Reviews for Tell Yourself
bleachfanficfanatic chapter 100 . 7/21
I loved this! I was laughing out loud, cringing at awkward moments, awwwing at sweet moments, tearing up for sad, the emotions were amazingly written. You captured each character so well and I couldn't stop reading. It flowed beautifully and made me wish to become a better author. Truly a great piece of work, well done!
Guest chapter 100 . 6/28
Sweet lord in heaven. I remember reading your story 'muse' when I first started reading gritty fanfics. And for some reason, I came back to the ulqhime ship and I stumble upon this. I can't believe how well written this is. Nothing was what I'd expected and unlike all the love stories out there, this was so different and refreshing. I'm just in awe. I love how you phrase everything, like every sentence is god himself writing the poetry of life. Nothing is out of place and I love it. I'm probably going back to read Muse because that is seriously one of my favorite stories written on here. But this is close to taking the top. Is it stupid to thank an author for being alive to write such amazing novels? I seriously hope you do get a book published, I have a feeling that if you did, I wouldn't be able to put the damn thing down. I know this review is super long but I don't think you can fathom just how much I love your writing.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/20
Omg I love Clazziquai! These sories are tooth rottening adorable
Mafuyu15 chapter 55 . 5/15
I believe that's the first time Ulquiorra ever cussed?
Mafuyu15 chapter 20 . 5/13
he was finally about to get that trio for giving him another tragedy
Guest chapter 53 . 5/6
I think my head just exploded. Give me a moment to find the pieces
Guest chapter 1 . 5/2
XD god, i nearly peed my pants!
Guest chapter 97 . 4/21
This ship is RIDICULOUS but it's giving me LIFE.

All I can imagine is the hilarious possibilities of misunderstanding upon misunderstanding between the two - like how Karin grows up assuming Grimm is obsessed with fighting Ichigo because he's actually in deep denial about being in love with her brother.

I need MOAR
K.Henderson chapter 100 . 4/15
So this was a wild ride but I'm glad I reached the end because it was so sweet! If you ever decide on various one shots I will definitely read them. This pairing doesn't get enough love so this was a fantastic find!
Alli chapter 24 . 3/30
I love the tamigotchi and Ulquiorra's attachment to them lol so glad they keep coming back
Alli chapter 5 . 3/29
Haha! I like Ulquiorra's take on Romeo and Juliet. Personally I agree with him. I preferred Shakespeare's romantic comedies.
Guest chapter 100 . 3/26
I love the title of this chapter! The final title to the "Love Story" series :) All this time, Ulquiorra tried to learn what a "love story" is, and he ends up with his own perfect one. Very poignant and thoughtful!
GUEST chapter 100 . 3/20
Your story is a masterpiece. But how about a sequel of it with the trio of Cifer juniors going to Soul Society and a new adventure with next generation? Please think about it. I just don't want this story to end. This is too good.
kabir0399 chapter 29 . 3/18
Very nice
kabir0399 chapter 14 . 3/17
Utterly love it
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