Reviews for The All New Double D
ShortFandomGirl chapter 8 . 3h
This is so good!
I can't stop reading.
Monsterremix chapter 30 . 9/16
I think this story is really good with real life situations and how some people make it work. I absolutely love the new Double D and how he keep shit real with people. But in all honesty is think if the creators of Ed,Edd n Eddy ever did continue them then I would have to agree about Eddy still schaming on people, being cruel, reckless, irresponsible, and acting childish, I mean he did say wanted to stay as a kid and never grow up. Jimmy? Can't say I'm supirsed he did want to be above people like Eddy even if it means losing his friends for fame, again like Eddy. please write more I wish to see what happens next plz~
slyside chapter 14 . 9/10
Like it love it doing this as a bookmark.
Guest chapter 7 . 8/16
This is the most cringe worthy fanfic I readed in the long time
IM THE BEST chapter 30 . 8/9
Ummm... are you going to continue this fanfiction. Cause I like it.
Vadim Babadzhanov chapter 30 . 8/7
Dude, i remember reading your first draft of this story years ago. i have spent the last 4 days catching up on all your rewrites. unfortunately, i see that you haven't continued the story in quite some time. This story really does capture the true identities of the characters after the show, and strangely enough, Eddy working at the Fairgrounds seemed like the natural course of action for his life as an angry slacker. please come back to this story, it truly was a joy to reread and fall in love with your iterations of the characters all over again.
Guest chapter 30 . 7/21
Please make more I like it so much
captain Salazar chapter 30 . 7/12
more hombre
dracohalo117 chapter 30 . 6/16
Smart of Edd, put a legal document between him and his parents, and the two of them cannot do a thing to him ever again.

Legally that is.

dracohalo117 chapter 28 . 6/16
Oh damn...they fucked up...really REALLY fucked up.

Guest chapter 30 . 5/9
I can't stand people when complain about fanfiction. It's just fan written it's not in the actual show. People can write Edd's character however they want too. Like I said before it's not in the actual show for God's sake. Anyway great story I hope you can update it soon.
2000girl chapter 30 . 5/9
That Guest was that review seriously necessary? If you don't like it then don't read it. Plain and simple.
Flutters Is Shy chapter 30 . 5/4
Blast, I just want more and more and more. These chapters are just so good, but just soooo damned short.
TeMmiE chapter 30 . 4/1
LORD NAVIGATOR chapter 1 . 2/27
Even though i like this story alot because of the situations are potrayed and visionised. i have to agree with some of the bad reviews like: the bashing without a valid/solid reason or the the way in the beginning edd is practically made a super human.
But i like this story and wish u continue writing it
8/10 is my rating of it
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