Reviews for Tell Yourself
AliceSugarStone chapter 1 . 10/8
Empezaré a leer, amo el Ulquihime y me encantó tu historia "musa" Eres una muy buena escritora, aunque seguramente ya te lo han dicho incontables veces xD
Nos vemos! :)
PJ chapter 13 . 10/6
The rating is M
mingxingxing chapter 5 . 9/22
that's the reason why when i saw the summary of romeo and juliet i decide to not read it.

they are so in character!

i love this fanfic!
Animelover chapter 95 . 9/11
This story is amazing! I love this and this is the best fic I have ever read!
Kate chapter 26 . 9/10
Ulquiorra is very deep and provokes much thought this chapter. Did Ulquiorra think of this trial (being "human") as a mission as a way of coping?
PotatoLizard chapter 95 . 8/30
This is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. This fic was absolutely amazing and I didn't want for anything the entire way through. It made me cry, laugh, worry and get absolutely fustrated and/or angry in the space of a few minutes.
You probably have no idea how much this has affected me, but you will always have my eternal gratitude and respect. If I had half the writing talent and maybe even personality you do, I'd be incredibly happy and stuck-up with my amazingness.
Thank you so so SO much for writing this. I loved both the fics and your authors notes, not to mention a cat I haven't even met.
Praise you, O mighty god and I hope you find happiness wherever you go
Weirdo-Lover chapter 1 . 8/12
Soooo cute
J chapter 63 . 7/31
I just recently came across this story after a long time away from Bleach and I must say this is written so well that I just immediately fell in love with it. Ulquiorra Orihime has always been my fav couple! AHHH. This is so amazing, the way you capture these characters and the way you portray them in your writing. It's as if I'm watching an episode on TV. This is how I would like to imagine the characters of Bleach living (in peace like this, everyday life) after the actual storyline ends. This is by far my most favorite story about Ulquiorra/Orihime! The only thing that I hope would happen though, is that Ulquiorra call Orihime by her name sometime in the future. It would be quite sad if he never addresses her as Orihime lol.
Lojuba chapter 95 . 7/29
I absolutely adored this story. It is so damn cute and beautiful. Without doubt this is the best love story I have ever read. Amazingly paced. Incredible in depth character-portrayal. BEAUTIFUL. I love it! Thank you for sharing. Would you mind emailing me a pdf or something? I'm also on this website, my username is Lojuba :)

thank you again for writing this adorable amazingness!

Pixychick84 chapter 25 . 7/25
Ahahahah i love your hummer, that ending was Amazing!
Kumikoson4 chapter 95 . 7/22
Thank you!
You were writing for 4 years, and even I started to read the fic 2 years ago I feel pleasured with your charisma and your wonderful fics!
I loved each description of the Ulquihime couple, and every funny, romantic and sad situation.
I'm gonna cry because, I love this fic so much.
No tengo palabras para describir, lo mucho que te admiro como escritora, por toda la historia fantástica que has creado en torno a Bleach.
Orihime es mi personaje favorito y me gusta que haya encontrado el amor de la mano de Ulquiorra.
Cielos! Como voy a extrañar las actualizaciones de este fic!
AdieBee chapter 94 . 7/13
Beautiful. Everything.

Thank you.
shandi.rivera chapter 95 . 7/13
So...I just wanted to tell you that out of all the fantastic fanfics I have read this had been my absolute favorite.
aami murcielago chapter 95 . 7/10
this story was absolutely beautiful, it was an emotional roller coaster and i was its passenger. i adore this work, thank you for bringing this forth from your imagination, you really put it all together well. keep it up, i look forward to reading more of your stories, i'm sure they're all just as wonderful as this one. i'm also gonna follow you on tumblr lol i felt the need to stalk your greatness! if you get a new follower with the url "midnas-curse" it's me! c: xx
HopBunnyQuack chapter 2 . 7/7
Ulquiorra, you evil, evil Espada.
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