Reviews for Unexpected Circumstances
MrsAuburnCullen chapter 28 . 9/21/2014
Ok can we have a positive pregnancytest like NOW lol
But seriously, I'm drained
MrsAuburnCullen chapter 27 . 9/21/2014
I'm out of tears
MrsAuburnCullen chapter 26 . 9/21/2014
I'm still crying and heartbroken but damn it's a great story
MrsAuburnCullen chapter 25 . 9/21/2014
I cried through the whole chapter!
I'm so close to click the little x in the corner.
It's heartbreaking :(
MrsAuburnCullen chapter 24 . 9/21/2014
Rewrite and do it right.
I'm actually freaking crying!
I usually have faith in authors and I have it with you too but it's damn hard!
MrsAuburnCullen chapter 23 . 9/21/2014
I never thought they would surrender!
MrsAuburnCullen chapter 22 . 9/21/2014
I love you for making Jake a dog lmao!
MrsAuburnCullen chapter 21 . 9/21/2014
I'm worse in trusting people than Edward so yeah I'm thinking Jane needs to take her tea and leave...
MrsAuburnCullen chapter 20 . 9/21/2014
Yeah ok I'm thinking Jane is bad news...she'll cause harm or trouble down the road.
MrsAuburnCullen chapter 17 . 9/21/2014
He should have killed them, specially Tanya.
I'm sure she'll be back
MrsAuburnCullen chapter 16 . 9/21/2014
Loved it!
But I get this unsettling feeling they'll have trouble conceiving.
MrsAuburnCullen chapter 15 . 9/21/2014
Ok now it's way too much cockblocking:)
MrsAuburnCullen chapter 13 . 9/21/2014
Omfg I'm totally in love with this fic'
It's so good I've forgotten to review.
And I want to see him take her on the throne so bad I'm willing to beg on my knees!
Girlink chapter 30 . 9/19/2014
Esme! How... How is she... how? Oh my Carlisle! how it will react Esme to this! She is aware of the exile of her nieces?
Of course she does! She does, right?

Both are damn dead
Girlink chapter 29 . 9/19/2014
I knew it, knew it, I F*!B%*H#*! KNEW IT !

Aaarghhh! Those excuses of women, they were also plotting! From the beginning, their heads had to be... But Isabella and his noble heart... But still they continued attacking her! Attacking them!

What will become of them now, be forgiven or finally convicted?
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