
jogonzaleza88 chapter 24 . 6/19
im glad eddy is getting what he deserves for being an asshole
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