Reviews for Words Given Meaning
DezoPenguin chapter 1 . 6/9/2011
A nice introduction to Kara as a child and, through her, to Lune. Yes, the family trees of the PCs are rather studded with odd and unusual people, the kind who aren't quite...normal. That must be a bit of a burden to their descendants, so it's good to see a bit of that expressed here.

The touch about red and gold, Layan and Orakian colors is interesting, but it doesn't really ring true vis a vis the games themselves (for one thing, in Landen, not only do all the soldiers wear red, but the generic "king" sprite" also has red trim on his white robes...and the little kid sprite has a red shirt. So several people in Rhys's home town do in fact wear red.

"Shilka's" garden, eh? That's interesting, since Shilka is the Japanese name for Shir...though the implication that she married Orakio can't work because if she did, she couldn't have been named Shilka (the original Japanese timeline, as you know, puts PSIII 2,000 years after PSII). So I'll just chalk it up to a series in-joke and smile., a bully pulling a knife on his own princess as well as a royal guest. The bigotry runs deep in this one-when the knives come out, particularly against one so far above his social status, it's clearly gone way beyond bullying, so obviously this kid is getting his cues from someone else, probably at home...

Adan coming in as a hero, and the final line, strongly suggest that this is going to be one of those defining memories for the older Kara, suggesting an Adan/Kara romance is on the way...
Vicious Pink chapter 1 . 11/21/2010
Wait, wait, wait... Shilka? Orakio's wife? You can't just sneak that in there like that; spill the beans! And who is this Greck kid and why is he allowed on castle grounds? Well, fortunately Adan is there to continually remind him that being a racist jerk never pays!

In any event, I really enjoyed your characterization of Kara. She seems suitably royal but not pretentious. Her reflections on her father were also very interesting. The warmth between the adults was also very touching. I'll be looking forward to future installments in your Adan/Gwyn series. :)