Reviews for Xmen Power: New Faces
Valentina Alexandrea Sparrow chapter 1 . 9/30/2012
Name: Willow Eris Wood Codename- Eris


Hair Color: Black

Eye color: Brown with blue and white mixed in.

Race: Mutant

Gender: Female

Power: She can control the earth. I.E lift a boulder with a flick of the hand/ or thought.

Likes: To garden, swim, read and just be outside. Eat apples, pizza, Chinese food.

Dislikes: Vegetables, White rice and really spivey foods.

History: Her powers came suddenly and when they came they came with a bang!

Appearance: Black hair with Brown/blue and white mix eyes. She has an hourglass figure.

Family:She lived with her aunt opal and her father Ted.

Crush: Logan
TheWriter'sMistress chapter 1 . 9/3/2011
Name:Jessica Black

Age:(12-18) 18

Hair Color: Dirty blonde

Eye color:Greenish grey eyes


Gender: Female

Power: Whatever she can make things explode by touching and looking or everything around her(sort of like Gambit's power but it's a blue glow and she has trouble controling it)

Likes: Games, Food, Training, and Making friends

Dislikes: Snobs

History: Jessica is an orphan her parents were mutants and were killed by mutant haters. She went from orphanage to orphanage cause when she is picked on by the other kids her powers go all out of wack. In other words she makes the orphanage explode but not purposley. Jessica wasn't adopted 'til she was seventeen. She was adopted by a kind old couple who aren't predjedice to humans. They were very kind to her and treated her well. She is nearing graduation. She still can't ccontrol her powers her powers will sometimes go off at random moments. So she can be calm and everything's fine and her power comes on.

Appearence: Pale almost tranlucent skin, 5'6, and a slim and curvy figure.

Family: (Birth parents) John and Betsy Black. (Adoptive parents) Maxwell and Jane Williams

Crush: Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler
capricorn66 chapter 3 . 2/2/2011
Hey you updates! I really enjoy all of the action so far! Update soon!
Mew Phong chapter 3 . 2/2/2011
This is great! Obviously he doesn't want another X23(even though she's one of my favourite characters...) XDDD update soon!
Bluejayz35 chapter 3 . 2/2/2011
Yay :D I really like this chapter! And seriously, Logan can't chill and let the kids get used to the place or something? Can't wait for the next update!
xxSurfingDreamsxx chapter 2 . 12/14/2010

Age:(12-18):either 17 or 18

Hair Color: dark honey brown with blond gold and silver highlights(natural)

Eye color: dark violet

Race:irish american


Power:i dont know what they call this but she can control water, ex. she can make it change forms, become a weapon(dagger) or jewel. kind of uncontrollable. power can take over.

Likes:fighting, being in control,music, pranks,stunts, guitars, singing, and anything to do w/ mechanics(motorcycles),video games(call of duty),FOOD, sports(xpecially surfing, football

Dislikes:being useless, being unable to fight, makeovers, talking about her past, umm...loosing face?

History:she was kidnapped from her parents and made into a personal assasin from an insanely young age. she eventually realized that she didnt have to put up with the constant beatings and humiliations. gave up looking for her parents. she doesnt kill anymore unless the situation is desperate. she was discoraged from having friends. all hers were 'missing' or 'mia' after her kidnappers realized she was friends with them.

Appearance:long straightish hair that is layered, has slight firls outward on ends. has a scar across eye down to chin, similar ones all over from fights. light freckled skin, fine, sharp features. tall(5'8"ish). toned and muscled(not overly)

Family:doesn't have anyone

Crush:whoever you want
Saphira1001 chapter 2 . 12/14/2010
If you want more submissions you should allow none members of the site to review
wisdom-jewel chapter 2 . 12/13/2010
Here's another OC

Name: Don Clar McDonald

Age:(12-18) 18

Hair Color: Auburn, reaches to his lower back and layered

Eye color: Steel Gray

Race: Irish

Gender: Male

Power: Brain asphyxiation, this technique allows Don to completely restrict the flow of oxygen to a target's brain, essentially killing his victim by 'turning off' the brains of his target until they die from the lack of oxygen.

Likes: Chocolate, his sister Erin, being an evil mastermind and having his evening coffee.

Dislikes: Salty foods, humanity often saying that their either a bunch of idiots that needed to be put down for their own good, nut jobs or b stards, the red states, the blue states, and almost everything on the face of the planet.

History: Don was the first born child, and son, to two poor Northern Irish people. He often said that his father was a drunken fool that beat them in every room while his mother just watch passively. When he turned thirteen, the beating turned so bad that his power activated killing his father. His two younger brothers, though beating as much as he was, turn in fear and disgust with their older brother. While his much beloved sister, Erin (5) thanked him from freedom them from cruel father. Don took her away from their brothers and mother and went to join the IRA (Irish Republican Army) where he and Erin lived and helped served the cause. Though they did went in Dublin, but Don served as a spy for the IRA. Don and Erin changed their family names to McDonald since they won't be known in Ireland. When Don turned sixteen he created his own gang where he uses verbal rants to help them get a grasp of the real world. His gang quickly turn to organized crime such as gambling. Through sheer cunning and intuition, Don became very successful. During this time, Erin learned that she is able to includes temporal freezing and the rewinding of past events, to an unknown degree. Elaborate usage of her power enables her to gain knowledge of future events, and then respond to them accordingly. Once time has been frozen around her, she can also pull other people out of the frozen time stream, while those still under her ability's effect will no longer detect her presence or movement. Don said that the price of her power is to age backwards until when he turned eighteen she disappeared and Don felt like it was his fault that she overused her powers which is a rare sign of his humanity and the only time he ever felt guilty. He is now in charge of one IRA group as well as his own.

Appearance: Don is a tall man, standing over 6'5 and weighing around 200 lbs. His pale skin and heart shape face is framed with auburn hair. His is lean but he does have some muscles.

Family: A father (dead), an unnamed mother (unknown), two younger unnamed brothers (unknown, one is presumably dead), a younger sister Erin (overused her powers, presumably dead, presumably no longer existed), an unnamed lover (dead) and a son named Sean who he barely remembers and is bringing him up in total isolation to better control him but the IRA does take care of Sean.

Crush: None

Personality: Don once commented on himself as a 'sarcastic douchbag' and 'an evil b stard mastermind.' He often goes into a metaphoric images rants. One of his right-hand man said that he can't be an evil b stard all the time, in which case he commented if he needs bigger eyebrows for it. Don doesn't really do any work and if he does it surprises everyone and often he is delusional and is thinking that he is someone else. When his younger brother (who is still alive) calls him, Don often gives him a soul crushing insult at the end. Don's right-hand man often have to take (suicide) measures after he comes back from vacation or from meetings. Don would not pay on his part (like bills) and often make sarcastic remarks to the person who said to pay his part.
Biganime40 chapter 2 . 12/13/2010
ok here is my oc

Name: Giovanni Reyes codename Tendo

Age: 18

Hair Color: black

Eye color: dark brown

Race: (Human Mutant)? (American/Hispanic)

mutant rank: A deadly to himself and other

Gender: male

Personality: giovanni is an open person he's a great ally but a wores enemy he respects loyalty over all. will help you out at a drop of a hat. love to laught, joke around, brave, lil bit of a flirt, but likes his space just to look at the sky in a quit place in the grass or at a the bottum of a tree in the forest or park. he now when to be serious and for the one he love willing to give his life

Power: (Gravity): he can repel or attract, crush, expand, push, pull, create pressure zone and make a zero-G area, of a distenst of 1.6 kilometer anything in that area he contorls the gravity in it at a whim; but the power is driven by his will, determination, and emotions and a he'll of a lot of training. with time his power will grow to the strength of being abole of making a small moon with his power. However, he could not perform his power in rapid succession, leaving him vulnerable for a short period of time after each use. This period of time between usages varied from five seconds to several minutes( for several minutes to happen he'll have to make a crator 1.6 kilometer in diameter and 200 fett deep), depending upon the force of the repulsion or attraction that the he had used. he'll start coughing blood and start bleeding from his eyes and ears because the effect of the gravity will start attacking his organs(on two off note if in a bad mood he'll make it rain by making pressured areas inside the water thats alredy in the sky so it'll fall and make rain and windy. and he is manifesting a nutral zone around himselfs to his mutation)

Likes: music, color red, animals especaly dogs, the rain and fog, California San Francisco, the bay area, girls (guilty plessure is mangas and anime and japan)

Dislikes: bullies, peaple who don't stand up for themself, asshole and abusive people, drunk drivers, and people who wont take responsibility for there actions.

History: born in San Francisco, CA in Mission st. his mother died giving birth to him his father Jorge Reyes was nerly broken by that but he was focuse on raising his son, the last link to his wife. but mistfortune would strike again his dad died in a car accident a drunk driver hit the front side of the car at a fatal speed but lil giovanni (age:6) survive the crash he went to and orphange that untill they found out the he was a mutant (age:9) when he used his power to push a girl that was goin to be hit but he hurt her anyway she was sent to the hosptal with a fracture arm & leg. he ranaway after that living in the streets till a gang leader Miguel [from one of the nicer gangs] saw him (age:12) and remembered what he did & offered him a job to be treasurer for his gang in return he'll have a place to sleep, eat, and live, money to spend and clothes to wearing and unfortunetly school work but after school Miguel would tech him how to box. on his 14 bithday he wanted to become an inforcer did that till he was 15 thats when the police came in and arrested the giovanni was hidden and about to rescue the but Miguel shook his head no and mouth "get the fuck out of here lil gio, look for a better life man." and with that he ran looking back just once

Appearance:5'10 tall, 158lb, boxers body, short cropt hair, average slighty rugged face with a goatee going around his mouth tan skin, he mostly wears a comfortable fitting red t shirt bage dark blue jeans on his neck he wears a silver cross and black all star chuck taylors high top a watch on the left arm he also has a Huelga bird tattoo on top of his left outer bicep a few small scars on his arms and chest

Family: his former gang, miguel, his dad Jorge

Crush: Anna "Rouge" Marie
San child of the wolves chapter 2 . 12/13/2010
SOrry I forgot Zata's personality.

Personality: Zata is a kind person, he likes to help people, or at least take away their diseases or illnesses, so they don't have suffer anymore. He doesn't let the fact that he's famous go to his head, in fact he hates it when people know who he is, he'd much rather just help people in secret and go on with his life. Zata is kind and generous, he doesn't ask for anything in return, a simple a "thanks" or "thank you" are reward enough for him. Zata is shy when it comes to people he doesn't know, he's not that use to talking to people, as many people don't really talk to him, because his voice is always horase and raspy, even if he's on a good day and not feeling as bad as usual. He enjoys being outside in the sun, and he likes exploring when he's well enough to be up and about. He can often be found with his nose in a book, or his face glued to a TV screen. He enjoys talking to people, mainly his friends, but he's also a great listener when people just want to rant and rave about something or another, as long as they don't yell or snap at him, he's perfectly fine with listening to people. Zata utterly hates cold places because they make him sicker, and he hates winter and fall, he'd much rather be outside in the sun, basking in the nice warmth the sun pervides. He's not great at sports, so he doesn't mind watching people play a game and watching from the sidelines. That doesn't mean he isn't good at moving when he has to, but it just means that he doesn't like wasting his energy by running around, because it winds him quite easily. Zata is very respectful to adults and people who are older than him, even to people he doesn't like, he'll still be respectful to them. Because Zata never had many friends growing up, he's very protective of his friends. He's not above threatening to give someone a suffereing death sentence of a life-threatening disease or illness, if they hurt his friends in anyway. When facing an enemy this increases ten-fold, but not only for his friends, but his teammates as well.
San child of the wolves chapter 1 . 12/13/2010
Are you still excepting characters? If so here's mine:

Name: Zata Conjar(Pronouced like the bird, you know a Condor(I probably spelled that wrong)). Codename: Virus

Age: 15

Hair Color: White

Eye color: Fever-glazed ice blue

Race: American

Gender: Male

Power: His power is mostly from his hands. His left hand holds a differnet power then his right hand. With his left hand, he has the ability to absorb diseases and illnesses, even life threatening ones, however he won't be hit with the disease/illness he took away, it'll usually happen in a span of a few minutes(Also he doesn't infect the air so it's OK to be around him, the only way someone will get the disease is if they touch his right hand, when it's uncovered by the gloves he wears.) after taking the disease or illness from another person. Also because of his ability to absorb/take away another's illness or disease, and because the illness/disease has nowhere to go since the diseases/illnesses are stuck in his body, he gets hit with a differnet disease or illness on a different day(Sometimes it's tolerable, like a fever, or a cold or it's intolable, like bad enough were he's stuck in the medical lab with Dr. McCoy) he's usually sick a lot, and he can't die from a illness or disease, no matter how life-threatening or new it is. With his right hand he can give someone an illness or disease of his choosing, it can be life-threatening or not. To cancel out his powers he wears white gloves. On the top of the gloves and on the palm of the gloves there are different colored marks. His left glove has a green "O" on it, while his right glove has a red "X" on it.

Likes: Learning more about his powers, cartoons, anime, manga, reading, writing, schoolwork(He likes to learn), and being treated like a normal non-contagious person, exploring the grounds and the instistute.

Dislikes: People who think he's contagious(when he's not, as the only way someone can get an illness/disease from him is through his hands.), Being sick(Or at least sick enough to be stuck in the Med-lab.), Danger Room sessions(Even though he doesn't usually have to go to those), loud unexpected noises(Such as screaming, people yelling at each other, things getting blown up, gunshots, etc), being awoken when he's sleeping, getting yelled at(He really hates being yelled at, because it's loud and gives him a headache, that or it makes him feel worse(sickness wise).), his parents(Who used him to get famous and rich), famous people and rich people.

History: He was born on November 8th, in Washinton DC, but for some reason as a baby he was very sickly, and had to stay in the hospital, the doctors didn't think he'd survive the night, and had told his parents to be perpared for the worst, but he had survived the night, much to surprise of the doctors and his parents, he was called a miracle, and was kept in the hospital for observation, and just when it seemed like he would be getting out of the hosipital, something else would happen, and he would be unable to leave, much to the stress of his parents, they left him there and would always visit him as he got older. When he turned 10 he learned of his ability to take away diseases and/or illnessses, so that's what he had started doing, or at least taking away the illness/diease that usually resided in his roommate at the hospital. However he had been found out by a nurse, but the nurse didn't tell on him, his roommate who had been woken up by their quiet converation had told on Zata and it had lead to him getting famous for curing people of their diseases and illnesses, although Zata only did this to help people, his parents had other goals in mind for this mutant-money-making-famous son. So as the years went on, he cured people who came to see him. However it wasn't until he was 14 did he realize that his right hand also held a power, the opposite one of his right hand. He had accidently given his father a life-threatening disease called Smallpox, freaking out everyone there, which had caused Xavier to be able to find him, because he had used his powers offensively. He had taken away his father's disease, but it caused his parents to dislike him, yet they still wanted him because he was their "money-maker". So when Xavier found him and told him of his school, Zata agreed to go, much to his parents protests. It was Zata's deciction and he's been at Xaviers for a few months. Having turned 15 in those few months he had stayed there.

Appearance: Long white hair down to hid mid back, could be a bit longer. He has fever-glazed ice blue eyes, he's really pale because he's never really outside all that much. He stands at 5'6, and weights about 125(Because of his small and bone-skinny ftame and because he doesn't eat much). He doesn't like wearing a superhero uniform, he feels that it makes him look like a dork and leather irriates his skin. He'll usually wear clothes that were made for him, a simple white long sleeved shirt and a pair of white jeans, white tennis shoes and his gloves, his clothes were made specially for him, they aren't as easily as destroyed as one's normal clothes would be.

Family: Zaira Conjar(Mother: Alive). Zan Conjar(Father: Alive)

Crush: None
cartoongal11 chapter 2 . 12/13/2010
Please pick my OC please!

Name: Jennifer Brown

Age: 15

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Silver

Race: White/American

Gender: Female

Power: Controls shadows even others and can transform them into whatever she wants. Also turns invisible.

Likes: Ballet; dancing; gymnastics; reading; pandas; penguins; making new friends; checkers; skating; rain; helping others; and dark colors

Dislikes: Bullies; sharks; bright colors; wearing heels; and being forced to do something

History: Jenny's a really sweet girl, but she's also rather shy. She grew up in an orphanage until the age of 4 when Teddy and Jonnie Brown adopted her. They took her in and raised her as their own. It was only until she was 12 when she found out about her powers. Se kept it to herself for three years, until her parents found out and called Professor X to help Jenny. They figured it would be safe and good for her, and so she went with the Professor to help learn and control her powers more

Appearance: Tall; slim; wears black, blue, purple, and gray clothes; hair goes up to her elbows; 5 foot 5; wearing a black long sleeve shirt that shows her belly button; combat boost with buckles on the side; a wavy black skirt; stockings; and fingerless gloves.

Personality: Sweet; shy; caring; helpful; she's a good friend once you get too know her better; loves to do ballet; always willing to give a hand, and never turns away when someone's in trouble.

Family: Mother Jonnie Brown, Father Teddy Brown.

Crush: NightCrawler aka Kurt
Mew Phong chapter 2 . 12/13/2010
I think I already submitted an oc... Hope you can use her!
Saphira1001 chapter 1 . 11/29/2010
Name: Amanda Tanner

Age: 16

Hair Color: brunette

Eye color: blue

Race: Mix Brittish German.

Gender: Female

Power: flight, plant manipulation, also practices magic and can predict the future using Tarot cards givin to her by Agatha Harkness

Likes: reading, sports, gardening

Dislikes: cheerleaders, the color pink, homework, her parents.

History: she grew up in a small town in California. Both her parents are alcoholics and abusive. When she was 12 she was being bullied in her school garden and

Then the plants in the area launched themselves at the bullies. Her parents found about her mutation and threw her out. She was found by Agatha and

began to train in magic then when she was approached by Logan and Scott and decided to go and join the x-men.

Appearance: she is 5'6 with London brown hair and blue eyes she dresses in darker colors but is not goth.

Family: a mom and dad who disowned her.

Crush: Lance Alvers, but also has a attraction to Logan though doubts anything will come of it
Artysian chapter 1 . 11/23/2010
here is an oc

name: Conrad Robinson
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