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Thea Stallings chapter 3 . 12/4/2010
This is wonderful. Just the delightful romantic story that I fell in love with when I started reading. I look forward to the next chapter. Thank you for sharing. Thea Stallings
Gabbysway2 chapter 3 . 12/4/2010
You did the right thing bb, for a moment there I thought he was going to go through with it and I felt bad for her. I know he's Edward and all that but that's just tough. He is adorable, though, consoling her like that and being honest with her just makes him more dreamy. If you ask me, giving the whole situation, it wasn't a bad way to spend her wedding night.

be honest, I kind of expected that answer about P. Jessica because he was just too sure. It kind of makes him a dick, especially for the time we are talking about, but then again she's a Bitch.
Nonita chapter 3 . 12/4/2010
I really love your story! Thanks for the updater.

I'll be looking forward to the next chapter

StarlightSuccubus chapter 3 . 12/4/2010
I love it!

If it was me, I'd jump him, but hey, I know she's young and without information. He's very sweet and hot and adorable and HOT!

Thanks for sharing this with us. Me liking it very much :D


java001 chapter 3 . 12/4/2010
ahhh another story coming from you and looks like it's going to be great! yay! love historical themes!

i feel for this poor bella and so far edward is just an ass enough for me to love him... *snickers*
belanded chapter 3 . 12/4/2010
This doesn't make sense. It would be more historically accurate if Bella was a lady in waiting and not just some random servant a true assistant wouldn't perform such menial tasks. The tasks she performs are those of a servant and Edward has no need for more servants. Edward already has servants why would he want to be married to one? A lady in waiting is a noblewoman of lower rank who is more of a companion and adviser to the royal than a servant. At least one would actually now how to dance (they were educated in dance, music and literature, etc). They were educated because they were of higher rank and married nobles and were even mistresses of the king. They were usually family members because trust was so important. Being that close to the royal body meant you were privy to their secrets and had influence. In the Renaissance, Henry VIII will become famous for this. Anne Boleyn was Catherine of Aragon's and Jane Seymour of Boleyn and Catherine Howard of Anne of Cleves (I'm going by memory, I might be wrong). Bella is completely useless; she is not educated (as I mentioned she can't dance and it was very important in a noblewoman). Their marriage makes no sense. Maybe you meant for Bella to be a Maid of Honor (she is too young and insignificant for the Privy Chamber) and not an actual servant.

Also, Edward bedding royalty and noblewomne is completely stupid in his position. Why would he risk impregnating one and being force to marry her? Because he would have to marry her. If he were truly a gentleman, he would have married Jessica after taking her virginity. Jessica also took such a stupid risk. There was a good reason why noble women had to be virgins. That would guarantee the husband that his children were his. There is too much risk for people of their rank. It is too much of a risk having bastards around. Seriously, haven't you read Richard III or King Lear or...? Or history, War of the Roses (Richard III is about this conflict)? Illegitimate children: bane of a royal. The idiot probably has a couple of bastards running around. That certainly places Bella in risk of assassination or abduction. I hope Edward is not so stupid as to have her travel alone. Really it makes no sense. Bella needs and entourage. How can a servant possibly have one. Since he has no alliance with other kingdoms. What is stopping anyone from attacking. Edward is such an idiot: royal marriage is for political alliances.

I'm also disgusted by Edward's attitude. He calls Jessica a bitch but he certainly had no qualms about sleeping with her. Also, he is an idiot for marrying someone as useless as a servant. She doesn't know anything about being a lord's wife. She doesn't know how to run a household. I still don't get why he wants a wife to be his servant. There is such as things as servants, stupid Edward.
pinkydog123 chapter 3 . 12/4/2010
I'm surprised and a little let down on how you decided to go with this chapter, which I'm sure anyone would be. ;] But I like it all the same, I'm actually very pleased that you went the route you did, any other person would probably have made them just have sex which I'm sure everyone, including me was expecting. This way when they finally get around to actually 'consummating the marriage' it'll mean a lot more then it originally would have. _ Good job, I hope you keep it up and I can't wait for the next chapter. "]
doroka2010 chapter 3 . 12/4/2010
You did the right thing for him to stop. Especially with the fact that E wanted B and her not being the princess. It looks like he wanted her and he could get away with this decision.
GeraldtheGiraffe01 chapter 3 . 12/4/2010
Can't wait for the next chapter! I think Edward did the right thing.
gracie7236 chapter 3 . 12/4/2010
Loving this Edward- for now at least! I thought it would bother me that he had sex with Jess, but it just made me laugh- he's been there, done that, and didn't want her again! Thanks for the great update.
paammee11 chapter 3 . 12/4/2010
GAhhhhh, your stories are fantastic! The first step is admitting addiction...

Feels right that Edward waited to take Bella...he is a knight with honor! I wonder what background you are going to find in Bella's family history? Anything lurking there?

THE LURKER...that is my new name for my husband who went to night shift and lurks around all day spying at my laptop screen...
quitomom chapter 3 . 12/4/2010
I definitely think he was using the servant argument as an excuse for choosing heir to the throne, he has servants at his beck and call. Possibly he felt a connection and took it from there when he realized what Aro had planned? I'm very glad he stopped...clearly, she doesn't have a clue...hopefully, she will be a very willing student ;-)
DeepDarkBlue2 chapter 3 . 12/4/2010
Wonderful chapter. I think you did a great thing and making them wait that was very noble of Edward to wait until she is comfortable. So well done.
bzwifenmom24-7 chapter 3 . 12/4/2010
I like this Edward, very considerate of Bella's feelings.
Dantelover051386 chapter 3 . 12/4/2010

bloody great story so far. very interesting.

errr...some thoughts so far.

when edward choose bella i immediately thought there was something more to that than choose the priness bitch. i see edwards point and agree. he will not be used to ally the kingdoms by marrying the priness, but it troubles me that edward knew that she was not a virgin and i felt fear..then when he revealed to bella on there wedding night no less that be boinked her less than ayear ago...damn, talk about awkward for bella. even if i didnt know him, i wouldbe hurt by that shit.

finially, him revealing that she is mearly a political pawn...well that would devastate me. he first said she caught his eye..yeah, as apolitical pawn. he refused marriage to not be used by king aro to tie the kingdoms together, but then he turned around and is doing the same to bella in by marrying her to piss aro off. damn, if i were her i would feel tremendously used. i wouldnt feel like a wife to him, just a means to a end and someone to clean his shit and tickle his pecker. i dont blame her for crying. i just wished bella called him out on that shit. that he was using her as aro tryed to use him. then again maybe it was ok to treat women that way back in the day...not me. fuckery or not back in the day i would have called out his night and shinning pecker ass off.

but,iam happy to read that he is willing to wait for her to be more ready to consumate there marriage. some men and especially back then wouldnt give a hoot. so edward gets points just pray that he is not the straying type of husband. please god not. i've read some stories where edward had cheating ways and they just make me so ill. if edward is truly a night and loyal...lets hope he remains loyal to the wife he is using for political advantages.


great story...keeep it coming.
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